Church Plane

Dreams 10.13.12
I was traveling on a plane with my family. Not sure where we were going exactly. I was sitting next to my mom. We were both looking at our respective tablets, her iPad and me with my Nexus 7. Our dinner trays were down and there were several sheets of papers and a pen lying on top.

Skip a bit of time and we were getting off the plane. We had come off the covered walkway and we were now waiting to go down a level to the main concourse, away from the gates. There was a huge backed up line to go down the escalator. So I turned right instead and just kept walking. My dad caught up beside me and asked where I was going. I continued to walk but turned to him on my right. Behind him I see a glass window which overlooked the level below, then across another glass window to the other side, a mirror image in design from where we were walking. I told my dad that there was nothing needed on that side of the store. Everything necessary can be found on this side and the wait should be shorter.

We reached a set of swinging doors into the back staircase area. All the walls here were beaming white. There was still a line up on the stairs but no where near as long or crowded as the escalators. People here also did single-file for the most part without completely blocking the way so I was able to walk down on their left to see if my mom was in line. I dodged and said sorry all the way down as I asked people politely to move or when I bumped into them. Then I was almost at the bottom, I could see the opened doors to the concourse area where the line came to an end. There was a small desk, behind it sat a customs official who was checking everyone’s papers one by one.

Suddenly I had a flash of an image of our documents being on the plane, stowed away with the tv tray with our notes and tablets. I ran back up the stairs knocking a few people over on the way, yelling apologies loudly.

I rushed back into the plane to our seats. When I kneeled down I suddenly realized all the seats were church pews. I was inside what appeared to be a church but I knew it was still a plane. It was contradictory but I ignored it. I kneeled in front of where we sat and started to organize and gather our documents, papers and tablets. Then a person who I can’t remember now but it was a male friend of my mom’s came up to me. He kneeled down beside me and said, “I forgot our stuff too.” Something to that effect. Then he just went away. I continued making a neat pile of our things as quickly as possible. In my head I was frantic, wondering where my mother had gone, how did she, how did we forget our documents? Something didn’t make sense. Was there a time lapse? Something just didn’t seem logical.

There may have been more before what I wrote and after this last bit but can’t recall now.


Dreams 04.01.12

Dream 1:
I was leaving a tiny one room bachelor apartment, on the way somewhere with my mom. The walls were a vibrant blue-green (happier color than teal) with thick white trim around doors and floor. I wanted to wear these ivory mesh platform espadrilles trimmed with orange frills at the ankle but knew that I had to “work” where I was going and they would probably not be practical, or would hurt after a while. So I started to put on flats that were my mom’s.

She had already left, waiting for the elevator, literally waiting for me to slip shoes on to join her. I think I put on a pair of pink rubbery flats and she poked her head in and started yelling at me. Then I tried some flats that had blue carpet bag material, with little pink flowers and she yells at me for wearing those too. Then she said why don’t you wear your sister’s shoes? Over there!

I looked over at all the shoes on the floor, most were pretty flats or sexy heels. I couldn’t see what she was talking about. Then she said, under there! I looked again and saw a pair of old, frayed, black slip-on canvas (rockabilly style) oxfords with thick white rubber soles. They really didn’t look like they belonged to my sister. I don’t know why but I completely freaked out on her after that saying, “Really? These are what you want me to wear? They are so ugly, so un-feminine, so old and worn!” I was really yelling but I knew they would be comfortable for when I worked and walked everywhere that day but they definitely did not match my outfit.

Dream 2:
I was getting ready to veg and watch something on tv with roommate. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon. Sunlight was flooding through the windows. I sat on the side of couch facing our kitchen and as roommate stood up from putting a disc into the game consoles, I asked him, stuttering a bit at first, then straight to the point, “Do YOU think you have an addiction problem that needs to be fixed?”

Dream 3:
I was a PA on a production, but I was sitting by the sound cart. The scene took place in a wreck of a building with very tall ceilings. A group of people had gathered in it. They were all facing one direction as if in a church. Beyond them was just very bright. I don’t think it was a cult but it had a religious gathering feel to it.

Then they called “action” and it began. The group started to sing in unison, a song that sounded very folksy but hymn-like. When the take started, I flipped a switch on the sound cart to begin recording. The sound assistant next to me was keeping watch as well. I could see the levels on the indicator, little red LED lights flickering with the hymn. I thought we we were peaking too much at some points but was afraid to touch anything.

When the take was over, the sound assistant was unsure if it was a good take for sound. He seemed to think we didn’t really get it, that the levels were too low. There was a short discussion between the SA and 1st AD as the rest of the crew packed up to move to the next set. I was grabbing the pieces of the boom pole to set up for the next scene.

The next set took place in a theatre. There were no seats, just a bunch of steps that led down to the “stage”, which was not raised. Whatever area was at the bottom of the stairs WAS the stage. The sound cart was at the top of the steps, hidden away to the left side. The very fat sound recordist was already set up there, a boom in hand so it looked like mine was not needed.

Anyways, the scene had been lit and the ADs were bringing in about 10 extras. They were placed randomly along the steps and they were to stand, watching something happening on the stage below. I was twiddling my thumbs waiting and looking for an opportunity to do something when one of the ADs came to me and asked me to be an extra extra. I shrugged my shoulders and followed him to the 3rd level of steps.

Shortly after the scene started to play out. There was loud music playing and 2 male characters were on the stage, knuckles up, throwing wild punches at each other. The extras in the audience cheered on over the music. Although I should’ve bee standing in one spot pretending to cheer, I felt my vision move as if I the camera moving on a dolly, flowing behind the crowd, past their backs, slowly zooming down through their silhouettes to the main action of the fight.

Dreams 03.07.12

I can’t quite remember the beginning of the dream but I remember waiting in a big church. My husband was somewhere in the church too but I didn’t see him nor was I looking for him.

I just walked around but knew I wasn’t supposed to leave. Then mass was starting so I tried to “blend” in with the crowd except there were just small pockets of people sitting in the pews. So I walked up to the front to the right side of the altar, looking for a place to hide.

This was a really big church, lot of sunlight pouring in from the ceiling. Most if not all the patrons were Chinese. Behind the altar was a humongous statue of the Pieta. So I thought there should’ve been places to hide behind the altar. However there were a few confession rooms and no place to sit. I ended up sitting on a folding chair directly beside the statue facing the crowd. Basically the least hidden spot ever.

After that I went to a mall or something with my dear friend. He had a doctor’s appointment. We split up and I went into what could only be described as a haberdashery. They sold buttons, pieces of “software” to add to clothing, leather pieces, extra bra hooks, velcro stuff, etc. I was at a wall of them looking at bra hooks and loops, just browsing.

Then Patton Oswalt but he looked different, who is supposed to be a family friend came up to me. Apparently I was at the mall, supposed to catch a ride from him home. But I didn’t want to go with him. I’d rather wait for my friend to finish so he could drive me home. I tried to hint to Patton that I was cool, I had a ride, just waiting for my friend but he just kinda waited and said alright cool we’ll wait for your friend and see what happens. So that kind of became awkward.

Then I think I woke up…

Therefore last night’s intention sorta failed. No convo with myself. Try again tonight though.

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