Lost a Purse

Dreams 06.27.12

Here’s a brief description of the last dream of last night which I am surprised to even recall this much. I had gone through changing, washing face, making coffee, lunch and then I suddenly thought, “oh shit, what did I dream about?” Then in about 3 seconds, just as I was about to give up it came to me. That’s a rare occurrence.

I walked into a busy mall. The layout was a long snakey pathway, not too narrow but not wide at all. There were a lot of turns and sometimes there would be benches on either side. I think I was attending an event that was basically on the other end of the mall so I would have to go through the snakey path full of people.

As soon as I walked in, at the first sign for a washroom, I set down my coral crossbody letather satchel on the bench across the washroom’s hallway. I have no idea why I didn’t take the bag with me. In fact, I may even have asked myself that question in the dream but I did it anyways.

When I came out I continued walking, getting distracted in the stores browsing. Then I walked into a purse store and suddenly realized I was no longer carrying my purse. I voiced this out loud and all the attendants in the store started shoving random brightly colored purses in my face. I keep repeating things to them like, “No I am not looking for a new purse. I want my purse!” And “That’s not even coral!” Or “It’s just a little satchel. Have you seen it?”

Finally their pestering and un-helpfulness in helping me find my purse forced me out of the store. I was close to the event where I needed to be but I was pretty sure I lost the purse during the first 20-30% of the mall pathway yet I couldn’t pinpoint where. I thought for a second that it must’ve been after I came out of the washroom. I told myself I KNEW I shouldn’t have left it unattended. Then quickly I remembered that when I came out of the washroom, I was actually presently surprised to find my purse waiting for me even though there were other people using the bench. That means I didn’t lose it then. So when? And where?

I racked my brain, attempting to retrace my steps, which stores I walked into, what did I do in them, etc. It didn’t help. My memory was so fuzzy I couldn’t tell what happened. I figured the only way would be to walk all the way back and just hit every store, every inch of the mall systematically. It was the only way. Then someone I knew, who was also attending this “event” which I still do not know what it was, this person said to me, “It’s just a purse. What was in there anyway?”

I wasn’t super offended but I responded incredulously, “It has my ids, credit cards, money!” It’s the usual. Important stuff. Stuff I want back. Isn’t that enough? If I systematically go back for it, it’s very likely that it’s there. But what if it’s gone? What if while I left it unattended, somebody had stolen it. There would be no way to tell who had done it. There were so many people in the mall. Aside from shutting the place down and searching every person, there was no systematic way to guarantee the retrieval of the purse IF it had been stolen. I didn’t have that power, or right.

The dream ended, I was still figuring out what to do.


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