Lawn Party and Overstaying My Welcome

Lot of bits and pieces again. I can’t remember if this one was the day before my flight or the first one of the flight. Nevertheless, here are the various scenes I can recall.

Dreams 08.31.12
I was sitting on an old couch in front of an open garage or storage unit’s sliding door, on the lawn. It was being thrown out. Around me a small hippy lawn party of about 10 to 12 people were happening. Everyone was giggling, laying, toppling covers the arms of the couch, just hanging out. I wasn’t really engaged in any one conversation. I was just enjoying the company taking it in.

Another scene: I sat in a white room, on a stool. Behind my head was a long rectangular opening in the wall, sunlight shone through brightly, casting a rectangle of light on the opposite wall. Underneath the light rectangle, sitting across from me in a lower stool was a man. We seemed to be locked up together in this room. I was upset with him, i felt betrayed and I questioned him, “Why did you do it?  Why did you rat them out?!”

He looked up at me, chin up, eyes narrowed, defiant and indignant all at once. Either he said it out loud or his expression said, “What would you have done?” I did not answer. In my head I just tried to puzzle out what went on in this man’s head.

Another scene: I was in an apartment with worn, hardwood floors, a long hallway that led to many rooms. I was visiting someone but also seemed to have spent a lot of time there as if I had lived there at one point. I was in a larger room which was mostly empty. There was a box and a few items on the table so I proceeded to pack the things away.

Some time may have passed and I was in this same space. It seemed to be a girl’s dormitory at a school. It was empty in the summer and school was almost starting again. I was squatting, staying without paying rent in secret. There was a knock on the door. I didn’t answer at first. Then whoever was outside yelled out, saying they knew someone was inside. I unlocked the door, opened it a crack and backed away a few steps.

A tall man entered the room. He had an air of authority about him but he was not menacing. He was just a man doing his job. When he saw me, he seemed to know what I had been up to, sympathetic but he waited without asking to hear my story.

I politely led him to the bigger room of the apartment. I do not remember the details now but I think I either spilled some ink or some water started to leak and pour from the ceiling. Basically something was spilled and made a wet mess.

That’s all I can remember now.


Salvaging Spilled Chili

It seems like I am trouble recalling dreams that make sense this week. Today’s recall is another jumble.

Also, either the Sleep Cycle app isn’t working properly or I am actually having these crazy sleep cycles. And if I am actualy having these crazy cycles, it might explain the weird dreams and poor recalls.

Dreams 07.13.12
There was something about me remembering a recent workout where I was doing two reps of heavy lifting.

I was pouring out a can of chili over rice. The chili was special, it looked more like this curry I made a couple nights ago in real life. It had pineapples in it. I looove pineapples. I am usually very neat about pouring, scooping out food except this time I spilled a couple glops on in front and behind the bowl. I started to pick it up with my right hand fingers and just putting the spilled food in my mouth.

Then it’s like I was watching a movie but living it. The movie was…don’t laugh, another sequel to American Pie. Everyone was still in their early twenties and they all moved into the same house – a huge house. I watched the Tara Reid character talking to another girl about the Alyssa Hannigan character. She was saying that their friend has been missing a lot of classes at college and something seemed to be up. They needed to figure out what was happening with their friend and consult with the guys but until the plan was made, the friend (Alyssa) must not know. I remember having a slight feeling of betrayal, as if I was Alyssa, eavesdropping on these too.

The feeling faded quickly and I am watching a scene of 3 of the male character unpacking in a room, sitting on a mattress, joking around. The phone rings and the Sean Michael Scott character picks up the phone in full Stifler mode. The girls say something to him, he responded in the character’s sarcastic way and the other two listened, concerned but not knowing what was going on.

Another nugget of memory is just a feeling of being in the hallway of a gigantic empty house. I felt anxious but also wanted to explore.