Boardwalks and Simulated Driving

Dreams 08.26.12
It was night time a and I was walking along a boardwalk/piers/docks (when is it which? I’m talking about a pedestrian area by water but right in the middle of boats and docks). It was a beautiful night. It seemed clear though I didn’t really look at the sky. Maybe it was just clear with purpose. The torches and lights were reflected in the dark water. As I walked briskly following the sound of jazzy rocky piano music, all I heard was the slight breeze and the waves gently rolling over each other beneath the boardwalk. I was heading to a restaurant pub to meet husband and friends (our best man and his gf). The restaurant was built right on the boardwalk, just extending out from one side. Before the entrance was a patio area with tables and dark blue umbrellas. The patio and first floor were for coffees and drinks. The upper level and the stairs leading up had a dark blue painted facade.

I kept following the music upstairs to the restaurant and waited for my eyes to adjust to the darker lights inside. A couple of musicians were playing on the mini stage while some patrons had gathered. Beside them the dining tables were full of people. I saw our friends and husband and approached the table. Just as I got there I realized that I forgot something in the car. I told them I had to go back.

When I got back to the car I noticed that it was not parked properly. I decided to move it. After reparking it, I did something with the middle pedal (why was there a middle pedal!?). I actually unhinged it somehow. The car suddenly locked up, the windows became black, the dashboard and all other indicator lights started to glow more intensely with a neon brightness. Then the front windshield which was now black started to have 2 sets of glowing blurry lines that looked like it was a road stretching into the horizon. The engine came on, much more powerful then I’ve ever felt it to be. It growled and shuddered, waiting for me. I didn’t know what was going on but I didn’t know how I could reverse out of this situation and unlock myself out of this crazy car. So I did the only logical thing and stepped on the gas pedal.

The neon green lines moving, vibrating. Curves appeared and it actually felt like the car was moving, driving along an invisible landscape somehow intertwined with the real world. The car shook violently because I think in the real world I was crashing it into parked cars nearby. I continued driving along the ghostly neon highway at incredible speeds until somehow, it slowed to a stop on its own and the doors unlocked. When I got out, I saw no damage to the cars around me but many hours had passed.
I went home, back to the hotel/place we were staying to find my friends and husband. When I got there, our friends came up to me asking what had happened. I tried to recount the story to them. Past them, I could see husband eavesdropping but refusing to come into the same room. He wasn’t buying my story. Funnily, when I was telling my friends the tale, I had a distinct feeling as if I was recalling a dream like I do every morning, and bits and pieces of memory were threatening to slip away.


An Unattended Protest

Dreams 06.13.12
More jumbled dreams but at least I am not drawing a complete blank today. When I woke up, all I remembered was the word “protest”. Although all the events I can recall don’t seem to have anything to do with the word.

Husband and I are at a cottage with Mr. JR (NOT the JR of a previous dream whom I was very sexually attracted to), a friend who recently broke up with his long distance gf. We were trying to sleep in a room that was actually the same as our bedroom when I hear a knock and a whistle at the door. JR is trying to get our attention to see if anyone wanted to join him for a cigarette. I felt a little bad for him even though he was taking the breakup quite well. I got up to join him. I also wanted to ask him to join me at a concert.

Next thing I remember, we are supposed to go someplace with a lot of people. This may be related to the “protest” part. However, when we got there the streets were empty. I recall seeing lots and lots of grey concrete.

Then I was hanging out by a car in the parking lot of a park during daytime with JM and husband. He was kind of just there but not really. The car doors were all open and we just let the breeze flow through. I was saying to JM how there were tennis rackets in the trunk because I didn’t want them to get wrecked in the house since there wasn’t a good place to store them. She reached into the back and grabbed an old tennis ball, tossing it up and down trying to entice me to play. I could see that the rubber was old, there was hardly any bounce, not even a proper thud when it landed in her hand each time she tossed it. Also I worried that the strings on the rackets were too old as well. Impact from a ball would likely go right through the strings.

However, she convinced me in the end and we went to play in the park. We didn’t play in a tennis court, just in a field and partially on a paved area. The way we played, it was just like playing catch but with rackets and ball. We were just lobbing it towards the other person who stood at the opposite end of the field. Husband and I were on the same side, the one that was half on grass, half on pavement. I remember chasing after the ball a few times when I missed bouncing it back off the racket. It rolled on the pavement and I had to weave through all the other people who had suddenly appeared, just milling about it seemed, to block my way.

Dreams 03.11.12

Dream 1:
I was looking for a good gym to throw a highschool dance party. I must’ve gone to several schools, this part I am not clear about. Finally I went to see the people hiring me to look for this. It’s a TV/Film production who is filming at another small gym location. They show me their budget / balance sheet and not only do they have no money, they were pretty much in the red and the were asking me to sign off on some recent expenses.

Looking at it, I see rentals for furniture and one line item said “defurnituring” for $700 dollars. I ask the 1st AD, “What the hell is that?” He said at one location they were moving an old wooden table with built-in bench seats. One of those carved out of one piece things. There was a loose piece on the table top and some PA decided to lift the table with that. Whole piece came off and his antique waa ruined. I was shocked then commented, “Kind of feels like the location just puts that piece of crap out for you to ruin everytime someone rents the place. Feels like a trap to me, that’s how they scam you.”

On to another scene. I am sitting at the office in my cubicle. My boss-boss sticks a farewell card package in front of me and tells me to write something. I wasn’t even sure who it was for, he explains to me and I had to stand up look around to put a face to the name. It’s some curly haired trinidadian dude that sits in our team’s area but far away from me. I didn’t even realize he was part of our team. I shrugged my shoulders and started to write “Hello …” I actually wrote the name but can’t remember it now but boss-boss took the card from me right away and said, “No! Don’t write there! The back!” I turned the card around and not sure if I ended up writing.

Then I was joyriding on a low motorcycle looking scooter through an older neighbourhood. There’s lots of green, big trees in the neighbourhood. I was riding like a pussy though going really slow but it was breezy day and you could feel and hear the breeze. All I could hear riding down the street even as the scooter was putt-puttingn, the breeze rustling through the leaves in the canopy of branches above. The joyride was great, so relaxing.

I went to my mom’s house to get something. I remember her not wanting me to leave so soon but I did anyway.

Dream 2:
This second dream happened after I attempted to do WILD again but definitely failed. There were no hypnagogic images at all, I just drifted into sleep.

I was waiting in a lunch room which looked like the common eating area on the Nebechenezzer in the Matrix. My boss-boss was beside me, I had a laptop open. Other coworkers were waiting in other areas of the room, chatting it up. Apparently we were waiting for something to be over like a fire drill or something.

I was typing away on the laptop between writing out my thought and msn-ing my bestie. I suddenly realized how anti-social I was being, so I shut the laptop and started chatting with my boss.

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