Dreams 04.28.17 I don’t really remember the part before this but what preceded led me down a wide resdential street at night, bathed in orange street lamp light. I believe I was walking with a couple other people, more faceless "friends". We had just come out from under a bridge or concrete tunnel to arrive in this neighborhood. I heard some banging noises and looked back, that’s how I saw that we walked out the bridge/tunnel arch.

Near the exit arch was an old run-down looking house, where the noises were coming from. I looked at my friends and without speaking we all concluded that there was a break-in in progress. Yet, somehow we had concluded it was not dangerous to is, that it was not for the purpose of stealing but rather an act of vandalism. That was also when I noticed that further down the street we’re other people just hanging out in the night on the street, loitering around a few flares which had been dropped on the ground, it’s light flickering with small green flames.

Later, maybe with more dream action missing, I found that I had broken​ into someone’s house or lab. I had gone upstairs and found a storage room. I knocked over little things like papers, small gidgets, pens, etc. – nothing too damaging or messy. I climbed up on boxes to look above shelves, as if I was looking for something specific to vandalize but in the dream I did not know that I was looking for something. I had bumped into what looked like a white radio or phone on a tall shelf. When I got down something up there started to make sounds which sounded like static and music.

I climbed back up multiple times to figure out the exact source but it wasn’t the radio, yet I knew it must be connected, maybe an alternate handset or speaker could be located. Whatever I kept climbing up onto to check the shelf again got more ticket with each try. Finally I overturned some papers next to the radio and found a phone handset which was making the noise. I clicked a button on it and the radio/phone. Then the noise stopped.

After getting my feet back on solid ground I looked around. The place was messy enough but I didn’t have what I came for. Then I heard he noise of someone entering the front door from downstairs. I panicked. I had 3 options: hide, escape or face the music. I frantically searched for a light switch and around the room for something to duck behind. I found a light switch but there was absolutely no way to hide here. Then I quickly tried to figure out my escape route if I left this room. The only way out that I knew of was to the right and down the stairs which would force me to come face to face with whoever entered, assuming it was the owner of the property.

I realized there was nothing left to do than to face the owner and confess. I had not done anything too damaging. I could come back from this if I got caught. Next, the door to the room I was in opened. I lowered my head and began to confess and apologize to the owner.

That’s all I remember…


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