Hipsties Trailerfest

Dreams 09.30.17

At one point I remember going into our bathroom to get ready by taking a shower. The bathroom was laid out similar to our current one but it was tenovated, tiled with a darker tile and the toilet was mounted sideways so it faced the opposite wall than the bathtub wall which I remember noting as very strange.

I took a lukewarm bath, slowly and relaxed, gently splashing water over my privates and shaving them with a new kind of razor that had no handle. My fingers slipped right into the area behind the blades and I remember thinking to myself how great the design was that allowed me to feel safer.

When I got out of the bathroom I realized I wasn’t actually in our condo. We were in a trailer and we were camped out on fields and rolling hills amongst other trailers and modern day hippies and hipsters. There were about 100 people spread out sparsely across all that was before me, with maybe a handful of other trailers at various distances.

I found myself a spot on the side of the hill and laid down to enjoy the beautiful day. The sky was blue with fluffy clouds, much like how it really is today and the grass was green just starting to turn yellow in some areas. The weather was borderline cool but just warm enough if you faced the sun.

Out of nowhere in the distance I saw a shiny midnight blue painted bus trailer charge up, leaping over the next hill. Somehow all of us on the lawns knew who was driving it even though the windows were tinted and we could not see. It was Giovanni Ribisi, the actor. Even though there were people in the path of the vehicle, nobody panicked. The entire group cheered and scrambled out of the way. The energy of this stunt swept us all along with it.

The bus literally leaped up into the air, over hill, started turning midairn landed sideways and back so that by the time it landed it was sliding sidewayd and backwards until it stopped on the only patch of asphalt closeby where there were food stalls and barbeques. When it landed everyone cheered even louder and some people started getting up from the lawns to rub towards the bus.

That’s all I remember but I feel like there was more. Not a lot more, just more.


In a take uMbut bathroom looked similar but


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