Lighting Display and Sweet Flute Music

Dreams 10.28.12
It was the middle of the night. I was walking outside in a big field away from a mansion towards a fountain / halloween / christmas display. The fountain was a semi circle, with a back wall. The wrong edge of the circle had posts with lights wrapped around it, trees and bushes and other decorations. The lights were on, a dim white color at the moment. I jumped into the into the pit of a fountain and started fiddling with some controls that were in one corner, hidden from plain view. I looked up out of the pit and there was someone up there helping me as I adjusted lighted decorations, cycling through different colors. I asked the person if it looked alright each time I changed it to a different color scheme and he/she gave me feedback. Finally I settled on a configuration and I think I climbed back out.

Later in the dream, I made an order to buy steel flute over the phone. Then I am walking down a street that went pretty steeply downhill. I was pulling a TV on a trolley, the kind they used to roll out in school to show an educational video in class. I see a shop up ahead and pulled over quickly to park the tv cart. I did a bad job because as I was going downhill, it gained momentum behind me and I had to turn it abruptly, then stop it, without having the tv flop over on the pavement.

I go inside the store to find the guy who I ordered the steel flute from. There were lots of people bargaining for small items. It was pretty hectic. I see a friend/cousin/sister also trying to bargain for something. The guy behind the counter was walking around with a furrow in his brow, annoyed and generally pretty inattentive to the customers trying to get his attention, haggling with him even whilst he did not respond. He walked over to my friend and ended up giving her a plastic flute. My friend opened it as I watched and it looked to have a pretty bad build quality. The guy was already slowly walking away. I was upset for my friend and upset for myself, knowing that I’d probably get a bum deal as well.

I hesitated for a moment then I dove across the counter and grabbed him by the collar to get his attention. I asked him where my steel flute was. Was it gonna be a piece of shit like the plastic one he just gave my friend? Then my friend/cousin plays the plastic flute and the music that came out of it was the sweetest sound I’ve heard. I let go of the guy embarrassed by my actions. He reaches to a shelf behind him and shoves a box with the steel flute in it into my hands. I reflexively palmed him the money that was promised over the phone – a small amount, like $10. I opened the box to see two halves of a flute packed in styrofoam that needed to be put together. Although it was packed in such a cheap way, I could somehow tell that the flute would still play wonderful music. The guy told me to leave right away, wthout giving me the “bundle” of extras we had agreed to on the phone. I felt it somewhat unfair but considering my horribly rude manner toward him, I conceded and left the store.


Crank Up the Awesome

Dreams 09.15.12
I walked into a field of wheat with 2 old friends from film school. Both directed films I shot. Today in my dream, I was shooting a scene for a film they were collaborating on. We walked out into this field of wheat about waist high. At the edges of the field there were trees and shrubs. The colors of everything looked like it was fall time, the wheat was golden, the trees were mostly green with reds and oranges here and there.

The sun was behind us. It was beginning to set. Magic hour was upon us. Then suddenly I was the camera. It’s like someone cranked up the saturation and just dialed up the vividness. The sun was behind a cloud, coming out from behind it, shining brighter. I saw a mist falling down upon us from nowhere. All the colors became very bright but still harmonious and everything became a soft focus. I just remember thinking how amazingly beautiful everything had become and in my head, in the dream, I screamed “This is so awesome!”

The next part of the dream I can’t remember now. It’s been over 14 hours since I’ve had it. I believe I was in some kind of vacation cabin/resort…

A Security Meeting

Today’s poor recall left me with only the location and a few people. What happened in the dream has been completely forgotten.

Dreams 07.24.12
I arrived at a big warehouse rave to meet some of the biggest DJs (one of them was Skream). When I meet them in the booth, overhanging the sea of people below, I had a feeling I was there as some kind of security consultant. I also have a vague images of arriving at the warehouse during daytime on a bright but overcast grey day, in the middle of a vast empty field. The area around the warehouse was all paved, like a compound.

Stripper Boots Across a Snowy Field

Dream 05.20.12

Flying over a snow covered field. It is dusk. There is a house on the field, behind it the field dips into a small valley. A lone person struggles to walk up the hill towards the “top”, towards the direction of the sun slowly rising. I am that person and I enter into my own POV.

I am making my way to the bus stop at the top of the hill to go to work. I think to myself, I wonder if it would be easier if I had stilts or tall platform stripper boots. In a flash, I am transported back to the house. I stand in fron of a mirror. The floor I stand on is a dark brownish red hardwood. In the mirror image, I see that I am about a foot and a half taller than normal, wearing dark green platform stripper boots. I am so tall that my head is actually cut off in the image and I cannot see my face. Then I think about walking up the snowy hill again.

Later, I am sitting with JM. I tell her about my experience on the hill and the stripper boots.
After that I cannot remember. There was a lot more to the dream but it’s all gone from my memory.

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