Left Behind on a Bank of Muddy Waters

Dreams 10.20.12
I was about to go on work/personal trip to HK, planning it last minute because the deciding factors for the trip had only just stabilized. I knew that 6 other friends were going to the same destination but all in hotels in different parts of town. They all had arrangements of 2 and 2.

I knew one pair was jr and df. I mulled over which of the groups to call and ultimately knew it would be them because I’d feel most comfortable and less imposing. The others were a bunch of girls, who are nice but well, I have a hard time being comfortable around most women. When I called, I called jr’s number and hesitantly left a voicemail to ask if I could sleep on the floor or have a room in the apartment they were going to stay at.

Then I was at the destination which wasn’t like HK at all. It was very jungle-like and tropical. I was at the edge of a rushing river where the road just ended suddenly. I was stuck, unable to cross and I could see my friends floating off in their car/hover boat. I was left behind and stood on my own. The wind was blowing really strong through the trees on both sides of the river. The rushing river was a muddy brown.

Then I was at work in md’s office. It was a small room that was perfectly cube shaped. Her desk faced the door, so wide there was only maybe 2 feet on each side before the wall. The side of the cubic room behind the desk was one big solid sheet of glass window that looked out to the cityscape. It must’ve been just past dusk, the sky was a dark grey/blue. Seeing the building out there, the skyscraper, including the one we were in, must’ve been really tall. We were very high, at least about 30 floors up.

She calls a client on speaker phone while I had my notebook in front of me, read to take notes. She tells the client that it was awkward to have this conversation, to which the client agreed. I casually got up and closed the door and just sat back down taking notes, head down. Md sings praises about me for closing door, that they should feel more assured now the conversation was more private. She gave me an assuring and grateful smile and I returned the sentiment with a smile of my own.


Dark Mirrors and Vomit in the Corner

Today’s recall is pretty bad. My dog must have some kind of bug so she woke me up three times between 1 to 7am to go do her business. I may need to take her to the vet tomorrow…

Dreams 08.28.12
This one, I remembering wandering around in a dark house. There really isn’t much detail. I think I was aware that other people should be in this house as well but I did not see them. I remember walking up to a mirror, seeing my own image but something in me automatically said out loud, “You are dreaming, you are dreaming, do a reality check!” I can’t remember what reality check I actually did, usually I look at my hands. So for a very short period I was lucid, semi in control of this dream. It wasn’t even like last time where there were things happening, changing, shifting constantly. It wasn’t like grasping a handful of sand at all.

This time was more like being teleported into a solid rock where you are fully aware of being there yet nothing is happening and probably nothing else is going to happen. I was in a dark grey room, in front of a mirror. That was all. I was once again unprepared to do what I want to achieve with lucid dreaming. I totally forgot my objective, just kind of blanked out. So then I tried to summon a familiar, safe thing (ie. df) but it’s been so long, guess he isn’t so familiar anymore. The thought was so intangible, absolutely nothing happened. Then I don’t know what came next and I woke up for the first time in the night.

In the second dream, I kind of had a false awakening except I was obviously not in my room at my mom’s house, not in the basement. It was brighter. I looked down to the left side of the bed, in the corner. I could see one of the dog’s rope toys and bits of doggy vomit. Then I vaguely recall the whiney guy from work cursing about the vomit…and in the dream I was just about to get up to clean it up. Then woke up to the dog’s whining in real life and let her outside again. Also somewhere in this dream, I saw a blue, rubbery hollowed out cube with shapes cut out on the sides. It was either a dog’s or kid’s toy.

After that there was only an hour and a half left before I was supposed to get up for work. I thought maybe I could try to chain myself back into that first dream with the dark room, since for some reason, it was somewhat fresh in my mind. But it didn’t really work and I don’t think I dreamed at all this third cycle because the dog woke me half an hour before alarm time.

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