A Cottage Filled with Meat

Dreams 08.05.12

In my old bedroom at mom’s house looking out window, watching rm and df move things into a car. Rm is moving out. I wanted to go out to say goodbye but husband comes up behind me. Then he goes out to help. I am hurting inside, as friends go away and I am left behind unable to reach out or make contact. I wished I could go with them.

Another part of dream, I am in a house or cottage, lots of friends there. There is freshly hunted, cleaned, game meat lying all over the floor. Everywhere your eye can see, there is meat. You can’t really walk but it wasn’t bloody. I look at my friend and have a conversation, telling him I am supposed to go out somewhere to meet someone, Not sure who or where. Df walks in just as husband walks out. I was happy to see and be talking to df but asked where husband went, is everything cool with them. He said yes but husband just had to go out to deal with someone. I was relieved to know things were better between them, that I could talk to df but still a bit sad because we can’t be together.

Then I remember sitting in the passenger seat with husband driving as we head towards our destination. We are driving crazily on these back country roads, making sharp zig-zaggy turns, skidding, drifting, as if we were being chased. I don’t know what happened after that, I just remember seeing lots of dust and many times you could barely see what’s in front of the car.


An Unattended Protest

Dreams 06.13.12
More jumbled dreams but at least I am not drawing a complete blank today. When I woke up, all I remembered was the word “protest”. Although all the events I can recall don’t seem to have anything to do with the word.

Husband and I are at a cottage with Mr. JR (NOT the JR of a previous dream whom I was very sexually attracted to), a friend who recently broke up with his long distance gf. We were trying to sleep in a room that was actually the same as our bedroom when I hear a knock and a whistle at the door. JR is trying to get our attention to see if anyone wanted to join him for a cigarette. I felt a little bad for him even though he was taking the breakup quite well. I got up to join him. I also wanted to ask him to join me at a concert.

Next thing I remember, we are supposed to go someplace with a lot of people. This may be related to the “protest” part. However, when we got there the streets were empty. I recall seeing lots and lots of grey concrete.

Then I was hanging out by a car in the parking lot of a park during daytime with JM and husband. He was kind of just there but not really. The car doors were all open and we just let the breeze flow through. I was saying to JM how there were tennis rackets in the trunk because I didn’t want them to get wrecked in the house since there wasn’t a good place to store them. She reached into the back and grabbed an old tennis ball, tossing it up and down trying to entice me to play. I could see that the rubber was old, there was hardly any bounce, not even a proper thud when it landed in her hand each time she tossed it. Also I worried that the strings on the rackets were too old as well. Impact from a ball would likely go right through the strings.

However, she convinced me in the end and we went to play in the park. We didn’t play in a tennis court, just in a field and partially on a paved area. The way we played, it was just like playing catch but with rackets and ball. We were just lobbing it towards the other person who stood at the opposite end of the field. Husband and I were on the same side, the one that was half on grass, half on pavement. I remember chasing after the ball a few times when I missed bouncing it back off the racket. It rolled on the pavement and I had to weave through all the other people who had suddenly appeared, just milling about it seemed, to block my way.

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