Expecting Disaster

Dreams 05.07/08.18

I can’t remember if this was Monday or Tuesday’s dream. I was in a field full of some kind of crop. It was vast and it was green, at waist height, basically as far as the eye could see, save the tree line that separated the fields. SFS was behind me and we were bending over and getting up to do some kind of farming work.

I looked up towards the horizon and the storm clouds were moving in closer to us. I yelled out to him and the dogs that it was time to go. It started spitting rain and the wind could be felt gaining intensity. Looking up at the grey clouds and the wall of rain on its way to us, I could tell the storm would be upon very shortly.

We grabbed the few tools we used and headed towards a clear trapdoor framed in bright neon orange, which led to the underground tunnel that led us through the underground facilities towards the main building.

The main building was a large spread out dark wood log cabin perched atop a forested hill which peered out an opening in the trees and overlooked the fields. There were 3 to 4 others in the cabin. Here I realized we were farmer-scientists. There was something special about our crops or the way we grew/tended our crops. Also when we arrived at the cabin, we realized the hurricane storm is basically here but that the dogs probably needed a pee. We looked outside and wondered if it would be safe to let them out for a quick one or we would probably risk the door getting ripped off by the wind. In my head in the dream I had a vision of our younger dog cowering as soon as she was outside, too scared of the storm to even go. Then I thought that if we let them out without going with them, a branch would just fall on them or they would be taken instantly by the wind.

Dreams 05.10.18

Not a whole lot of detail. I think it was emergency time. A bunch, like a lot of people, including myself, SFS and his mom were all stuck/quarantined/”grounded” in a building. I want to say the building was a modern office tower mixed with retail or pedestrian mall because the area we all gathered had a lot of comfortable seating. I don’t know exactly what I was doing but I think SFS and I were both individually involved with volunteer groups going around checking to make sure people were OK, delivering water and rations to those needing it most. At one point someone alerted me to his mom’s condition. She was laying down in one of the areas.

I went over to see how she was doing and she looked completely different from what I remember her to look like. It has been about 2 years since I’ve seen her in real life. She still talked in her low, raspy voice, aided by the device in her throat. Her short white blond hair was now dyed black and she wore a bright red lipstick on her thin lips. All of it accentuated her face color which was quite pale.

When she saw me approach she raised her body up from a lying down position to wave me over. I don’t remember what she said to me but without saying she wanted her son to come see her, I think that’s what she wanted. She at least wanted me to tell him how she was.

Later when I met up with SFS, I let him know his mom was here too as he acted like he didn’t know. I told him she seemed alright, just needed to lay down and have water. I also let him know that there were people around taking care of her and that she would be alright. I took special care to note that she looked very different from what she used to look like and suggested that he might want to visit her after he finished his rounds.


The Illusion of Falling Into the Abyss

Dreams 05.01.18

Lots of details forgotten but what I do remember is looking down into a giant gaping hole in a sand dune and I am basically leaning back against the sand vertically, my heels dug in to keep myself from falling in. I was “with” others either participating in some daredevil shit in the desert or I was in a simulation. I remember looking up and to my leftand saw another guy in a similar position as me. He had what appeared to be parachuting gear on and his chute was down on the desert sand but flapping in the wind. It was very windy. I looked further to the other side of the vertical sink hole/sand dune where 2 other “team” members held on without falling in. I looked down at myself, in similar parachuting gear and into the gigantic hole just waiting to swallow me up.

I knew the harness I had on was not going to save me from falling in. I remember backing up with my heels, digging in more, trying to climb up backwards. Sometimes I dug in too much so the sand crumbled beneath me and I actually slipped downwards. So I adjusted and did not dig my heels in as hard. I maintained a balance somehow as the strong wind whirled around me, fearful of falling into the abyss but also somehow felt safe enough if I just held myself where I was. Somehow I knew that I would still be alright even if I did happen to fall, that this wasn’t “real”.

Not sure what happened exactly to jump from that to me sitting on a greyhouse bus, heading some place with fellow travellers. I looked beside me and the guy was the team member to my left in the dream. I looked around the bus and saw other people, some were asleep, others were awake but I had a sense of coziness that we were all heading somewhere together, that inside the bus, the sun shone in and it was warm and safe. I wanted to talk to the guy beside me about the “dream” and about the crazy windy sand dune hole. Before I even spoke, I noticed he had a twinkle in his eye that meant he knew, because he was there too.

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