A Reversal of Vows

Dreams 06.05.12

I can’t remember where I was in the dream, just that I was standing with my husband in some formal and official setting. We were facing each other and he offered to dissolve our marriage. It felt like a reversal of wedding vows. I can’t remember having any particular feeling about it, of relief, sadness or anger. Although that could just be because of poor recall this morning. I think I had to say yes or no to make it official. I can’t remember how I responded either.


Pictures with my Girlfriend

Dream 04.13.12

I was at a university campus, talking to my girlfriend. She has dark hair, a teal plaid shirt, skirt, leggings and sneakers. I was asking her to wait beside a brick wall while I run inside the school building to talk to my husband quickly. She seemed anxious or nervous.

I ran inside and found my husband in his work orange safety uniform, strutting down the hall. I tapped him on the shoulder and he turned around. He instantly started to brag loudly about something he did at work. His work buddy SH showed up and said hi. He was being friendly but they were both too loud for me at the time. I asked my husband, “How much longer?” And he grinned and said “Maybean hour…or something.”

I turnedto go outside, in my head working out if that wa’s enough time to spend with the girlfriend. Approaching the door, I increased my pace to a jog. Through the glass door, I could see her in the distance waiting. Then it looked like she was walking away. I thought she wasn’t waiting anymore so I started to run in hopes of catching up to her. When I was outside the building and had a better vantage point, it turned out she was actually walking closer to the building to meet me. I was relieved and happy.

She stopped in front of the steps leading up to building where a big group was posing for a photo. I approached her in an arc (from stairs looking down, and did a 270 dolly around her) so I was looking slightly back towards the steps. Behind her, I saw her, sitting on a stool, playing guitar and singing into a mic.

I walked up to her (thr standing her) and she joked that we should jump in front of the camera for a picture. My sister and Will were there suddenly and they were about to take the picture for us when my friend MP from uni said they should jump in too and she would take the pic. My sister hands her the camera. MP set the camera, lense front in, on the back ledge of a SUV so she could adjust the strap. I saw this and was panicking on the inside so I snatched it up right away to prevent it from getting scratched.┬áThen she took it from my hands, saw the bottom and exclaimed, “Ooh swallow lense!” Apparently a fancy new lense mount – I had a vision of the demo video showing how it worked after she said that. Then we both made the Transformer robot sound and giggled to each other.

The SUV’s (which was blue by the way) hatch opens. The back area was brand spanking new. The moulded plastic was pristine and still had that new plastic non-oily but slick sheen to it. I was very impressed and imagined the second use of the back “pod” area, which was that it could be detached to use as a floating platform for transporting things/luggage across water.