Witness to a Heist / Filming at Disney-like World

Dreams 11.24.12

Dream 1
I was infiltrating a factory building. The walls were dark tealish blue with rusty stains and flickering fluorescent lights. I walked into an electrical room that looked like it was all busted and not in use. There were pools of neon green goop spilled on the floor.

I passed the room and went up a flight of stairs. Went down a hallway and back down a level. Here, there was a counter to my left, beyond were floor to ceiling glass windows that looked out to a truck/equipment bay which was shaped like a long tunnel. I could see husband and his crew spread out amongst different trucks and machinery, executing their heist. I wasn’t supposed to be there but I wanted to go closer to the windows for a better look. Just as I made my way out of the shadow, a man in all black was running towards the windows. I did a MGS dive towards a corner to avoid being seen.

The rest I forget. Then I woke up, did some fantasizing, tried to see if I could do some W.A.K.E.’s by just forgetting my body was there. Actually I was trying to feel my body go “numb” or buzz, then not at all. It worked a few times but I didn’t quite wait until I actually fell asleep. Here’s the last dream I remember.

Dream 2:
I arrived at an amusement part that was disney world-like. I was with a film crew. There was a shot list for the day but nothing was scheduled. The director decided right then to shoot a scene near the entrance. I run back to the equipment truck and grab a couple tripods off the bench. Then I ask another crew member to strap a backpack of equipment to my back.

As I walk back to location of the setup,I see another girl beside me, another crew member. I used to know her from elementary school and everyone always thought she’d turn out to be a butchy lesbian. Anyway, as part of the crew, she was one of the grips. She was running, sliding a huge thin sheet of polished wood in front of her. Somehow it just glided over the pavement without friction. She ran with it in front and then jumped on it like a sled. She looked like she was having a great time, so happy.

As I watched her, I felt so happy myself too. I suddenly felt so strong and alive again.


Beach House and Salt Rung Ladders

Dreams 11.23.12

Night time Dream:
My emo co-worker has finally moved to new place. He invited the whole team to a house warming but everyone declined. I was there for some reason but I was sneaking around his house invisibly like a ghost. I found out he has a fake name or maybe it’s his pen name. I was looking through his writing and documents.

I remember floating down a river in a canoe or boat. I turned to look left and saw roller coaster rails. I thought then that there was another part of the dream before this where I saw train tracks but could not remember where or how.

There was more to that dream that I cannot remember but then I woke up at 5am to drive for an hour. During the 1+ hour nap, I had the following dream.

Nap Dream:
I was walking along a beach area with my dog. My husband is also with us walking about 10 feet ahead. We see a beach house, elevated on stilts, painted white on the outside. We were curious so we decided to find the entrance.

My husband found the ladder/steps to the front door. He goes up them first. When I placed my foot on them and looked down, I noticed the ladder rungs/steps were made of large chunks of sale. That meant when the sea water touched the supporting beams and this ladder, the step would slowly erode away. I nudged it a bit with my foot before putting my weight on it. Small bits of salt fell off. I pointed this out to my husband, saying that this was dangerous. Perhaps it wasn’t a good idea to go up. He stands on the platform, looking down at me, one hand stretched out towards me. He wasn’t mad but he was mildly impatient. The look on his face said, “Just stop talking and come up already.” I put my weight on the ladder, the dog’s leash still wrapped around my left wrist and wondered how the dog would follow me up.

Somehow we all made it inside the house. It was dark inside with outdated but cozy looking furnishings. We found the bedroom and went to sleep.

Then I went semi lucid. I could feel the dog moving in bed or in bed in the dream, not really sure which. I also felt my husband’s sleeping body and arm beside me. When I lifted my head from my pillow, at first I saw the dream bedroom, then it faded to darkness and I felt the dog and my husband. That’s when I realized maybe I was becoming lucid so the dream bedroom came back into view.

I got up from the dream bed intending to explore the house and do more. I think I wasn’t quite able to control or figure out what I wanted to do. I was so surprised that I had become lucid. It was so unexpected that I was not prepared. Also I forgot most of what really happened in the dream.

I do remember attempting to conjure up several things or people just to see if I could, one of the people being df. I know that for sure, the rest I do not remember. But the conjuring wasn’t working very well. I remember near the end of the dream that I went back to “sleep” on a couch but husband was sleeping on. He told me, lazily and sleepily, waving one arm at me to join him. I didn’t really want to cram into the couch and be crowded but I was so exhausted I did it anyway.

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