Waiting in an Unfamiliar House

Dreams 06.15.18

I was in someone’s house, at night. I believe that in the dream this house belonged to SFS, whose status in the dream is still early relationship stage boyfriend so we are still hot and heavy. There’s a lot of detail I cannot remember so there’s going to be a slot of “I thinks”.

I think I was there with him originally (like he showed me in) and we were supposed to sleep/nap and go to or host a party at an odd time in the night. I think he fell asleep or left first so for most of the dream I was fiddling with stuff around the house refusing to sleep to pass time. At one point I think I tried to “wake” him by trying to make out with him and grind on him while he was on the couch or bed.

He was annoyed at me disturbing his sleep but even in his half asleep state he still participated in the action. However, at one point I remember feeling disappointed, I think because he wasn’t where I expected him to be for these sessions and the house felt too empty.


In Another Man’s Clothing

Dreams 06.03.18

I haven’t tried to remember my dreams in a while. I remembered the other day in passing that I haven’t recalled dreams in some time, so this morning I remembered something that I’ve mostly forgotten. Here’re the key parts that I do remember.

At one point, I put on a mix and match ensemble of somebody else’s clothing, a man’s specifically and looked into a mirror. Then I turned around to show how mismatched I looked to someone standing in the next room looking at me through a door. This was someone I trusted but they seemed hesitant about what they saw on me. The top most layer was definitely a wildly patterned, collared, button-up short-sleeved shirt.

I had more than the “normal” number of items of clothing. For example normally one might wear a t-shirt underneath the button-up shirt. I remember wearing at least 2 underneath if not more. They might even have been in mismatched sizes because everything bunched up and did not sit right and it was a bit uncomfortable. I cannot remember what the bottoms situation was but I’m pretty sure they were light beige pants of some sort. What style? I couldn’t begin to tell you. I do remember that they were surprisingly not baggy at all, much more fitting than what was on my upper body.

Later on in the dream, I was leaning with one elbow out of a classic car that had been recently washed so it was just gleaming in the light. I did not see the shape of the outside of the car but I’m pretty sure it was a Jaguar. It had the right curves that I recognized, even though I only saw the part where my elbow leaned against.

The car was parked, perhaps on the wrong side of the road because the sidewalk was on the driver’s side. I was leaning out and talking to a man standing on the sidewalk. Our conversation was about the clothing I wore and it escalated into a mild argument. While I cannot remember the words exchanged or the context, I distinctly remember a feeling of annoyance, of me trying to convince this person of something about how I chose to dress myself.

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