A Crowded Courtroom

When I woke I had 3 key details. Then I rolled out of bed and 2 of them fell out my broken brain and evaporated.

Dreams 04.03.13
I was waiting just outside a courtroom to go inside. Through the open door I could see the judge raised in her seat on the platform. To the left, sitting or leaning against a wall (hidden from my view) were the applicants of various cases waiting for her decisions. Since the door was open I could hear the muffled sounds of the proceedings inside.

I poked my head inside the door and looked left to see if there was room for our group in there. There wasn’t. The wall was fully lined up with people from many walks of life. When I turned back I caught a glimpse if the judge staring at me disapprovingly. I gave her a small bow in apology and exited the courtroom completely.

Back to my group, I just gestured without audible sound that it was full inside. We would have to continue waiting. With me, I think I saw my bff, my mom, my uncle and husband. I turned back around to stare through the courtroom door, eagerly waiting, assuming my group has formed a single file line behind me.

Then the sounds of the proceedings indicated that they were wrapping up one case. The gavel went down after the judge spoke then I heard louder murmurs in the room. After some shuffling of shoes, I walked into the room again gesturing to my group to follow. This time when I looked to the wall there was enough space for all if us. I also saw that another applicant had taken the seat at the desk directly before the judge. A new case was about to be heard.

I took a place by the wall, assuming my group was doing the same and pretended to listen to the next set of proceedings. However, in my mind I was actually kind of excited. I felt like after this was done, something new would happen to me. Whatever it was, I just couldn’t wait. I could feel a smile slowly creep up to the corners of my lips and I worried that someone would see me be "inappropriate" in this most serious of places.


Packed Bags and An Unfinished Store

I can’t remember the order here. In one part of the dream, I was with my family, mainly my mom and my sister and dad may have been there as well, in a vacation home. I guess it was time to go because I was arguing or bickering with my mother while walking upstairs about which bag to take. It was a floppy but long bright duffle bag. I kneeled down and stuffed some more clothing in and grabbed it.

In another part of the dream, I was very excited to go into a clothing store, expecting awesome finds. But when I walked in it looked like they were finishing up with rennovations, sweeping the dusty hardwood floors and there were still some contractors putting up shelves. The nicely dressed store attendant smiled at me while holding some dirty tools for the contractor, far away from her body. I wondered if I walked into the store before opening hours but I did not see a sign. She didn’t say anything else and didn’t tell me to leave either.

I was disappointed but saw that they had a rack on the back wall of colorful scarves so I decided to look anyway. I walked up to the rack and felt some really nice silk scarves. Then I saw the side wall had a couple of red crates with vintage record cover t-shirts. I rummaged through the bin, flipping through the shirt designs, pausing at a couple of interesting ones. Then I looked around some more, realized there was nothing else I could pretend to look at and decided it was time to move on.

Bike Parts at the Flea Market

Dreams 12.12.12
I don’t remember all of it. I know I was with two friends who were a couple. There may have been another person, possibly husband. The couple brought us to a market / flea market. We seemed to be in a foreign country.

I remember going up to the girlfriend and remarking that this place was amazing. There were so many things to see. I was loving the experience. Then after some walking and bumping into the crowds, I realize with the fourth person that we lost the couple. We then tried to search for them and cover all the grounds in the market.

Finally we came upon a narrow back alley. It was “blocked’ by a long square tube of a rack, filled with miscellaneous bicycle parts. Looking closer, I realized this was an actual shop. The parts were laid out on the rack in a way that people could walk through the tunnel of parts and find little bits and pieces in every nook and cranny of the store.

We decided to go through the tunnel to see if our friends were there. Lo and behold, they were! They were excitedly grabbing and examining various parts in the shop, yelling out, asking the owner for prices. When I was close to one of them, I exclaimed, “I KNEW we would fine you here!” They barely noticed us and continued with their rummaging.

There’s another part of the dream I’m not quite remembering. I am just getting the feeling of it. It may have involved a laptop and then someone saying “I told you so” to me.

Cupid’s Strange Messages

Dreams 12.03.12
Long sleep dream:
I am sitting around a table with a couple, 2 of husband and my closest friends. The male starts talking first. They are both very diplomatic in their approaches but usually the male gets to the point quite quickly if he thinks you can handle it. This time he stutters, saying, “You know, usually a guy…needs…in order to…”

I interrupt him and say, “What is it you want to say?” I wait for the response. He looks at his girlfriend, neither able utter a word. Then I bluntly say loudly, “I just don’t have any desire to have sex with him! There it is. No desire, at all!” Then I slump back with my arms crossed in front of me in a defensive pose.

They were shocked but unsurprised by what I said, at a loss for words. Then there was a long awkward silence.

Nap Dream:
I entered a very simple grey building in a covert fashion and snuck up a few stories. The hallways inside were simple and white, lit by fluorescents. There were no other signs of people in the hallways at all but I kept a low profile anyway and ducked down hallway through a non-descript door.

Inside it was an audio-video recording, editing studio / dormitory. Every inch of wall was covered in some dark grey sound insulating material. It was very quiet and even though there were people talking down some of the rooms or hallways I peeked in, their sound was clear and crisp or muted if they whispered.

I went down every narrow hallway, past cluttered work stations. I went down the camera testing area. There were people I barely knew from my production days there. I jumped up on their desks to get past them to see what else was down the hall. I went by 8 bunk beds built into the walls, surrounded by that sound insulating eggcrate material. It actually looked very comfy and eerily calming.

I was frantically searching for the recording booth because I knew someone was waiting for me there. All I needed to do was find it and I would jump him and we would have crazy sex inside the private booth and recording studio. I was so excited I could hardly contain myself.

As usual, I woke up before finding it.

Sleepovers, Shower Stalls, Sets, Speeches & Signals

Got about 5 full hours sleep last night and pretty sure I had 3 dreams and woke up at least twice. After the last dream, I did at one point remember everything but when I started to replay the details of the 3rd dream to myself, everything from dreams 1 and 2 disappeared. And then I snoozed and a lot of the beginning of dream 3 melted away as well.

Dreams 09.19.12
Furthest thing back in this dream that I can remember. I was in a highschool or university hallway. It was packed shoulder to shoulder with students and it was in the middle of the night. This was an event that happened once a year at Halloween where all the dorm rooms were open to strangers who would gather and party all night. The whole event ended in an assembly in the auditorium. I was waiting with the rest of the herd with a friend. He was brown, not df, actually he isn’t anyone I know irl, just a random element in my imagination. We looked at each other in anticipation and reached out and gave each other a hand squeeze. Then “they” fire the starting fun and the herd was let out down hallway. We spilled into the empty rooms, jamming in wherever possible.

My friend and I was pushed along with the herd into a room that had about 12 gym room shower sized stalls on each side. Actually each stall was also tiled like a shower stall. We actually were not able to nab a stall in this room so we slowly made our way out back into the main hall in search of another space to lay low for the night.

There’s a big chunk of the dream missing here. I’m not entirely sure if we found another room. I just know that later on, I snuck back into this same shower stall room, looked around to make sure no one was awake and went into the first stall on the left when you enter the room. The stall had someone else’s belongings on the floor. I recognized it as belonging to someone who had been extremely rude to us earlier. I lifted up my skirt, opened my legs and just pissed on their pile of belongings for revenge.

After that I remember myself in the POV of a camera on a dolly, tracking 2 people walking alongside a pedestrian street, in front of a bunch of interesting and colorful shops, restaurants and cafes. We were weaving through pedestrians walking in the opposite direction as the two people walking wove through the opposing throngs as well. I remember really liking the shot as it was very dynamic and interesting but also very casual at the same time.

Later, in a more static POV, one of the walking people depart. The remaining person walks under some sort of canopy so she is in the shade. Eliza Dushku dressed in a red sequined blazer and black mini skirt and black pumps come up behind her. The first girl turns around, greeting her excitedly. Eliza puts up her hands to show the first girl her fresh manicure, gleefully exclaims how happy she is with the color, the sparkle, etc. She was waving her hands in front of her chest and almost jumping for joy the way girls sometimes do when they are excited. From that, I understood somehow that I was in the middle of a movie set and we were just waiting for the next set up.

After that there’s another bit missing. I remember walking in the auditorium, all setup with round tables. People were seated but their attention was focused up on the stage. I walked with either my brown friend or somebody else and approached a table near the front. Someone there was about to go up on stage to make a speech but we had information for him to stop him or hopefully convince him to change the content of his speech. We went up to the table and the person we should’ve talked to stood up to adjust his clothes before going on stage. We were too late. Then I saw from the POV of the stage the person standing, looking up towards the stage. It was a much younger Clint Eastwood. I could see myself and the other person trying to inconspicuously go up to his table. Then I saw Clint walk away from the table to go on stage and me and the other guy JUST made it to the table. We were too late.

The last scene from this dream took place in the toy cars and model robots section of a toystore. All the boxes were stacked high. I was walking down one aisle, trying to be inconspicuous again, noticing a lot of big name products on display that were very intricately made and very cool. I was trying to sneak closer to two people fighting on the other side of a tower of display boxes, stacked about 2 meters high. When I was close to the boxes that blocked my way, I ducked down so I wouldn’t be seen.

In the aisle to my right, other members of my team were coming closer. We were supposed to sneak up and stop the fight and apprehend the two people involved. I was supposed to get a closer look and give the signal as to when they should move in. I don’t know what the two people were arguing about but the argument was becoming heated and they started to push each other around a bit. I looked behind me to the next aisle and made eye contact with my ex (highschool bf) to communicate that the time was almost right. He looked to his right to the squad leader who was also someone I knew but can’t recall right now. Then the pushing and shoving became more violent and I was just about to wave the signal for the team to go in when I woke up.

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