Cottage Party

Dreams 04.13.12

Roommate and I are preparing brunch on the kitchen table at my old house. He was chopping something and I was grilling perch fillets on a panini press. We were going to eat and then go somewhere.

The doorbell rang, I ran to open the door and the I remember seeing at the table was that my perch was starting to burn. At the door, my mom and her bf were there. I was surprised because they were picking me up to drive me somewhere except I did not expect them so early. I told them to hold tight so I can get my shit together. I went upstairs to my room and started to put things in a bag. Shortly after though I noticed myself slowing down the packing, procrastinating and I knew I was making them wait. I felt a bit bad but didn’t actually hurry up.

After that I remember roommate and I arriving at a party. It must’ve been at a cottage or something. It was the kind of party where everyone had brought duffle bags and sleeping bags because as soon as we walked in the door, the front room was piled high with bags. We added our luggage to the pile and then my friend VN n her sister walked in the door. They had arrived already before but were just returning for a walk. They looked at me and non-verbally we communicated “We’ll see you in a bit to blaze.”

Then I was in a darker room with 2 queen sized beds, one in each corner. A chair was in between them, facing a TV on a 3 drawer cabinet. I was sitting in the chair with somebody’s 3 or 4 year old kid watching a cartoon on TV. The kid was talking to me, to the cartoon characters, to the TV. He was supposed to go to bed after he finishes his show. I loved having him bouncing around in my lap talking his baby talk. After the cartoon was over, he kept asking me if he could watch more. I looked at the other two people in the room who were chilling and unpacking on the beds. The consensus was basically that the parent wasn’t back yet so let the kid do what he wants and get tired, etc. So I waved at my hand at the TV, which wasn’t big but it had some kind of Kinect typed sensor control, to select another program.

Then the parent poked their head in the doorway and called the kid’s name. The kid ran to the parent. I was a bit saddened not to have him on my knee anymore.

Then another friend came in. Now suddenly I feel like I am in the consciousness of another girl or I was watching it. Whoever came in the room came in with a bottle of wine and an oversized wine glass and it took the entire bottle of wine leaving only about half an inch at to the top. The glass was passed to me/girl and “we” just glug-glug-glugged it down and got completely trashed. Then I remember the person who brought the wine smacking me/girl across the face to snap me out of it. I sobered up a bit and then the intention of the rest of the people in room, including me was to go smoke some weed.

We arrived in another room which looked kind of like a teacher’s office in japanese dramas. (LOL, very specific I know) Immediate to the left of the entrance was a bank of filing cabinets and papers. So everything beyond them in that room was initially obscured from my view. We continued to walk straight, then turned left around the cabinets. There were a few tables with food set up. People were sitting around them interacting. Some recognizable faces were there, Irish for example as well as DF.

As soon as I recognized DF, even before I walked close to the table, we gave each other a silent nod hello. I smiled happily at him. I was so pleasantly surprised to see him. It’s been so long. The seat at the end of the table beside him was empty and I approached it but we still didn’t say anything to each other because no one else in the circle of friends know anything.

After that I woke up at 5:30am in the morning because the dog wanted to go outside. When I went back to upstairs to bed, there was only about 50 minutes before my first alarm would ring. I tried to go back to bed to see if I could dream some more, hopefully more about DF in truth. I think my mind did wander and “dream” without actually falling asleep but I was too tired, I can’t remember any of it.


Dreams 03.23.12

Dream 1:

A bunch of my friends from highschool were going to somewhere as a group, maybe a party. M (my ex), big E, J (my once arch nemesis) and my bestie were there for sure. The rest I’m not sure of.

We came upon a maze with 5 super narrow paths. Each of us went through one path.
When it didn’t seem to lead anywhere I jumped and climbed up to sit on a wall to look over the maze. My suspicions were confirmed, the maze had no exit. Somehow we made our way out and kept heading towards our destination.

One weird thing, it’s like everywhere we went was a set in a studio.

We came to an area with 2 circular stairways going up to landing with doors that led to other rooms. Some guy was up there hurling glass vases, globes at us. It was shattering everywhere and the ground was already covered with broken glass.

Then each of us ran past the arean dodging the glass objects bombing down around us. We all made it past but I don’t know if we made it to our destination.

Dream 2:
There may have been more to this dream but I just remember this scene. I am volunteering at an old folk’s home and I was cooking something in a pot on a hot pot stove and soup pot. I was fishing out bok choy out of of the boiling pot of water with long wooden chopsticks into a big bowl with noodles.

Dream 3:
This one happened in the morning when I had woken up about 8 in the morning then drifted back to sleep. I was making out on a balcony with df. It was bright, the sky was just white. It was very windy and my hair was down, whipping around our faces as we kissed. I was wearing a light linen dress that went down to my knees. Then he lifted me up onto the ledge and lowered me onto him. I remember being scared of falling off the balcony but he held on tightly as we continued with the makeout fuck.

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