Crank Up the Awesome

Dreams 09.15.12
I walked into a field of wheat with 2 old friends from film school. Both directed films I shot. Today in my dream, I was shooting a scene for a film they were collaborating on. We walked out into this field of wheat about waist high. At the edges of the field there were trees and shrubs. The colors of everything looked like it was fall time, the wheat was golden, the trees were mostly green with reds and oranges here and there.

The sun was behind us. It was beginning to set. Magic hour was upon us. Then suddenly I was the camera. It’s like someone cranked up the saturation and just dialed up the vividness. The sun was behind a cloud, coming out from behind it, shining brighter. I saw a mist falling down upon us from nowhere. All the colors became very bright but still harmonious and everything became a soft focus. I just remember thinking how amazingly beautiful everything had become and in my head, in the dream, I screamed “This is so awesome!”

The next part of the dream I can’t remember now. It’s been over 14 hours since I’ve had it. I believe I was in some kind of vacation cabin/resort…


Cabins and Clubs

Dreams 07.15.12

I was either in a cabin or a very 70s themed bachelor apart. It was L-shaped. There was a spiral designed shag rug, and modern fat base rocking chair, a lamp and some other furniture I can’t remember. Overall it was a pretty crowded room. Someone else was in there with me, sitting on a chair/bed, watching me while I moved the lamp around trying to find an unused outlight to plug into.

In another part of the dream, I remember being in a massive packed dancefloor in a club. I was weaving through, everyone else was bouncing in unison to whatever song was playing loudly over us. I think I was searching for a specific part of the dancefloor. Sometimes I could see myself moving again the people current from a bird’s eye view. I saw myself move towards the area I wanted, except there was a big green circular table there, like some gambling table. People were dancing right up against it. I wanted to climb on it to dance and look out over the crowd but for some reason did not.

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