Just Keep On Moving

Dreams 01.27.18

I had travelled somewhere by plane and I was at the airport waiting for my return flight. I was maybe a couple hours from when I needed to be at the gate so I sat around outside, somewhere kind of quiet to chill out and enjoy the sun. It was windy out and I was so confident because I was early that I used my boarding pass as a bookmark. I set my book down briefly to take something else out of my bag and the wind took my boarding pass with it. I…freaked…out.

Immediately I started heading inside towards the gate, fumbling through my bag to look for a passport to show them at the counter, hoping they will print me another pass. However, I realized it must’ve been a domestic flight because I did not bring my passport. Aaah!!!

Nevertheless I headed towards the gates or counter as fast as I could, walking through the large concourse of the flight terminal. I remember I was on the second floor, looking over the ground floor, seeing all kinds of people weaving around each other as I tried to do the same. It just seemed like absolutely everything was getting in my way though.

I panicked some more, exhausted and frustrated. It was as if every big stride I took meant nothing. I was moving the distance I should’ve been but I felt no closer to where I should be. I was ready to just give up…but I kept on going.

Dreams 01.28.18

I remembered the dream earlier today and for most of the day too. But something happened tonight and I am angry though not so much anymore…so I forgot…


Attack from Plastic Space Fish

There were definitely two dreams. One, before I woke up in the middle of the night. I forgot all of that. The second one I am writing about almost 2 days later so a lot of details are missing but the fantastical nature of the dream I think I can still recall so here it is.

Dreams 10.20.12
I was walking into a village that looked like a medieval diorama or a plastic christmas village sans snow. There was a calm, winding river running through the middle of town with cobblestone streets on each side, lined with toweing evergreens of all sorts. Brick houses of various colors stood along both sides of the streets and there was a stone arch bridge that connected the riverbank.

I stood and took it all in, in awe of the beautiful town before me, not really believing my eyes. Then a silvery blue bubbley space craft hovered down from nowhere, just above the river closer to the opposite bank. The outline of a door traced itself out of the side in light and became an opening. Then a giant green, plasticy fish with huge eyeballs that looked like a massive fishing bait popped out of thin air in front of the opening. It floated in the air, slowly descending upon the river. It continued to float along, above the river’s surface as if it was inside a soap bubble. A couple of other giant plastic fish appeared and did the same along the part of the river flowing away from me. I knew that they were somehow feasting on everything below the surface.

I had a glimpse, a vision of being under the water, watching as all the regular fish and life literally disappearing, just vanishing as the shadow of fish in the bubble drifted past. I ran across the stone bridge towards one particular building. It must’ve been the town office. There was a waiting area with three windows, only one of which was attended. I went up to the attendant and started babbling, warning and complaining that something must be done about the giant fish or else this town will be ruined. The attendant was joined by another officious looking person but instad of hearing what I was saying, they just seemed to be trying to calm me down, as if I was hysterical. I felt frustrated and angry, that they did not care enough about their wonderful little town to heed my warning or even look out the window to see that I was telling the truth.

The Dinky Gym and a Session With Friends

Although this account seems detailed, I have a feeling there was much more lost to my memory. As I theorized a couple days ago (perhaps this is widely known), my natural hormonal cycle is probably affecting my memory. It has gotten a lot better the past 2 days for dream recall but there is still a general feeling of forgetfulness and lack of focus.

Dream 05.10.12
I get a day pass at a dinky little day spa / gym for women. When you go in, it looks more like a hair salon. I spoke to the girls at the front desk, she gives me a little token as my pass. I change and ask her where the free weights are. She points me to the back of the room. I don’t even see it and it turns out it’s one tower of weights, covered accidentally by another towel. The weights on it were small and the increments were not regular. I think the next up from a 5lb was 9lb. They also didn’t have the traditional dumbbell shape. The 9 lbs were like s straight pink banana.

Then a class must’ve broke because suddenly it was busy all around. So much so that I couldn’t even do any exercises in the back corner because I was bumping into other people. All the ladies around were either moving onto their next exercise, or changing. I got annoyed and thought, “where the hell is the changeroom? Why don’t they go there? Or I’ll go THERE to work out.” When I found it, it was small with on one bench, surrounded by about 10-12 lockers and it was jam-packed.

I go back out to the main area not sure what to do. Then a woman waves me over at reception. It was the owner. She reassures me that it just gets like this when a class let’s out, it’ll be over soon. Then she invited me into another area of the building to work out. She also told the receptionist to give me a free pair of slippers which I took and remember that I thought them to be very nice quality and that putting them on would indeed feel luxurious.

We go to a back room where the ceilings open up. It looks like a living room, there’s a tv, a coffee table and a couch. The design is all very straight-edged and minimalist with lots of sunlight coming from somewhere. I was guessing that the owner must live here. She gestured to the floor rug underneath our feet and said I was free to use the space as I wished. Then she walked away, back through the door to the gym. I looked around and was satisfied enough. So I changed right there in the living room back into my exercise clothes, feeling the cool air against my bare skin as I did, becoming a little goosebumpy. I can’t recall if I actually worked out after that.

Then a bunch of friends and I are sitting at a long table. The design of this room seemed to match with the gym owner’s house but that is uncertain. Anyway, we were all sitting there with lots of snacks on the table, games and several bongs. There was also a small tv on my end. I believe husband was on my right but I never talked to him or saw his face. The table was full. Df had arrived with someone else’s brother and they settled in standing behind me, sorta to my left. We were all in communal conversation, I was listening and laughing. Df did not say something to me directly but out of the corner of my eye, he gestured some joke to me and I just laughed a really good hearty laugh. I felt really good, happy, high and carefree with friends just enjoying the wasting of time.

Then people wanted to take a break from the table and go out to backyard. I look outside while people were going out, it looked wintery, chilly and windy. It was a big long yard with some shrubs in the distance but everything was covered in a blanket of snow. Since I was still in my exercise clothes, I didn’t really want to go. I think I did anyways in the end, with a thick jacket around me.

Dreams 03.31.12 (Night)

Before I fell asleep, husband was talking about zombies so much. So guess what I dreamt about?

Again I don’t have much detail from the first half of dream but I will recount as much as possible.

I was visiting a friend’s house with another friend (a guy – who I cannot remember). It was a gathering of about 10-12 people for a casual dinner party. Sometime during the walk-about dinner one of the guests turned into a zombie and had bit and infected several other guests. Thus the running for our lives portion begins.

Me and the guest I arrived with ended up hiding in the upstairs washroom. Through the door we could hear the zombies attack and infect the remaining guests. There were sounds of screaming, fighting and gurgling bloody flesh. We could hear the house become quiet and through the window, we heard the group zombies go outside in search of more human flesh.

We slowly emerged from the bathroom peering around each corner cautiously. Then one stray zombie came out of nowhere and attacked us both. I picked up a random bloody axe on the floor and hacked away at its torso. I remember my chops except the first were all clean and I had almost completely chopped it in half as it stood.

I felt a hand grab me to tell me to run and so I did. When I looked back to acknowledge my companion, I saw that he was being eaten alive and I would not be able to save him. I turned in shame and terror and just kept on running.

Then I was arriving late to the airport. It was 20 minutes before the scheduled flight time when I arrives at the gates. When I tried to pass, my passport, tickets and papers were presented from my hand to the flight attendant but they weren’t quite it order. This tal, snooty black bitch looked at them, scoffed at me and made me put them in order. Then when I handed them to her again, she let me pass but gave me two receipts then indicated with a simple turn of the head that I would need to use the info on the receipts on a machine over in the corner to properly finish the check-in process.

I kept looking at the time, I had 15 minutes left, and I didn’t even know exactly where the boarding gate was. I didn’t argue and tried to ninja it through the questions and responses on the machine. I don’t remember what kind of questions they were. Nothing made sense. Anyways, another 10 minutes had gone by before I realized that if I had looked at the back of the receipts, I would’ve been done in 2 minutes. Frustrated that I only have 5 minutes left, I sped through and finished.

Then it turns out I had to drive an electric car-pod thing (think Minority Report) between terminals to get to my actual departure gate so I just kept thinking “delay delay delay!” Then I had to find parking. And as I ran up escalators and towards my gate, I seemed to always be against the current of people. There was nothing holding me back or slowing me, just an observation.

I remember the airport, like most in real life, had many large windows so everywhere you looked, the floor was touched with sunlight from a cloudy grey sky. As I ran, I had images of large icebergs and winter storms crashing against the coast (somehow I thought I was in Vancouver), causing a blinding storm with zero visibility, winds hurling the snow at horizontal angles, nothing but a misty wall of white approaching the tarmac and terminal building.

I don’t know if I ever caught my plane.

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