The Blue Room

Dreams 07.09.12

There were four of us: me, bff, ED and roommate. We just walked into a party, weaving through the crowd, walking hand in hand in a dank underground club. All walls were painted a deep blue like the color of roommate’s room. The place was packed and everyone were definitely crazy high on something. We wove around one group of people and just as I was passing them, a girl collapsed on the floor. I paused and looked back, wanting to help. ED was in front of me and he squeezed by my hand tugging at it. I looked at him and without saying a work he was telling me to just keep going. I hesitated and looked back again. Some people had crouched around her and she was just pushing herself off the ground. Seeing her awake, I felt relieved so moved on.

Then we walked into another room from the hallway, it’s still all blue. There was a small bar counter in the middle of the room. There were crows of people all around. We walked up to the bar. ED asked the bartender for a mixed drink. The bartender started to put ice and in drink, then got distracted and walked away to go get/fix something behind up. Then ED hurried behind the bar and started free pouring into his glass. I knew we were basically stealing and I shot him a panicked look. He didn’t seem to notice as he worked quickly, unscrewing a tonic water bottle with his other hand, almost spilling it. bff lent a hand and held the bottle down for him. The bartender was returning.  I looked back towards where he was. He passed under a TV mounted in the ceiling playing some show or movie that had Christopher Lloyd and Hayden Pannetiere. My eyes darted to the TV briefly and saw that it was some horror/slasher movie. I turned back towards the bar and gave my friends a look to alert them. They quickly tried to put everything back the way it was but ED dropped a bottle cap into anther bottle.

The bartender returned, back to his position behind the bar as if he’d never left at all and continued mixing a drink. I just turned away from the situation and looked at the ceiling mounted TV. I became engrossed in the action on TV. There was a lot of blood.  I just remember a scene where Hayden Pannetiere was all bloody, she was crouching then struggling to push herself up. There was a close-up of her face as she got up, she was looking upwards, at something. There was a shot of Christopher Lloyd watching her and whatever she was looking at. Then back to Hayden still watching this thing, not quite terrified at this thing but definitely stopped in her tracks as if she didn’t know whether to run or fight.


Car Explosions with Last Chance Coffee

Dreams 04.11.12

I was driving along the highway in a tall dark Jeep. It was a bright day and the highway wasn’t too busy. A car is pulled over on the right side. I think it may have been an old looking, boxy blue car from the 80s. I slowed down behind it and pulled over just to the right of it, real close.

A white car was also on the side of the road in front of us, as if it had spun off the road into the ditch, the front end was facing the road diagonally towards us. I got out of the Jeep and so did the driver in the blue car, it was my husband. We walked towards the white car and stop about 80-100 feet away from it. He must’ve had a trigger of some sort on him because the white car just blew up into flames and a big fireball shot left past us. He told me to move the cars forward a bit and we both got into our cars to do so. Then we stood in front to stare at the white car again. When the trigger went off this time, the car burst into flames and the fireball that shot out came really close to hitting us.

My husband looked at me and told me with his eyes to back the car up to a further distance. I climbed back into the Jeep which did not have great rear visibility. I reversed along the highway for the most part without trouble, until I reached 2 rows of parked cars blocking the road. I stopped before the cars but decided to back up a little bit more. The problem was I floored it too much and backed up over a couple cars. When I realized I had done this, I drove forward over them again and stopped just in front of them.

I got out of the car and to the right of me was some kind of construction lattice thing that led back to the city. It was a meshy structure and inside was a flight of stairs. I was sort of trying to be covert about it because I could see a group of Asian kids walking up and heading towards the city, but I did not want them to know I was behind them. When I got to the to of the stairs, a maid came out of nowhere. She started asking me what dinner she should make, that she would head back before me to start it. She gave me two options. I remember thinking, I don’t know what I wanted for food. It really didn’t matter and she should really ask my husband. I never gave her an answer but she headed back before me anyway.

Then I remember walking downstairs toward a subway station, there was 5 minutes before I had to arrive at a place where I would be taking an exam. I could literally see the train arriving on the platform if I just hurry. However I stopped just before the turnstile and had a “vision”, thought about how awesome it would be to have a coffee and a breakfast sandwich while I was taking the exam. They would allow that, I think. So with such little time left, I turned around to go back up to the concourse area.

I was looking for a Tim Horton’s but what I really wanted in the breakfast sandwich was some greasy meat. I see a fastfood stand with a long line up so I stood in line. Surprisingly it went really fast. When I got to the front, I didn’t even have to ask for what I wanted, they just knew. The girl behind the counter handed me a wrapped up sandwich and a coffee and I was on my way.

Then I was outside what looked like the building of the Union Train Station – it was old. I was smoking outside with a group of people who were friends/co-workers (nobody recognizable). Then a group of 4 cops walk by behind us. One of them steps between me and the guy to my left, to grab the friend directly in front of me who had just tossed a cigarette butt on the ground. He told her that she is being issued a ticket and would have to attend an environment awareness course. I turned around and started explaining to these cops, who were very very tall like 7 feet tall so I was speaking to them with my neck all the way back, that it was unfair for them to do this. I had to go to a course like previously and it’s our employer’s fault for not providing proper ash buckets. They didn’t really seem to care.

Then it was time to go inside to the stadium where a high level exec was scheduled to give a presentation. I was a bit late walking in the stadium but the presentation seemed to be delayed. The stadium was extremely steep. I tried to make my way down to the 1st tier because that’s where I was supposed to sit. However, the steps were so steep and the 1st tier was so far that I felt like I was 100 stories up from where I needed to be. I looked around and saw some other familiar co-workers so decided I would just sit up here. I walked down a few steps, down the super narrow aisle, bumping people against the shoulders as I did and they seemed annoyed with me. Then I finally found a seat.

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