Old vs.New

Dreams 07.07.16
Feeling nauseous and running late today so a lot of stuff’s been pushed out of my mind already. All I remember is that at one point, my ex was very upset, screaming and bawling at me from the driver seat of an old black American muscle car, parked in a semi empty parking lot, door opened. He had my brand new cellphone and old phone in his hands. He was smashing it on the asphalt and throwing it around as if I did something to him in getting a new phone.

Eventually, he had hurled both phones to the ground and drove off. I walked to the spot where my phone’s were on the ground. There was shattered “glass” all over them, very tiny shards. I assumed both phone screens were destroyed. When I picked them both up, the old phone was done, it’s insides exposed. The new phone was still intact. I wipes the screen and outside, shaking off the shatted screen bits from the other phone and it looked almost brand new. I was satisfied.

Later I was meeting my bf at some kind of party at a big mansion. I don’t think I really knew anyone there. My bf and I were hanging out on the second floor. I looked out the large floor to ceiling windows and in the distance saw my ex’s black car driving down the driveway towards the mansion. I hoped and feared some terrible drama was going to go down.


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