The Lightness of Freedom

Dreams 07.05.16
I’ve been watching episodes Aquarius season 2 back to back and the aesthetic of the lates 60’s has crept into my dreams. In fact, even some of the ideas and themes from the show have wriggled their way into my subconscious.

I remember going into a house with others who were my “family”/gang. There was light colored shag carpeting and wood panel walls all around. We were there for my purpose. I was there looking for something or someone. I felt, as if I was on the hunt, not quite out for blood but there was definitely an underlying angry determination, of justice owed.

Systematically I went from room to room. I dragged a big thing out of the last room with me out into the yard. It was long, like a body but way to light, maybe one of those old school long drawstring canvas sacks filled with something light enough to drag but heavy enough that I was clumsy in my rough treatment of it.

Outside the lawn was lush and green. A man from around the neighbourhood approached me in a friendly manner and I responded by mirroring his friendliness. I found that by doing so it dissolved that darkness within me. I don’t know if I actually looked around at this point but I knew then that my gang of people were gone.

My heart felt lighter, the colors were brighter and I realized it was just me talking to a nice man. I was still skeptical of his intentions and even a little scared of being caught for whatever I was doing there. I realized distinctly in the dream that being open and friendly opens my heart and keeps the dark clouds away. It was actually quite easy to dispel the nastiness if I didn’t bother with too much thought.

I just needed to “be”.

Dreams 07.03.16
I remembered my dream that day but it was the long weekend and I got lazy…kept those keywords in my mind for two days telling myself I would write it down. Then I purposefully let it go and forgot the words as well.


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