Down Below: Destination Unknown

Dreams 10.02.17

I cannot remember my destination. I know it was at the foot of the mountain or at least down. What was there I did not know. All I knew is that to make my way there, I had to pass through obstacles. There was a hallway with 4 airlocks that was submerged in water about 6-7 feet deep and the slide down steep and slippery moss covered rock faces.

The airlocks had yellow caution stripes so that they could be seen clearly from the approach about 50 yards away. It was within a tunnel structure built right into the mountain. The entrance to the tunnel was not flooded. I turned and walked down a couple stairs towards the airlocks where I instinctively knew they would be. From the entrance of the hallway I was met with the surprising view of a tunnel submerged in violently sloshing water. The airlocks themselves were open but there was also a clear film installed into each one, cut as I could see them flapping the the water. I saw no lights but somehow the tunnel was dimly lit.

The water was cold but not too much so. My body adjusted to the temperature quickly. At least that part wasn’t too much of a struggle. It was bearable enough for me to brave it. I swam, paddled, clutched and shimmied my way through each airlock’s film, swallowing mouthfuls of water several times before making it all the way through. Upon threading myself through one of the openings I remember thinking to myself, well this is hard but not terrible, I can do this.

Later I was sliding down the slope of the mountain, descending. Sometimes at speeds where I moved as if my feet were walking me down the slope. Other times it was like I was skating or skiing down. The rock face was hard and jaggedy. It was a dark granite color except for the moss covered parts. It felt like if I tripped and fell on the rock face I would simply shatter like glass or all my bones would be broken. Then I would lay there dead in the open, waiting for scavenger birds to pick at my body.

The sky was blue and the sun shone on the mountain’s peaks. The valley below where I was headed was dark in comparison though nothing down there seemed to give me fear. I remember distinctively thinking, how am I sliding down? Am I wearing shoes because it sure feels like I am just wearing thick socks. How am I not tumbling to my death? What is down there?

These were two challenges amongst many others. Either the other obstacles didn’t happen in the dream at all or the two happened in the context of more. I just can’t remember.


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