Scavenger Hunt

I was a part of a scavenger hunt that took place in the midst of a colorful market place. There were stalls and tents everywhere, unmanned, but the alleyways were narrow. There was a big group playing the game and honestly I’ve forgotten most of the dream. Husband and I were on the same team but we had somehow split up during the game.

I was feeling good hunting for items and just soaring high on an adrenaline rush as I dashed throughout the market. When I was almost done with the list, I see husband in the distance turning a corner. I ran away in the opposite direction to hide. I wanted to be far away from him. I ducked into a tent and climbed into the bottom shelf oif a stainless steel metal shelf which was covered by a pink table cloth. I wait, holding my breath. I didn’t stay there for long before I was discovered anyway. Husband lifted the table cloth and I hated to see the look of sadness in his face and the disappointment that I would actually hide from him.


Sleepovers, Shower Stalls, Sets, Speeches & Signals

Got about 5 full hours sleep last night and pretty sure I had 3 dreams and woke up at least twice. After the last dream, I did at one point remember everything but when I started to replay the details of the 3rd dream to myself, everything from dreams 1 and 2 disappeared. And then I snoozed and a lot of the beginning of dream 3 melted away as well.

Dreams 09.19.12
Furthest thing back in this dream that I can remember. I was in a highschool or university hallway. It was packed shoulder to shoulder with students and it was in the middle of the night. This was an event that happened once a year at Halloween where all the dorm rooms were open to strangers who would gather and party all night. The whole event ended in an assembly in the auditorium. I was waiting with the rest of the herd with a friend. He was brown, not df, actually he isn’t anyone I know irl, just a random element in my imagination. We looked at each other in anticipation and reached out and gave each other a hand squeeze. Then “they” fire the starting fun and the herd was let out down hallway. We spilled into the empty rooms, jamming in wherever possible.

My friend and I was pushed along with the herd into a room that had about 12 gym room shower sized stalls on each side. Actually each stall was also tiled like a shower stall. We actually were not able to nab a stall in this room so we slowly made our way out back into the main hall in search of another space to lay low for the night.

There’s a big chunk of the dream missing here. I’m not entirely sure if we found another room. I just know that later on, I snuck back into this same shower stall room, looked around to make sure no one was awake and went into the first stall on the left when you enter the room. The stall had someone else’s belongings on the floor. I recognized it as belonging to someone who had been extremely rude to us earlier. I lifted up my skirt, opened my legs and just pissed on their pile of belongings for revenge.

After that I remember myself in the POV of a camera on a dolly, tracking 2 people walking alongside a pedestrian street, in front of a bunch of interesting and colorful shops, restaurants and cafes. We were weaving through pedestrians walking in the opposite direction as the two people walking wove through the opposing throngs as well. I remember really liking the shot as it was very dynamic and interesting but also very casual at the same time.

Later, in a more static POV, one of the walking people depart. The remaining person walks under some sort of canopy so she is in the shade. Eliza Dushku dressed in a red sequined blazer and black mini skirt and black pumps come up behind her. The first girl turns around, greeting her excitedly. Eliza puts up her hands to show the first girl her fresh manicure, gleefully exclaims how happy she is with the color, the sparkle, etc. She was waving her hands in front of her chest and almost jumping for joy the way girls sometimes do when they are excited. From that, I understood somehow that I was in the middle of a movie set and we were just waiting for the next set up.

After that there’s another bit missing. I remember walking in the auditorium, all setup with round tables. People were seated but their attention was focused up on the stage. I walked with either my brown friend or somebody else and approached a table near the front. Someone there was about to go up on stage to make a speech but we had information for him to stop him or hopefully convince him to change the content of his speech. We went up to the table and the person we should’ve talked to stood up to adjust his clothes before going on stage. We were too late. Then I saw from the POV of the stage the person standing, looking up towards the stage. It was a much younger Clint Eastwood. I could see myself and the other person trying to inconspicuously go up to his table. Then I saw Clint walk away from the table to go on stage and me and the other guy JUST made it to the table. We were too late.

The last scene from this dream took place in the toy cars and model robots section of a toystore. All the boxes were stacked high. I was walking down one aisle, trying to be inconspicuous again, noticing a lot of big name products on display that were very intricately made and very cool. I was trying to sneak closer to two people fighting on the other side of a tower of display boxes, stacked about 2 meters high. When I was close to the boxes that blocked my way, I ducked down so I wouldn’t be seen.

In the aisle to my right, other members of my team were coming closer. We were supposed to sneak up and stop the fight and apprehend the two people involved. I was supposed to get a closer look and give the signal as to when they should move in. I don’t know what the two people were arguing about but the argument was becoming heated and they started to push each other around a bit. I looked behind me to the next aisle and made eye contact with my ex (highschool bf) to communicate that the time was almost right. He looked to his right to the squad leader who was also someone I knew but can’t recall right now. Then the pushing and shoving became more violent and I was just about to wave the signal for the team to go in when I woke up.

Crank Up the Awesome

Dreams 09.15.12
I walked into a field of wheat with 2 old friends from film school. Both directed films I shot. Today in my dream, I was shooting a scene for a film they were collaborating on. We walked out into this field of wheat about waist high. At the edges of the field there were trees and shrubs. The colors of everything looked like it was fall time, the wheat was golden, the trees were mostly green with reds and oranges here and there.

The sun was behind us. It was beginning to set. Magic hour was upon us. Then suddenly I was the camera. It’s like someone cranked up the saturation and just dialed up the vividness. The sun was behind a cloud, coming out from behind it, shining brighter. I saw a mist falling down upon us from nowhere. All the colors became very bright but still harmonious and everything became a soft focus. I just remember thinking how amazingly beautiful everything had become and in my head, in the dream, I screamed “This is so awesome!”

The next part of the dream I can’t remember now. It’s been over 14 hours since I’ve had it. I believe I was in some kind of vacation cabin/resort…

Colorful Vacation and Shopping

Dream 05.04.12
I was on vacation, along with my husband, df, my mom and uncle (her boyfriend). The dynamic was strange because even though we all went together, I was still not supposed to talk to df. He and my husband were talking and interacting with each other as friends. It’d be okay to talk to my parents and it was okay for me to talk to my husband obviously but there was an obvious schism.

We were all piled into an american luxury sedan (not sure why because I don’t know the brand/model but I knew this is how I would describe this). It was a rental. My mom was driving and my uncle was in the passenger seat. I was in the left rear passenger seat, husband in the middle, df in the right. As we were driving along, the semi tropical landscape rolled by. Palm trees, houses and apartment buildings with colorful walls and roofs went by. It was a festive looking country and I didn’t talk, just enjoyed the scenery.

The car was slowing down and we were entering an open air market area. There were indigenous crafts, flowers and food for sale. The stalls were draped with colorful linen sashes, so light that the breeze just lifted them lightly and they bobbed in the wind. I think I could also see locals and vendors milling about getting things ready. It was still early in the morning so the market was still very empty but there was this distinct feeling of hope, anticipation, soon-to-be hecticness and calm before the storm kind of feeling in the market’s aura. All this I felt as our car passed by it.

Then just a little further down the road in an area with cute little 3 story condos, me, husband and df got out of the car. My parents were just dropping us off. We started walking away back towards the market but my mom called me back to the car to say something. Whatever she said wasn’t important but I just remember this next strange part. As I was walking away from the car towards where husband and df stood, as her car was driving off, my walk was not outrunning the shadow of her car. This is hard to explain but her car and I were going in opposite directions so how could I possibly NOT outrun/walk the car’s shadow? Eventually I did but from the distance between me the car and the guys, that was the weird thing that happened.

Next part that I can remember, the 3 of us and my parents went into an indoor mall. The tinted skylight windows cast a blue-ish green light all over the inside. The floor was tiled in a reddish clay colored tile in a circular and fanning arcs design. The 3 of us were just roaming about. Husband suggested we go into this vintage clothing store, but it was obvious that it was only because he thought it was the type of place I would like even though I had said nothing but sure I was interested enough to browse.

Right at the entrance a black girl blocked the doorway because she was looking at a rack very close to the door. We almost bumped right into her back so I was right up close. She was wearing a fitted cropped short sleeved hoodie. The fabric was made from a re-purposed kid’s spiderman sweatshirt. I actually thought it was really cool. Husband didn’t say anything but gave a subtle disapproving look.

We walked inside the store, I walked ahead. The aisles were narrow so you can’t actually walk side by side. Inside the store, I walked into another room with racks and clothing. I picked up a fuchsia colored tank top that had rusching, a braided fabric part and kinda drapy and considered trying it on. Then I felt something brush my arm, a nice, gentle and supportive gesture, always saying “yes try it on.” I turned around and it was df. My husband was further behind, looking around bored.

Then we exited the store through this room and we saw my mom and uncle walking along, browsing the stores. They weren’t walking together hand in hand but were enjoying themselves browsing.

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