Touring A Sports Camp

Dreams 06.02.17

I was with faceless “friends” in a large compound which seemed to be a sports camp for adults. There were a lot of manicured grass fields for soccer, football and whatever. There were tennis courts as well, and large long buildings that I didn’t go into but I can only assume that they housed back to back gymnasiums for all kinds of activities.

In the dream I think I had just arrived. My faceless friend and I walked to the dining hall and I got a quick tour of the grounds which is how I saw all these other areas in the compound. The dining hall was a concrete building which wasn’t exactly open air but it wasn’t enclosed either. Imagine one of those stone park washrooms which have full plumping but the way the roof and doors are constructed, you could never close all the doors to completely box up the space. That’s what the dining hall was like except it was ginormous. There were people spread out in little groups just hanging out at the stone benches.

At some point someone asked me where my phone was and I hadn’t realized I lost it. Then they pointed it out on some random ledge at one end of the hall and I had to walk to it to get it.

There’s a lot of other stuff I can’t remember. I recall at some point I had to go into a trailer with steps to go up to it and once inside there was just a harsh swinging light from the low ceiling. The walls were wood paneled and it looked completely black outside.

That’s all I’ve got today. Work has been stressful. Most days I don’t know where my brain has gone. I’m not necessarily sleep deprived but maybe my quality of sleep isn’t so great.


Creepy Cool Castles

Dreams 05.31.17

Feels like it’s been a couple of weeks since I last recalled a dream so things are not detailed at all, and most likely not in the right order.

I remember there being a portal of some sort, that’s a certainty. One side of the portal led to what I can only describe as a hipster wedding / bake and yard sale hosted in the circular courtyard of a castle. The environment was cool, overcast and damp. The ground was moss covered dirt and the surrounding stone walls were light grey and clean but weathered.

I’m sure I got this imagery from a horror movie where Daniel Craig plays a doctor / (spoiler alert) Baron who experiments on his virginal daughter / wife-reincarnate. There’s a scene where everyone is participating in a candlelight vigil type ritual with flowong hooded white robes. It all culminates with a final ritual in the middle of a circular, tall, stone courtyard. It’s probably not the right word for it but that’s where the portal led.
The other side of the portal I am pretty sure led to just an alternate universe. I believe one side, the people were still the same people I knew, but they did rituals to summon unnatural forces to obtain their goals. There was a creepy, maybe I need to circumvent their plans feel to many parts of the dream. There were also times when I, along with a friend who at that point in the dream was my ally, snuck around as not to be seen by the people we “knew” but they were the summoners, acting out their secret ritual. We knew that if they caught us right then, they would not recognize us as a part of their world because there would be that-world equivalents of us. We didn’t know the exact consequences but it felt deadly.

On the nicer side of the portal, me and this friend (don’t know who it is supposed to be in real life, not even in the dream), we roamed around the bake sale. I saw a tray of yummy checkerboard and spiral patterned, gooey cakey chocolate brownie things. I was definitely going to buy one but the vendor was nowhere in sight so I decided to whip out the old phone camera to post on Instagram. When I finally got into the app to line up my shot, I saw on the screen, my perfectly yummy composition ruined as the nicest piece of cake, the piece I was going to take, lifted out of frame. I looked up to see this arrogant but dapper asshole putting the cake on his own plate. He looked at me like, “What?” and turned to go pay someone for it. I thought I heard him mutter something to the effect of “you snooze you lose”.