Been too long, maybe there were dogs

Seriously, it’s been too long since I’ve tried to recall my dreams.  I’m pretty sure there were dogs.

There was also some kind of event and a disaster of sorts happened, possibly caused by me.

Just thinking I wanted to remember my dreams made me remember a little though so maybe this practice will come back quicker than I thought.



Another disappointing recall today.

Dreams 10.17.12
I may have been in an institution or hospital of some sort. It was a place to rehabilitate my knees, which have gotten a lot better since sunday but I am still hobbling a little. Beyond those sketchy specifics, I honestly cannot remember anymore.

Dogs in Dreams

I had two full fledged, detailed dreams this morning. All but the key element of the first one has been lost. I woke up to the first alarm after the first dream, remembered every detail at that point because I wasn’t going to wake up yet and had not moved my body at all because my knees are in quite a bit of pain right now. (Completed my first half marathon yesterday! Been training since July.) So I went back to sleep and had another dream.

After I shut off the second alarm I still had a grasp of both dreams pretty well except this time I had to move and get out of bed. As soon as I felt any of the joint pain in my knees, the thought bubble holding all my memories just popped.

Dreams 10.15.12
So all I can recall is that there were dogs in the first dream and my dog played an integral part.

Magical Communication Gadgets

Dreams 10.12.12
Lots of holes in my recall but I’ve got a lot more today than other recent dreams. I opened a small box, a gift. It looked like a remote car started, slightly bigger but it had 4 buttons. It was off white, 3 of the buttons were grey, 1 was red. Each button had a white symbol on it. It was actually a texting / communications device. I was either interacting with my highschool ex with it or it was a gift from him.

When I pressed the buttons, somehow I would be sending fully formed sentences. I wondered what happened on the receiver end, what would they see if they had a similar device or another. Funny thing is that after each transmission, the device’s male computerized voice would say something to me. Something completely unrelated to the message but more commentary on me or on situations.

At one point, when I had another friend in the room whom I cannot identify as someone from real life, the device told me that the person I texted was “a good catch”. I had to correct it and say there was nothing between us. But the thing never responds when you talk directly to it so I could never tell if it could hear what I said. When my friend heard this, he laughed and asked me what it is. I explained to him, realizing how crazy it sounded.

Then I was going to meet a teacher at a principal’s office. For what purpose, I cannot remember. I was receiving and texting through the device and again it made its single-sided commentary. The teacher was taken aback by the device as well and we sat across each other at this dark brown wooden table while I showed her the device. I told her I was baffled at how 4 buttons could type out full messages and admitted that I didn’t know how it worked. And yet somehow I had “figured” out how to use it fully. I was confused about it but also skeptical.

One Nighter

I only remember one part of the previous night’s dream and forgot the more important “lesson-y”, insightful part. I was awkwardly making out and groping one of df’s coworkers that I used to see a couple times a week when we all hung out for a smoke. He’s a nice guy but I remember being mildly disgusted with myself for doing this because from what I knew of him as a person, I really didn’t like him enough for this. As we were blindly necking, we were backing up into a bedroom that belonged to neither of us. TV cliche-like, we fall down onto the bed about to get it on for a one night stand.

All I know is that there was something important in the dream but damn I forgot it all. I want more sleep. Need it! I am running a half-marathon (first time!) this Sunday and I need to stay healthy…

Blanked and A Tour Bus

Very tired today and basically forgot my entire dream. Serves me right for staying up and watching dumb online videos. All I know is, I was doing some sort of everyday chore or errand. However, all the back story to dream-me was exactly as it is in real life right now. I won’t go into too much detail here but basically in a situation I don’t necessarily want – back living at the house out of a suitcase. Now, literally just pretending to be working things out and we both know it but I’ve been told it would help his case. So I’ve agreed to continue to be civil until such time as this arrangement is no longer required.

There was also some of tour bus situation. Something to do with arrangement of which bus I was to board, where it would be parked.

Industrial Garden Party

I’ve already forgotten most of last night’s dream. My mind is totally preoccupied as there have been some serious trouble in the real world that sprung up in the past couple of days. It will likely last for some time as well. So I am gonna bet that my recall for the next while will be very spotty and possibly get a little weird, if weirder was possible.

Dreams 09.30.12
I was at a semi formal “garden” party. In the background was an overpass, a bridge. There were orange bricked industrial buildings and a train track too. The sky was a clear light blue and judging by the color of sunlight cast upon the buildings, it was sunset time and we were facing east. The table and chair coverings were all white. As far as I could tell there were only a maximum of 5 tables.

I didn’t know the people at my table but in the dream they were acquaintances and friends. A few of us were huddled around another girl playing with a phone or tablet, I think. And I think another guy was practicing some sort of slight of hand trick with the lilac colored napkins. Pretty sure someone laid a hand on my shoulder from behind me. Then he came around beside me and made a comment about what I was doing. I cannot remember what he said at all.


I get so frustrated when my memory fails and flip flops. Not sure if this is still a hormonally caused memory lapse. I am certain I had a dream last night. It may or may not have something to do with the lady from work who I just found out yesterday was actually 40 with fully grown adult kids (she looks amazing!) and going through an awkward divorce phase where she still has to live with her ex until their finances are sorted. Again it may have nothing to do with her or all of that. I just feel like maybe I saw her face in my dreams. Other than that possibly fabricated bit, the rest is a complete blank.

There Was A Pool

Dreams 09.09.12
I am definitely a water sign…that’s all I know.

Remembering anything has been so hard the past few days. I can’t do it. My brain is useless.

I want to go back to my home country so I can sleep better. I can make it through semi regular hours with time difference but pretty sure I am still jet lagged.

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