A Nap of Multiple Dreams

I’ve had a headache since I woke up today so instead of going to my sister’s and infecting her baby with whatever ails me, I popped a couple gel caps painkiller and had a little nappy time. Woke up a few times but I had dreams each time. This is parts of the 3 of 5 that I can remember. I’m noticing lately that I can remember most of a dream right up until the point when I am about to write it down.

Dreams 09.12.12
The first dream’s memory is hazy now that I try to record it. I know that most of it happened on a brightly lit subway/train platform that was quite futuristic looking. At the end of the dream, I chase an unknown man all dressed in white in a big white overcoat. I am about 500 feet behind him, his overcoat is just flying as he runs. The last I see of him, he dashed into a subway just when the doors are closing. The doors have a open window so just as the train pulls away, I manage to throw something through the window at him.

The second dream happens during a party that my mother is hosting but it’s not at her house. It is in some bar/clubhouse type of place. There was a narrow curvy, windy hallway. All the party rooms were to either side, separated from the hallway by floor to ceiling frosted glass, so as you walk down this hallway, you can see the rooms inside are brightly lit, sometimes you can see moving shadows from the people inside. The entire floor, so all the rooms were filled with guests that I knew, of family friends, etc. I knew all of them but i wasn’t really in a partying mood so I just stayed in the hallway.

There was a long table on one side of the already narrow hallway. A part of it had food and drinks and another part had a display of the various hand fans from my mom’s collection. She doesn’t actually have a serious fan collection in real life. I mean she does, kind of, I sort of started it by buying her a special one online. Then she bought a few other fashion accessory or costume ones. Anyway, side note, having a real hand fan collection of old, hand crafted or commemorative hand fans is something I’d like to have. So there were a few pieces on the table that were nice. She laid then out to show off her collection but I started to play with them and be all interactive with them. My whole god family, kids and all were in a took nearby. My godfather came out with a couple of his grandkids, the little girls. The girls were fascinated by the fans I was playing with, so I proceeded to show them the three really special ones.

One fan had thin pieces of pink quartz attached to the end of each fan blade. It was very light and somehow not easy to break. When you fan yourself with the quartz made a nice tinkling sound. I carefully laid that back on the table and moved on to the next. The next one was made of a shiny foily type of metal. I think along the fan structure, there were little clear crystals inlaid in straight lines. I picked up the third fan off the table to show the kids and now I can’t remember what this one looked like. I knew I chatted with my godfather a bit, not really sure about what. It probably had to do with fans and kids.

The third dream, I was living while traveling, in an all womens dormitory that was built inside a megamall. To access the dorm, you have to go through a door past where the washrooms are. The door comes out to a long hallway that leads outside but on one side there is a fountain area. On the other side is a wheelchair ramp. On one side of the wheelchair ramp, there was a hidden few steps and a doorway. Through there was the dormitory.

The dorm housed travelers, workers at the mall, students, etc. I was there with my mother, traveling but I was not with her all the time. Actually, I was trying not to be with her all the time. I talked to one of the tenants who was also kind of a caretaker there. She took me outside and showed me the fountain across the hallway. Homeless people had started to make their beds around it.

Now that I was up close to it, it became apparent that the space was designed with protruding platforms which looked like benches at first, but actually worked as individual bed pods with shelter from sun and rain. It was built to be a temporary sleeping place for 8 people comfortably. There was water, a little bit of light, some greenery, etc. I was really impressed that the architects had thought to design this space, implement it and no one opposed it. It made me feel good about the world to know that if I ever became homeless, other was some place I could go at the end of the day.

Anyway I went out for the day. When I returned it was night time. The hallway that led to the dormitory was no longer lit with light. I started to wonder is my mother had returned from her day’s travel. She would not feel comfortable coming back to the dormitory in the dark. I felt my way around the dark hallway until I found the wheelchair ramp and eventually the door. I pushed open the door and the light from inside spilled into the hallway. I ask around to see if anyone has seen my mother, I’m not sure what their responses were.


Wolves, Caves and Bright White Fog

Dream 05.16.12

I just arrived at a newly renovated old victorian style home with several other people, my crew. A little girl of 7 or 8 greeted us at the entrance, just in front of the stairs. She was plainly dressed in pale colored clothing. She took us on a tour of the house and we followed her everywhere.

We were in a place that was definitely underground, probably the basement except it was cave-like and there was snow, rock formations and ice. It was dark and dank. We were on one side of a rock formation that had two “outer” sides that rejoined on the other end from us. It had very thin narrow edges with a big snowy gap in the middle. The girl nimbly walked across one edge to the other side. She turned and just looked back at us, waiting. The male leader of our crew started on one ledge. He was tall with big feet and shoes. I started through the snowy middle and from my vantage point beneath him, I saw him very carefully shuffle along because he feet were much bigger than the ledge under them. He toes were overhanging the edge and I could see the soles of the shoes. I want to note that I didn’t recognize the male leader but I kept thinking of him like the douchey hosts of those ghost hunter shows.

Then suddenly I felt something crunch beneath my feet as I waded through the snowy middle, chest deep. Ice! Luckily the snow acted as a float to keep me from falling straight through the cracked ice. The male leader, although he was having a hard time not falling himself, reached out with both of his long arms towards me, I grabbed them and with the leverage of his heels against the ledge and his back against the rocks behind him, I was yanked right out of the snow onto the ledge beside him. I could see the girl smile even though I never glanced at her. Once on the ledge, it was easy for me and my small feet. So I walked across holding the leader’s hand to keep him balanced.

Wheb the whole crew reached the other side the girl waited for us in front of another set of stairs. These looked like they led back upstairs where a dim light could be seen. All surrounding the stairs, it was dark. We all approached the girl and when I was about a foot away, I see glowing eyes and a furried canine face jump at me. I hurled the wolf to the ground. The male leader of our crew pushed a camcorder in my hand telling me to document it as he wrestled the animal on the floor. When I had the camera ready, monitor panel flipped out, all framed up, the attacking wolf was gone.

We were startled, checked each other with quick glances to make sure everyone was okay. Then I looked over to check the little girl. Behind her sitting on the third step of the stairs was another wolf. It had bright white fur on its chest and face with black and grey fur everywhere else. This one just sat their looking at us calmly but still gaging our every move.

Then we were back upstairs at the entrance. The girl started to explain to us about everything that happened, how it was part of an old children’s book. She quoted something from it, I can’t quite remember. It was something about a pale girl, darkness and anxiety. It wasn’t really like that but that’s the feeling her quote provoked anyway.

Afterwards, I exited the house and was in a wide school hallway with lockers on both sides. I felt like I was riding on a bicycle, gliding forwards. Then everything around me became bright white as if I was gliding through fog. I could see indistinct sentences and equations floating faintly in mid-air. As I glided past them they floated upwards and faded to nothing. I was seeking something as I moved forward, trying to come out of the fog. If I only I found my way out I would have what I needed.

I could not tell if I was getting closer or not but there was a hopeful feeling to just keep on through the white fog. Then the alarm woke me up. For a little while when I closed my eyes again I could still see the white fog vision but it gradually faded away and I woke up to reality.

Dreams 04.02.12

I was following a small group of men to the back area of an industrial area – the persistent hum of heaters, dirty dumpsters, black pools of filthy oily water all around us – you get the idea. We were looking for something, not sure what. I was wearing a short black skirt, a white sports bra and sneakers, strange attire for the company of strange goony men and back alleys.

I split off from the group with 2 other men. We found 2 large metal doors, slightly ajar. We looked at each other and decided to go in. I said optimistically, “Maybe this is it!”

We swung the doors open wider, it was dark inside because of the contrast in bright sunlight outside. We had to adjust our eyes. Once we were in, we saw that it was just a small, oddly shaped space, like an empty garbage room because it wasn’t big enough or shaped in a way that would be useful for anything else. The walls were white but smears of something, probably garbage were all over the walls.

Obviously it wasn’t what we were looking for so we walked to the other side of the room to the open doors there that lead further into the building. I was leading the way and thought, might as well keep walking to see if we can find what we came for.

I think there may have been more before or after what I remember in the dream but I have no certainty about this at all.

Dreams 03.23.12

Dream 1:

A bunch of my friends from highschool were going to somewhere as a group, maybe a party. M (my ex), big E, J (my once arch nemesis) and my bestie were there for sure. The rest I’m not sure of.

We came upon a maze with 5 super narrow paths. Each of us went through one path.
When it didn’t seem to lead anywhere I jumped and climbed up to sit on a wall to look over the maze. My suspicions were confirmed, the maze had no exit. Somehow we made our way out and kept heading towards our destination.

One weird thing, it’s like everywhere we went was a set in a studio.

We came to an area with 2 circular stairways going up to landing with doors that led to other rooms. Some guy was up there hurling glass vases, globes at us. It was shattering everywhere and the ground was already covered with broken glass.

Then each of us ran past the arean dodging the glass objects bombing down around us. We all made it past but I don’t know if we made it to our destination.

Dream 2:
There may have been more to this dream but I just remember this scene. I am volunteering at an old folk’s home and I was cooking something in a pot on a hot pot stove and soup pot. I was fishing out bok choy out of of the boiling pot of water with long wooden chopsticks into a big bowl with noodles.

Dream 3:
This one happened in the morning when I had woken up about 8 in the morning then drifted back to sleep. I was making out on a balcony with df. It was bright, the sky was just white. It was very windy and my hair was down, whipping around our faces as we kissed. I was wearing a light linen dress that went down to my knees. Then he lifted me up onto the ledge and lowered me onto him. I remember being scared of falling off the balcony but he held on tightly as we continued with the makeout fuck.

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