Get Me Out of Here

There is a lot that I do not remember. It’s been a rough couple nights of sleeping. Our elder dog keeps waking up and asking me to pick her up to put her back into bed. I am also fighting off a throat infection so whenever I wake up from deep sleep it takes me some time to fall asleep again. I am feeling run down and maybe even a little unhinged.

Dreams 09.29.17

I was in a hotel family restaurant with a large group of fellow students(?). I just know that we were all a part of the same group. We either travelled to this place for a competition or we travelled for a school trip or perhaps it was just a large group of my own friends and peripheral “friends” from highschool.

I remember everyone else getting their order of dessert after the gigantic breakfasts we pigged out on. Everyone else might’ve ordered ice cream and I ordered Jello because I really craved it but it never came. People may have made fun of me for ordering it then not getting it. I remember being annoyed and humiliated.

In anger I got up to leave the restaurant but was stuck in the maze of chairs and booths. The floor was carpeted with a very thick, plush and ornate pattern with twisting flowers and vines. It was one of those restaurants that exited right into a mall and everytime I got stuck in a corner it was all the more frustrating because I could see outside, away from this place, so close but so far, always just out of reach.


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