(Always) Lost Stuff Recovery

Dreaming 07.07.18

The goal in every scene of the dream was to retrieve a jacket that had been lost. I thought I put it here or there, searched for it, it’s not there, move on to the next place. That’s essentially how it all went. I can’t remember all the locations, I figure there were at least three but I can only remember two.

At one point I was driving an old Chevy, pulling into the parking lot of a strip mall where in the corner spot was a car show room with full length floor to ceiling windows, which was located next to a very cleanly kept auto shop. Despite the show room appearing to be closed, there was a long line of people queueing for something. I just needed to get through to the other side with my car for some reason as my path was through and forwards. Again, all through this I was looking for this lost jacket that was supposedly in or around the vicinity of the show room.

I believe SFS was with me. He might have gotten out of the car to investigate the lineup, to see if there was information on a way through. I remember doing some swerves in the Chevy, but I am not sure what ended up happening. I feel like I considered just driving through the windows and crashing right through – it was a brief thought.

Another setting where I looked for my jacket is my old family home specifically around the sink area in the master bedroom. I looked in both drawers in front of the mirror, looked at my reflection in the mirror and moved on to other parts of the house, which I don’t actually remember being in. For some reason, just the part in my mom’s bedroom is what I can recall.


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