I had several dreams again this week and maybe the last as well where I did not write them down immediately. I thought I’d write down this morning’s but it’s actually just slipped away from me.

This dream scene happened this past Saturday. I had to not sleep in and wake up to let a contractor in to quote for some work around our place. I woke up multiple times that night expecting it to be morning, afraid to miss my alarm and each dream I returned to after waking I had the same feeling of dread and that was a direct result of this scene.

Dreams 07.08.17

Not sure what I was looking down at. It may have been stacks of magazines or upside down bowls on a table. I was in a place where the tables were wood and the furniture was modern but the environment felt familiar. I lifted a magazine/bowl to uncover hundreds if not thousands of cockroaches creeping and crawling underneath. As soon as they saw the light of day, they scurried as one mass with crawly edges down the table, across the floor, disappearing into shadows. I followed and overturned other objects in the room, terrified to find them again yet equally horrified that they had disappeared without a trace. I was worried they would return to give me a fright when I was least ready.



Dreams 05.09.17

I definitely had another false awakening today. I remember being in a tropical, beachy place. I was once again preparing for something, nothing important I don’t think, maybe it was some kind of recreational activity. I believe I was expecting it to be something I imagined but it turned out much more rustic or amateur.

I was interrupted from all this because I “woke up” in the dream and thought it was already 8:00am, when I would normally wake up. However, in real life I had an early appointment and I already got permission to be late for work so I was going to sleep in just a little. In the dream, I slept in and several times I reawakened thinking I was snoozing on the alarm as usual, except there was no alarm.

When I really woke up and actually looked at the time on my phone, I was surprised to see that it was slightly darker in he bedroom than in the dream and that it was actually 7am. All that time I thought I was snoozing was actually dream time.

Stepped Through the Looking Glass

Dreams 05.04.17
I was in a house, maybe my mom’s house. It didn’t look anything like her actual house. I might’ve just done some physical activity and needed a shower so she offered me to use hers. When I went in there I looked at the shower/tub floor and it looked like there were thousands cut or ripped off finger nails, it looked gross.

I walked through a door into the “next” room but it was another similar room, a mirror image of the first as of I walkEd through the looking glass to a mirror world. In this other world I looked closer at the fingernails but it wasn’t that at all. It was peeling paint or wallpaper of the shower stall, which was fake and non functional. I didn’t know how to process this information so I just left the way I came.

I go downstairs to get ready for work which I knew involved helping out friends. A man who was supposed to be my Dad and SFS rolled into one being, was laying on the couch looking at his phone. I could see dishes and a blender in the sink. I got mad at self because I saw that the blender had fizzy dark pop at the bottom with mango puree floating on top. It was all wasted because there was no way I could blend this without making a huge mess. The dad/SFS man said that he tried to clean it, barely looking up from his phone. I was annoyed that I wasn’t going to get my delicious blended mango drink.

Then I walked to meet my friend downtown to go work or volunteer. We went into a building and took the elevator up to an office. Turns out I was helping someone else with a small film shoot. They put me in the camera department like I used to do but I was unfamiliar after so many years from that type of work. I had no idea how to help so I just hung back and watched. I also realized late that I forgot to turn off my phone too. As I took it out and pushed buttons to shut it down, I felt like people stared. Everyone elsewere go-getters, knowing their place and role on set. I felt like a complete tourist.

Lakeside Retreat and Wrong Places

Writing down my weekend recalls are tough. I get distracted by the need for privacy when writing out my dreams and mostly by waking up to the welcome snuggles with SFS and the puppies.

Dreams 04.22.17
This was a pleasant dream in general. I was seeing “out” into a pleasant field, backlit by sunlight. There was a small pond or inlet to a lake where are blue rowboat was tied to the tiny dock. I could see a couple of Adirondack chairs by the dock and there was splashing and movement. One of the chairs was occupied by a woman. Then SFS’s friend M approached me and invited me to go join them by the lake from my perch, so he could introduce me to his friend SFS. (I was peering out onto this inviting scene from my porcelain throne in my condo…) I was reaching down on the ground grabbing at something, trying to shove it to the sides so no one would see. When I got up, I was holding what o tried to hide – a pair of shiny black vinyl platform stripper boots that someone had once passed on to me when they decided to retire. I went into the bedroom and tossed them to the side then eagerly ran out to the lake to join the others. I woke up from this dream feeling quite happy.

Dreams 04.23.17
I was either interviewing other workers and cleaners in the house or I was a new cleaner learning the ropes from another cleaner. Lots missing from this recall. I think I was taught verbally what I was supposed to do and where I should be doing it. However I’m pretty sure that when I looked out the window from where I was “supposed” to be, the view out was unexpected and “wrong”. Although the view was still pleasant I remember being somewhat confused about what to do next.

Dreams 04.24.17
Again, there’s lots missing g from this recall. I was on some mission and was at the wrong location so I was out of sorts and unsure what to do.


A Shared Snack or A Favour?

Another morning of half assed rememberance. I’m not sure I like the only part I can recall from last night’s dreams. I mean if dreams are a mirror world in which we let our deepest fears, daily concerns, memories and ideas just jam and mingle for the purpose of computing various solutions to our problems, then what does it mean when we only remember a portion of it? Could it mean that the remembered portion is the closest to truth as our brain perceives it? Is that the output from our calculations? Or is it merely a theory waiting to be tested and proofed in the real world?

Dreams 07.20.12
I am with my mom. She is driving me around giving me a ride to meet husband. He asked if we would have a snack with him while he worked today. We are following him around while he finishes his current work order.

We follow his truck to a restaurant located in an industrial area. We wait in the car and my mom and I are both tired so we weren’t really chatting. We just watch husband get out, go inside where his work buddy greets him. This next part I’m not 100% happened in the dream. He comes out and leans against my open passenger window and asks if we wanted any food from inside. I said or thought, “Mom and I just had lunch. I just had a big juicy meatball sandwich. No thanks.” And my mom said half to him, half to me, “I thought we were going to get a snack together for a break.” I don’t think he responded.

Then we were sitting at a little diner place, we had just finished our snacks. My mom got up to go to the washroom and my husband says to me, “Can you follow me for the rest of the day?” He didn’t really explain the rest but in the dream I understood that it meant at some unknown point or at the end of his day, he would no longer have use of his work truck. So instead of asking me to pick him up after, he wanted me to follow him from call to call so he wouldn’t have to wait even a second to be picked up.

I was like, “But I don’t even have our car here. My mom drove me.” And he just smiled in his way, it’s okay you can convince your mom way. I was really offended.

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