Cruise Launch Under a Purple Sky

Dreams 09.21.12
Eating in a corner congee restaurant. It had dark tile walls and bottom halves of the walls, booth were lined with brushed chrome. The place was cramped and busy. I finished my bowl of congee quickly and got up out of my booth, out to the street. I saw that it was dusk at a busy port city. The sky was becoming a deep purple.

Then I was walking with a small group of people, carrying luggage (I was carrying a few duffle bags, arms extended out beside me), heading towards the dock, towards a cruise ship. Somewhere in the group was also my mother, I was carrying her luggage but I didn’t see her. I was talking to a person beside me who turned out to be JR. He wasn’t actually coming on the cruise ship but he was helping someone else carry luggage. As the group walked down the steep steps from the dock to the ship, he was basically inviting me to his private boat. I asked how big his boat was and he said he was like this small cruise ship, but without the second partitioned structure. In the dream I understood that to mean that the space was about the size of a detached home of 2500 square feet. Then I thought to myself that it would be nice and accepted the invitation for another time.

Down on the upper decks of the cruise ship, a lot of passengers were just standing around, the ocean wind just whipping around them. I approached 2 people who were supposed to be my brother in law and sister. They looked cold. My sister had her sleeves pulled down and hands retraced into her sweater. I took out 3 hand knit berets and gave one to each of them. Then I put the last one on my own head making sure to cover my ears. My brother in law took my example and pull the beret over his ears. My sister had it on her head but not quite covering the ears. I yelled out to her to pull it lower because it would keep her warmer. She still couldn’t hear or understand because of the wind. My brother is law yelled louder and adjusted her beret. Then she understood.

Then I was in the sub/lower deck of the ship which was very much like a basement. It had a lot of my old friends and it looked like my highschool ex’s parents’ house. People were in a game of blindfold tag. I was kind of playing too but was trying to hide in the dark stairs hallway to stay out of game. Everyone else was running around in circles and squealing in childlike joy.


Rooftop Waterpark Paradise

This dream occurred between 7am to 9:30 am. I have no idea if I dreamt anything during the long sleep.

Dreams 09.06.12
I was heading up to the top floor of a skyscraper, an office building in HK. I’m not sure what I was looking for but when the elevator doors opened, all I could see was dark brown and black granite surfaces everywhere. The ceiling was crazy high. As I walked, the floor led to an open air balcony-like area. I could see the city down below and I could tell that the building I was in was very tall.

In this area, there was a shallow pool that seemed to drop off at the end, overlooking the city. When I turned around, I saw that this pool extended like a river around other structures on the roof floor. There were many people all in swimming attire, kids, adults, some were on floatation rings. People were laughing and screaming. That’s when I realized I was at a water park.

I don’t think I had a particular goal in my dream but I did know of a specific direction I should head towards. It involved jumping off a ledge where the river ended in a waterfall. Everyone else was doing it and having a grand old time but I was worried about cracking my head open on the granite either on the side of the waterfall or at the bottom. I looked over and watched people and children through themselves over, squealing with joy as they free-fell and splashed own at the bottom. No one else was getting hurt but the water in h bottom pool looked pretty shallow. I stood at the edge of he river, nervous, trying to figure out if I should jump.

A handsome topless man holding a big yellow floatation ring approached me and said hello. He could see why I was hesitating and tried to convince me it was really fun and nothing to worry about. He said I could sit on his floatation ring with him when he went down. I still hesitated.

Next, I was going over the waterfall in slow motion. The man and his yellow ring was a couple feet under me. We were both hearing towards the left granite wall. I reached out with my arms to hang on and the man turned his body in mid air to do the same. We caught the ledge and hung there together for a few seconds. Then we looked at each other and let go at the same time. The rest of the fall made me feel incredibly free. After that I think I spent the rest of the day playing in the waterpark and it was the greatest fun that I’ve had in the longest time.