Ascent to the Top

Dreams 05.24.17

It was as if I was the main character in a 3D platformer only I was controlling myself in the game. I had to get to the top. To do so I had to enter this floating mountain thing which was mostly grey and dark blue shades, then enter and exit tunnel entrances which slowly got me up the multiple levels of this mountain. It was a great challenge that exhilarated me as I worked through the tunnel puzzles to progress.

At the top I was rewarded at last with a first person view.  There were long wispy curtains, smoke and flickering light. The “cave” ceiling was very high. The flickering light which had the quality of fire light faded into darkness at the unseen too. Airy guardian-type beings greeted me but did not instruct me in what to do next. I walked or floated along, following them towards an unknown destination of this new “level”. The path ahead became darker as the fire light from behind slowly grew darker. I was no longer excited as before. The feeling was more like a weariness and cautiousness. I looked forward to what I would end up witnessing but trepidation is the best word I can use to describe it.


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