Lesson learned: Save Drafts

I had 3 other days recall notes sitting in Drafts on my phone for my Hotmail account. I even thought last night just before be that I would finish all of them and post it with today’s as one post called Dreams Dump For The Week.

“Dump” is right – it is nowhere to be found. I keep thinking I can make out in my mind’s eye the keywords I had put in but all of it escapes me. The lesson: email drafts on my phone is like dream recall. If you don’t commit it to words and publish/save it, it’s like they never happened! From now on even my draft notes will be email-sent to WordPress draft status for later publishing.

Dreams 05.03.17
There was a gathering of people at the office, though it didn’t look like my actual office. I had a desk which was right at the corner and all the office party goes had to get past it to get to another party area. People were rubbing against my cubicle wall, knocking shit down. I was mildly annoyed but just moved stuff out of the way and joined the party.

I overheard the ops manager say something about a colleague in Montreal still sticking around the office, not wanting to leave. I asked her if the office was getting shut down over there and she said no. That made me confused. Then I saw a person, who wasn’t the colleague from Montreal but in my dream he had become the person I was thinking is the Montreal colleague (even though he is an adult version of a childhood school mate and the Montreal colleague is a grown woman I’ve only met through video conferencing).

He was leaning over my cubicle wall listening to me talk to the ops manager as she walked away. I thought to myself, I wonder if I need to lift the one binding spell I cast on him years ago because he used to bully me. In hindsight as an adult it was probably more extreme annoyance type of bullying, nothing physical but I had always believed deep down that magic rituals could be real and that the binding spell worked because the day after he stopped doing it completely.

I was lying on a desk for some reason. I looked to my left and amongst legs of huddled party goers I saw three dogs, one of them was black, shaggy curly furred. When it saw me it came over and attacked me with kisses which made me giggle and laugh uncontrollably. Then I walked around the corner to the other party area where there were people hanging out on and around couches. Now it was no longer an office party but a college student party that I had infiltrated as an adult.

I sat down on the couch between two “friends”. The one to my left was crying into the couch back, just bawling. My instinct was to hold him and let him cry, which I did. Then I asked what was wrong. He looked up at me and said, “I don’t know how you could…We’re over here…” Then he said something I forget right now but it implied that something horrible had happened to one of the friends over here that is hanging on the couch. “But you’re over there…” Then he went back to bawling into the couch, he meant that I was getting kissed by dogs having the time of my life.

I was taken a back and calmly, hoping not to offend, “I am sorry for what happened but I don’t really know any of you, well.” He just ignored me and I could feel the eyes of other nearby watching me with disapproval. I got up and went to the shelf where drinks were placed. Before I grabbed one, some bubbly girl walked by and announced, “Let’s to!” Everyone seemed to understand where and followed her lead, so did I.

We walked through what looked like parts of old school/university hallways until we finally reached an area that seemed like a balcony. It was night time, there were neon lights, noises from a bar close by. I looked over the balcony and it wasn’t that high but it overlooked other parts of the university grounds. There were lights of other gatherings further on campus.

I turned around and followed my group through gates which were supposed to lead to a destination. I remember catching a glimpse of a dark ski slope, snow covered, non-operating ski lifts and all. I wondered where we were but knowing that I will be at a new location, with new people to meet, other sights to see.


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