Home towns are overrated

Dreams 09.28.17

About an hour after bed, we woke up and realized our older dog had a poop and a pee on the carpet. We cleaned it up so there were no stains. Naturally, in my dream I “woke” up to find the spots stained and mulled over what to do with it.

Aside from that poopy highlight in the dream, I believe I was arriving from out of town. It felt like I was visiting home or returning to my home town to live. I made plans to visit my bestie and I remember walking by and seeing the suburban houses at night with my bf. Funny thing was the neighborhood looked nothing like my actual old neighborhood. The light and shadows from the street lamps looked awkward. The houses felt too tidy, too new but looked old, like I was on a studio backlot where a fake suburb has been built. I never did see my bestie and I remember being a little sad but also okay with it because it felt too strange in this place that was supposed to be home.


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