Backroom Puzzles

Dreams 04.08.12

There are 2 elements from this dream that occured before the rest that I am logging here. I managed to only remember those 2 elements this morning. Then suddenly I remembered the rest and for about 5 minutes I had it all in my head. A quick walk from the closet to the washroom and the first 2 bits just vanished. Frustrating how memory works.

I was in a room, white tiled with black leather couches along one side. The walls I am pretty sure were teal. Funny how all the walls in my dreams are painted a variation of this color. There were upside down chairs and plants against the other side, which was a big window that looked out into an area full of shrubs. It reminded me of a room that looked out to a similar view in my own elementary school. It seems to be the back storage room of a restaurant or something.

My mom and sister were sitting on one couch. An old elementary school friend, who I don’t even talk to but keep seeing his Facebook status updates, A-Ho is sitting on a stool in front of a game machine on the window side.

My sister was just lounging back ignoring everyone. My mom was rummaging through her big purse looking for something. I asked her what she was looking for, if I could help. She tossed me her purse, which I dropped to the floor. I little trinket box fell out and I opened it. There were a variety of mismatched stud earrings in the box. My mom said to me that she is looking for the “mooncake” ones. I dug through the box with my fingers but no luck. I remembered liking the other earrings I saw.

Then I heard A-Ho make thinking noises as he hovered over the game machine, he seemed very intrigued by the game. I walked over to examine it . The game was encased in a small version of a hockey table, with the chrome slide-in coin insert, white shiny plastic body and a clear scratched-up dome. The game itself consisted of coloured die stacked in a pyramid pattern. Red, blue and black marbles sat in particular “dips” around the pyramid. All this was within a circular area that was clearly moveable. I was still confused. I looked at A-Ho with a puzzled expression and he showed me that by tracing a circle with your finger above the dome, you could move the marbles and direct it to which “dip” it should go. Depending on where the marble lands, the shape, height and size of the pyramid changes. I think the object of the game was to reduce the pyramid to nothing.

He gestured to me to try it so I did. I slowly traced a half circle above the dome. The black or blue marble seemed to be following the path of my finger as if by magnetic force. I mistakenly tried to “fling” it towards a “dip” but that wasn’t how the physics of the game worked. It ended up landing in the wrong place and I could see the pyramid of dice fold up and into itself yet somehow becoming taller and bigger. The color of them were also changing. It had a bit of a kaleidoscope effect and it was very trippy. Although the ideal result was not acquired it was beautiful to watch the stack of dice grow.  obviously I made a wrong move so I walked away before I made it worse.

Then in the background, we heard someone yelling for Dave. We all laughed, the joke being that Dave must’ve fallen asleep in his office. Not entirely sure who Dave is but pretty sure it refers to df’s coworker, who for some reason has appeared in my dreams in one way or another twice now.


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