A Night of Many Parties

The order of things is a bit screwy. I’m surprised I retained this information at all. Usually when I wake up at 5am and rush out for an hour drive, I remember nothing.

Dreams 11.27.12
I was at a party at a big house. I wander around and make my way out the back to the lawn. I go around the house down an interlocked path which was surrounded by landscaped flowers and bushes. I saw some old highschool friends who are now in living and working HK. I actually saw them when I visited my sister in September. One couple was expecting their first child then. It was born a month ago and the other couple are getting married next year. In the dream, both couples have their kids with them now. The kids were running around, the adults were laughing, having a barbeque. They were all happy and enjoying family and friends time.

Then I was back inside the house. It was dark, like a movie darkroom. There were a couple of red lights as the only light source. Somebody tossed a water balloon or something into the crowd that splashed everyone at the party. I run to the washroom intending to grab some toilet paper to dry myself. When I get there, it is a really institutional looking washroom stall with white concrete brick walls. I see the toilet paper holder and part of it looked broken.

Then my emo coworker walks up with parts to a super heavy duty cell phone arm/mount. From the look on his face, I knew I was supposed to put it together and attach it to the broken toilet paper holder. I put together the claw part and tested it with an iPhone, which was clamped very securely.

My coworker looked at me expectantly with 2 unused parts. I explained that’s part of the arm and put them together, screwed a few screws in and then the piece was whole. It reminded me of the old days when I had to help build camera supports during filming.

I walked out of an unlit mansion’s kitchen, out towards a wide set of open french doors. My coworker, the pretty girl, exclaims that it’s a maze out there. We continue to walk out and it turns out the wooden lattice structures weren’t actually a maze, it was part of the design of a courtyard.

Later in the dream, our car has broken down somewhere, so my sister, my mom and I go into a house asking to use the phone. I don’t know who we actually talked to but I noticed an attractive man in the background listening in. He was muscular, tall, thick chested, clean cut…just drools worthy. In the dream, I described him in my head to myself as a fireman-type. Later we waited for our ride at this house and sat on a couch. The “fireman” comes to sit beside me and chats me up. He was making his move with subtle sexual hints. I was very flattered and receptive. My mother notices this to and tries to intervene. She tries to derail the conversation and also mentions off hand that I have a ring on my hand, that I have a husband. I waved her comments off dismissively.

This dream I think happened after the drive and I had a one hour nap. I was probably actually asleep for 15 minutes. Most of that hour was spent trying to go back to sleep.

I was at another party, this time in a small apartment. All the guests were sitting on benches, or standing against the walls. A lady walks in and someone knocks a shelf beside her right at that moment, dumping out a whole paper bag of change which slow motion sprays her in the face. I remember just thinking how painful that must feel.


The Car Search

Had no to low level recalls for a few days. Today is the 2nd day after the start of the “moonblood” flood and I had a pretty easy and perfect recall despite the same amount of little sleep. I haven’t looked back at my records that clearly but I think it’s safe to say that THAT theory stands.

Dreams 09.27.12
I was attending a sit-down annual company dinner for the ethnic tv station I used to work for. They still invite me every year and I am still on the payroll despite not having actually worked in over two years. I guess that’s good? Anyways, it’s usually awkward going to these things. I want to see all the old camera men, see that they’re all still healthy and happy. Only a few of the old assistants are still there but it’s nice to see whoever I know.

The weird thing is that I no longer work with them and also I feel like I have become such a different person that I am out of touch. It’s not like we were ever great friends but when I was there, we all really gelled. Anyway, in the dream it felt exactly like that. I showed up to the event feeling like an outsider. I was also late as usual and not sure where to sit. So I just walked amongst the tables looking for the camera department table hoping there was an empty seat. When I found it, I mostly just sat there like a freshly adopted kid, listening and observing the conversation with no contribution at all.

The dream skipped ahead to the end of dinner. Some of the early leavers were starting to get up to go. One of the older camera men Kit, asked me if I’d go get his car for him. He had just hurt his knee or something and would really appreciate the help. He already had his arm out, keys dangling in my direction before I had said yes. I grabbed them naturally even though I was hesitant because I had no idea what his car looked like. Then I sat down and started to voice my concerns. I said, “I’m not sure what your car looks like. From what I remember it was this boxy silvery grey thing, may or may not be a Honda.” In my mind I had a very functional and robust looking compact vehicle in mind – practical. Then Kit just said, “Oh don’t worry you’ll find it. It’s easy. It’s yellow.” I was still doubtful but now I was aware of everyone around the table looking at me. So I joked and said, “Okay…but YOU,” and I pointed to another old assistant who also no longer works there Freddy, “I need you to come with me. Please? You’ll know how to find Kit’s car.” I said this in a mock bossy tone. Somehow all these guys got all highschool on me and went oooooh, insinuating that I had a thing for Freddy. FAR from the truth. Anyway Freddy took the teasing graciously and said, “No you go, it’s easy. His car is a ____ (fill in a letter + number combo meaning a car model).” I had a vague idea of what the car looked like and a yellow one was indeed rare so I figured I should be fine. I got up to make my way outside.

The doors leading outside were like kitchen service doors, brushed chrome finish and they swung in and out with little round porthole windows. Through the round windows I saw that it was dusk and the sun was setting, orange and red in the horizon. It cast a golden glow over the hoods of the cars in the parking lot. It was kind of difficult to see color because of the bright sun shining in my direction but I walked on.

The parking lot did not look that big at first but it was. I walked around for a long time searching for a yellow whatever model of this car. Mind you, I only had a vague idea of what it looked like. I walked on for a long time, turning down different lanes with no luck. Not even once did I see a car that I thought might have been it.

Then I realized I had been walking around for close to an hour because the sun had completely set by now. It was dark, freshly night time with just a few street lamps in the lot. I thought to myself, “Shit! Kit must be waiting still and by now more people will be leaving and he’ll wonder where the hell I went.” I felt like such an idiot but didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to go back an hour later and say I couldn’t find his car. Then I saw Freddy walking my way. He saw me too so we walked towards each other. I told him I walked forever and couldn’t find the car. He was surprised but then he looked over my shoulder and said, “No it’s over here. You walked right past it.” Then he led me back about 50 car widths back in the other direction. Behind 2 other cars was a black looking Mazda 3 looking car. It was shaped differently than what I envisioned in my mind and a totally different color!

I was shocked and frustrated but thankful to Freddy for helping me find it. Then I wondered why yellow was ever mentioned at all because the car did not have a speck of yellow on it. As I was walking up to the car, I took out Kit’s keys in my pocket. The remote control’s plastic was yellow on one side, black on the other. Then I realized that maybe Kit had a slip of the tongue and described the car the wrong color by mistake.

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