They come and they go

Dreams 11.11.17

In Friday night’s dream I could not remember exactly what happened but I could remember a feeling. This feeling triggered me to remember a little bit more about the dream, though not much.

What I felt was that I was alone in this world and that I had no real friends other than my dogs, the ones that have lived and the ones that live now. I remember feeling humiliated in the dream by the people that were there. I remember yelling out to them from one room where I was, to the next where they were. I yelled “I am not happy!”

Dreams 11.12.17

I actually remembered a lot of Saturday’s dreams but at the time I decided to note this (while driving and using OK Google to jot notes) I could not recall a single thing.

Dreams 11.13.17

Same thing happened again as yesterday. Pretty sure my recall was clear when I woke up but as soon as I moved or had the thought of “Oh I want to sleep on but it’s Monday!”, it all slipped away.


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