Adult Supervision

I’ve been sick and have not been able to remember my dreams for a couple nights. I’m not sure how accurate my memory of last night’s bits are because I think I barely slept last night but I must’ve because I am functioning.

Dreams 10.05.17

There was lots before this part of the dream that I cannot recall. I was in a house about to head out somewhere with friends and we were all getting ready. There was probably about six of us. I guess I must be in my teens in the dream because as I was about to step out the door to check on another friend who was readying the car, an adult, tall, had the energy of a man and a mother charged in to inspect the premises to make sure I wasn’t laying about where I was going or what I was doing.

This person went upstairs to the bedroom and the washroom to “check for boys”. I remember panicking a little because one of the friends in the house was male, he was upstairs. I walked ahead of the adult and saw out of the corner of my eye that he and a girl friend were in the bathroom. I signalled them with my eyes and by the time the adult was up the stairs, it just looked like the girl friend was shutting the washroom door about to sit down on the toilet to do her business, which deterred or satisfied the adult to know no boys were in there.

Then I remember stomping out of the house following this adult down winding grey alleyways that really looked more like cavern tunnels. They were relatively clean, but there were little fires lit along the way. I knew that my friends, even the guys, were following behind stealthily.


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