There were Dinosaurs

Dreams 06.07.17

I remember scenes and characters from this dream, possibly not in order.

I was on holiday in a resort or summer home type of house. It was all decorated in a very modern but also classic French countryside style. A lot of white or light colors paired with blue hues in the fabrics and linens. The beds were all king sized, fluffy and super comfortable.

My family, my mom and stepdad, my sister, brother in law and nephew, my dad, and SFS were there in the house. It was midday and we had arrived only a couple hours ago. We were spread out throughout the house, exploring, getting settled. It felt very relaxing. I felt excitement at settling in then going exploring myself to soak in the local sights.

I had laid on the fluffy bed for just a few minutes then I noticed a trapdoor in the ceiling and instantly became a kid, thinking “Cool! A door to an attic in an old house just like the movies!” I got up out of bed and found a way to climb up to reach the door and open it. I don’t really remember the details of this.

Next thing I remember, I had found a dinosaur. It was a raptor I think, although the face was fatter, sized of course just like the 2 who chased the kids in the original Jurassic Park in the final scenes, maybe even a little taller. It was not aggressive, yet. It must’ve been drugged. At one point I think I was holding it, like I was snuggling with it in bed. It acted like it liked me, interspersed with a few snarls and growls (if a raptor could growl). I knew though, that whatever spell this creature was under would soon wear off and we would all be in danger.

The next thing I did, I think, was drape a large white sheet over the raptor and managed to carry it down the stairs and towards the front door. I could hear members of my‚Äč family behind me asking me what’s going on. The raptor was beginning to stir under the sheet and I hurried as much as I could. It was heavy and it was surprising to me in the dream that I lifted it fully off the ground.

As soon as I was out the front door, bright sunlight hit my eyes and I was blinded for a moment. The sun felt so warm and inviting though that I completely forgot my worries about the raptor. When I could see again what I carried was still covered in a sheet but I don’t know if it was the raptor anymore. Around our house was a old town by the sea because I could hear the ocean not far away. The sky was clue with few clouds and the day was just beautiful.

I jumped into the car parked in front of our place. I know nothing about cars but this was a supercar. Inside the driver’s seat was sunken low and everything on the dash, the way the lines and silhouettes were designed, this car was meant to be fast. 

As soon as I started the engine and hit the gas the glass frosted up at the edges and the scene outside the car was still sunny but it now looked cold. I slammed on the gas pedal and the car went as if sliding on two inches of ice, swerving all over the road, which was now a residential neighborhood with surprisingly wide streets. I got out of the car to see what happened and luckily no one was hurt. I could see members of my family walking towards me in the distance, with concerned looks on their faces.


Vaulted Memories and Inverted Me

Dreams 01.09.13
I was staying as a guest in JM’s mom’s basement. Her sister was on the computer and JM was hovering over. I joined them to see what they were looking at. They were going through a bunch of wedding party photos from JM’s wedding to someone.

All the bridesmaids had light and airy purple tulle/chiffon dresses. The pictures were refreshing and beautiful. I turned to JM and said, “You did good! Looked like a beautiful day!” I also pointed out one picture where her sister, the maid of honor was featured among the group and said, “You look SO hot there!”

Then she and her sister wrestled over the mouse a little fighting to show me another set of pictures or videos. As they flipped through the windows, I saw a video file name of interest. It had husband’s name in it and I wanted to see as it was dated from before or just after I met him almost 9 years ago. I instinctively and easily commandeered the mouse and went click click. The video started playing right away.

I could feel JM tensing up a little beside me so I got nervous as well. What is going to be in this video? Then it played and it showed someone stomping, wildly and irrationally, a little plastic moving thing on the tile floor, some sort of toy. I thought the person stomping was throwing a temper tantrum. Naturally in my mind, because the video file name included his name, I assumed it was husband.

The camera tilted up and it was husband. I was somewhat relieved because well, at least it wasn’t something I really did not want to see. Then on closer look, he wasn’t angry at all in the video. Whatever he was stomping on, this toy, was supposed to be chsse-stomped. It was part of the game. Anyway, then JM’s daughter entered the video. She was only about 3-4 here, younger than I’ve ever seen her. She ran up to husband of 9 years past and gave him a big hug. He picked her up, held her close and showed her off to the camera. It was a tender moment.

In my head/heart, I felt slight pangs of jealousy. Jealous of a tender familial moment I am never going to have with him. Even though I knew it was my doing, my choice that stops this from ever happening, a part of me still longed for it. I didn’t know if I just longed for it in general or with him specifically. There was just a wanting hole in my heart and its presence made me a jealous. At the same time I felt ashamed. I felt like I just exposed a private memory that shouldn’t have been shared with me. Worse, it was a private memory that wasn’t meant to be remembered. It was locked away, stored, specifically for the owner to retrieve at a later time. It was hers and maybe his. I knew I had no right to have any feeling on it but alas it was there.

Thankfully JM’s mother and her friend came downstairs. Then somehow I encouraged them to get all enthusiastic about finding a martial arts gym and we were all going to take a class, right now. The 5 of us all jumped into a beat-up light blue car and headed out. We drove past and around many strip malls until we found one. It looked open and clean.

Next I found myself inside one of the rooms in this gym. It was located in the basement. The whole room was painted a light teal and the room was sunken in, with polished linoleum. There were gym mats here and there. From the ceiling were hooks where Trx systems were hung. The light were dimmed and relaxing and I had the room all to myself. I was using holding the Trx rings with my hands, then trying to use my torso to bring myself into an upright inverted position, head to the ground. I tried this many times, unable to balance. But I knew this was practice and it was just part of the process.

There was a last chunk to the dream that I had all the details of at one point. But I snoozed many times today so when I tried to hold on to the memories of everything I just wrote, the last chunk disappeared.

Lesson on Love on an L-Shaped Staircase

I believe there was much more to the dream but I did go to sleep pretty late last night so I am actually surprised to remember anything at all.

Dreams 11.09.12
In an airport, bus or train station, I was walking briskly, pulling a slightly overpacked rolling suitcase behind me with one hand and carrying a smaller suitcase in the other. I also had a backpack and a purse hanging from my right elbow.

I don’t think I was late but I did want to make a flight/train/bus just a bit early get a good spot. The station/port had super high ceilings. In contrast to all my other dreams where buildings of this type were new and space age style, this one was old. If I told you this in real life I would definitely say that it was an old railway station. It had yellowed walls, decorated pillars, a checker black, brown floor pattern and the ceilings were completely painted.

I was about to pull my big piece of luggage down a flight of L shaped stairs broken up into 2 sections. However the weight of the suitcase made me reconsider whether I should pull it down behind me and risk it crashing down, wrecking the wheels or for me to let it drop step by step while I held onto it from behind. Or the 3rd option would just be to carry it down. It would be awkward with all my pieces of luggage but I could probably do it.

As I was contemplating this at the edge of the stairs, a family walked past me only one of them had a small suitcase. I noticed it was someone I knew, an old friend/crush from university who seems to be enjoying a successful career as a local comedian in Montreal, part of a comedy troupe with regular shows every week. He was the one about to get on a train/plain/bus. The people around him seemed to be his family, like his brothers/sisters and his parents. They walked right by and he did not notice me.

Halfway down the L-shaped stairs, he turns around to face his parents. His suitcase almost fell down the stairs but his brother or friend managed to grab hold of it in time. Then he starts to tell them all how much he loved them, how much he would miss them, how much he would cherish the time spent with them during this visit. His family all got it, kind of sloughing it off as him being melodramatic, motioning to him to say, hurry up you gotta catch your flight/train/bus. But he stopped them and reiterated his words again making sure they knew that he really meant it.

While I listened to his speech and had contemplated going over to say hello to a person I have not seen in 8 years, I was also very moved by his sentiments towards his family. In fact I started to get a bit teary eyed. When he was done his speech and the whole family continued down the stairs, I started down as well. I was pulling my suitcase down behind me, no longer wondering which was the best way to do it, just one step at a time, trying to recover from my almost fallen tears, trying to regain composure.

A Lucky Find and Being a Star

Dreams 10.21.12
We got out of an old, boxy red mid-sized sedan from the 80s to early 90s. It was my family, on a road trip, making a pit stop at a local supermarket. My sister was in her late teens so I must’ve been early-mid teens. I don’t think anyone said a word, definitely not my mom or dad. My sister and I just gave each other glances that didn’t seem to mean much.

When we were inside, my mom and dad split ways to walk through the store. My sister and I walked together, hand-in-hand walking up and down the aisles. It wasn’t a big store but they had massive amounts of stock so their shelving was like a warehouse, like Costco. We came upon a bank of Vita drinks ( We continued down the aisle for a bit and came upon a light peach, larger than the normal 375ml box. We looked closely and it was actually Yakult (, repackaged in an extra large tetrapak format by Vita. For some reason, my sister and I were ecstatic about this. It was like we found liquid gold.

We walked out of the store, holding each other’s hands and each of us clutching and sipping from a big box of delicious yogurt drink, knowing that behind us our parents were carrying more of it in their grocery bags amongst other purchased food items. We jumped back into the car with our drinks, happy with everything, without a care in the world. Now that we had our drinks, it didn’t matter if the rest of the road trip was a bore. No matter how dull the scenery looked, how grey, how empty, we had our Yakult!

Later on in the dream, I was an adult again but not sure what the setting was. I was sitting at a computer desk and either a friend or someone from work presented me with a programming problem. I quickly punched out a program on the keyboard, compiled it on screen. The problem was solved, everyone around was impressed. I was pleased with myself.

Snogs in Front of La Famille

Dreams 08.04.12
I am making out with a younger version of actor Joaquin Phoenix. We are being all lovey dovey, giggling like highschool kids in front of my family. We are all going somewhere together. We enter an elevator and I see my sister shaking her head at me. I loved feeling his hands, his fingers gripping my waist when he held me close to him.

Then I remember seeing that my bedside table was missing. Then I remembered that I had seen this before, also in a dream. I probably could’ve tried to go lucid there but did not take the cue.

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