The Treadmill Bubble and Cocky Boarder

Dreams 11.07.12
It was a rainy, wet day and I was driving along a road. It wasn’t quite in the city but definitely not in the countryside either. I suppose it was more of a suburban street.
There was a bend in the road up ahead that led into a round tunnel, under a bridge. The cars in front of me were a little backed up. Many began to signal to get into the fast lane. There must be some obstruction ahead, I thought to myself.

As I approached the “obstruction” it was a slow moving, clear bubble of some sort. There was a thick metal/machinery band around the middle and there was something, rotating and tilting upright on the inside. As I was just coming up behind the bubble, the tilting inside it had finally gotten to a position where I could recognize its form. There was a blond ponytailed woman running on a treadmill inside. The metal machinery on the outside of the bubble was a way for her to transfer the energy from the treadmill to cause the outside bubble to roll.

I understood right away. It’s a new kind of transportation, one that I had not seen with my own eyes so I felt a sense of novelty as I passed her. Since she was going so slow, she seems to be apologetic to all the passing cars.

Then I was at the water’s edge, near a “dock” area where there was a hill, retained by a concrete wall with 3 sides, each sides’ top edge sloping down to the next wall until it reached the water’s surface. I was at the top of this hill with a gathering of about 50 other people, all focusing our attentions on the doc wall with 3 sides, looking down.

Then there appeared an athlete in a speedo, swim cap near the top of the hill. He had what looked like a snowboard (but I knew it wasn’t) in one arm. He looked over at the crowd (who cheered) waved (the crowd cheered more) then looked down at the 3 walls, sizing it up. Then he laid down his board on the top edge, had one foot to keep it in place, took a breath then jumped on. The momento of the small push he gave himself propelled him dow one side of the wall. Then he rounded one corner and the board flew off to one side. He slipped off to one side as well and instead of allowing himself to fall into the water, he grabbed on to the retaining wall, fingers only so he was dangling. He used all his strength to pull himself up with his fingers, then arms. It was painful to see him struggle and nobody helped him and awkward to watch him climb up, one leg thrown over the edge at a time while in his swim cap and speedo.

Then another boarder arrived walking up the hill, past the previous one still struggling to get back on land. The crowd cheered. The new boarder did not take notice of the previous guy at all. He confidently walked to the top of the hill. Then I saw a mini montage of this guy in a snowboard/skater stye video, backlit against a snow covered hill, sun and blue sky behind him. He jumped in the air doing some trick, then he was just speeding down the hill, white powder behind him. Anyway it was a short little montage.

Then I’m pretty sure it happened, he very easily, swiftly, without making a fuss, stepped on the board, whooshed down and went kerplunk into the water. It was so fast I’m not even really sure it happened. Then there was a whole other part to the dream but I’ve forgotten it all.


TouchCar Racing

Dream 05.18.12

I was walking with roommate to the car to catch a ride. We get into sports car and I expected him to drive at first but I ended up driving instead. The car was controlled by an ipod touch type of device, which used the gyro sensor and touch gestures to turn the actual vehicle. From inside the car, it looked like we were on a really crazy racetrack and I missed most of the turns skidding of the track at all the sharp turns. We finally arrived at our destination after a harrowing few laps around the track.

Then I was in a big mall with tall ceilings, big skylights, etc. It’s always like that in my dreams. I was with a bunch of coworkers going somewhere, walking. We walked through an empty closed foodcourt.

Then we were outside and it started drizzling. Boss n boss’ boss walked ahead of us. They opened a big black golf umbrella. I was behind them walking with the tall blond publisher AW and the shorter web producer now turned contractor KR. I offered them my little folding umbrella because my jacket had a hood. They politely refused so I opened it up for them. KR was jumping to get under the umbrella radius so I handed it off to her. The blonde said it’s not actually that bad as I pulled up the hood. Then the droplets of rain became bigger.

In another part or another dream, I was at some a really big party. Not much that I can remember from it. At one point I may have been on the floor, still inebriated, struggling to sit or get up because I was so weak. In another part of the party dream, I walked by my sister smoking on the front porch. She doesn’t smoke IRL.


I was playing a top down video game, an action-rpg but I felt directly connected to main character. it was 8 bit. I was a spearwife/huntress against a all green grass area, roaming and looking for animals to hunt. The object of the game was to hunt either dinosaur or lions, big game. I was wandering for some time and couldn’t find anything. Then my game playmate who was sitting beside me in a car suggested that I drive elsewhere.

We were at the top floor of a parking garage. I drove and turned many tight corners. I didn’t know where I was going so was lost. I kept driving down the levels while wandering in the car.
We almost turned down a ramp going the wrong way and I had to back up and turn around. Finally, we made our way back to the top level.

Then it was back to the top down mode of the game. This time I got lucky and I slayed a bear or some other big game.
Then I went on and killed everything in sight: rabbits, fish, cats, stuff that was small and weren’t worth a lot of points or gold.

Next I was in a building all made of concrete on the second or third floor. the building had no walls so going to the edge of a floor meant you could just fall off. I approached a cart covered in a white plastic sheet that was wavering by the breeze. In front of it on the floor were Legos or some other small toys. I either yanked the sheet or kicked the cart to try to reveal what was hidden from sight.

I don’t remember what happened after that.

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