A Funhouse with Sinister Feels

Dreams 09.15.16

I arrive in front of a large house with several other people. One of them was my boyfriend and the others may have been “friends” or acquaintances. We were supposed to be there for a party. I think we expected it to be weird and “mysterious”, some kind of themed gathering.

I cannot remember what it looked like now but the front door was unlocked, slightly open, so we let ourselves in. The inside looked much less grand than the outside which I would describe as a majestic home, perhaps even a mansion. The inside however was spacious but chaotic. Dirty isn’t quite the right word but it looked like squatters had been living there for months. Posters of old and irrelevant things were pasted randomly on the walls where paint had chipped or wallpaper had been ripped.

We pressed forward, calling out to check for the presence of other people. We headed down a long hallway to the back where there seemed to be some activity. There were sounds from a radio blaring and we followed it to a kitchen area. A young child who looked southern Pacific was doing homework at the table. He looked up at us when we poked our head into the room. An elderly white haired woman sat in a chair not too far from him. She looked up as well with less enthusiasm, then closed her eyes slowl, then opened them again. Actually she was tryingto blink, she was just that uninterested.

Obviously it seemed, they did not speak English and would be no help to us so we continued searching. I think some of us must’ve gone upstairs and found some regular looking bedrooms by again no people. Finally I found a door that led down a flight of stairs to the basement. From the top of the stairs I saw a short hallway that led to a closed door.

A man, also of Pacific island descent, approached my boyfriend and I from behind and motioned for us to go down. He began to utter one word directions like go, down, door, party. When he said party, we figured we might as well check it out to make sure so down we went.

After we walked through the front door, the space changed completely. The ceilings were high light we were in a large hall. The ground was covered in gigantic versions of that foamy floor tile that people put in theit home gyms or for children’s play areas, except they were colored with large modern oriental rug patterns – a lo of reddish hues.

In the distance all the way at the “end” of the large hall, there seems to be a huge window that looked out to a futuristic landscape – a mixture of futuristic skyscrapers and curated forest treetops. For some, we felt a compulsion to run towards it.

As we ran, I looked to my left and right to see what was on the walls of the “rooms” we passed. I saw large surrealist and minimalist paintings, possibly real ones that I’ve seen in books or online. One in particular I was sure even in the dream that it was real. It features what looked like two human figures, one an adult, one a child. The definition of their clothing and the features on there faces were just blobs and streaks of color but overall a viewer familiat with Renaissance art could interpretthat they might be wearing Venetian clothing from that time.

When we arrived in the large room with the big glass window, we looked at each other and around the room. There were molded, padded seats and chaise lounges with about 5 people of various ages and sex seated in them. They were quiet when we arrived, barely looking over in our direction.

Their faces were calm, lit by the sunlight from outside. Their attention was fully on the scenery outside. My boyfriend and I looked at each other wondering what to do. There was an air of expectation in the room despite no one having said a word. We decided to say nothing, then wait and see.


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