Breathing in New Old Memories

Dreams 05.05.17
I walked up the stairs at our first house in Canada. My sister lives there now in my dream and I was there for a visit. I went upstairs just to take a trip down memory lane but was surprised to find my step dad’s son living in my sister’s old room. He seemed surprised to see me too and he seemed hesitant to say hello. There’s a history of drama with this guy and he’s always blamed my mother for splitting up his family but while we’ve always been sorta cool, he’s just a little “troubled” in his handling of that whole situation, which I suppose includes me.

I walked into his room and tried to make nice. I can’t remember what I said exactly. Recalling now, I feel like there were some general apologies and me being sympathetic at how he felt about everything, that things happen sometimes in ways we don’t want or expect but we are adults now and we should try to take it in stride and stay positive. I think it was real what I said but more for his benefit. I wasn’t sure if it affected him but he was at least warmer to me afterwards. He joined me in going back downstairs.

Downstairs I went to the kitchen, whoch no longer looked like my old house. There were people waiting for something. I thought I was going to see my old roommate for some reason and I might’ve seen him or something occurred in the dream that involved him but I cannot recall.

Anyways the group I. The kitchen we’re waiting for my mother, who came out from a closed door and herded us to another part of the house where there was an really with metal hand rails like the line up for rides at an amusement park. About 10 of us arranged ourselves the line-up. We took my mother’s cue and began to do some type of breathing exercises. I remember closing my eyes, really trying to breathe in the calm and listening intently, trying to “feel” around me as if the breathe empowered me and heightened my senses. I wasn’t sure if it did but I did it anyway. I could feel the collective breath around me. Inhale. Exhale.


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