Telepathic Symphony

Last night’s recall isn’t the greatest. I think I went to bed too late for the night after a night of interrupted sleep. It’s weird how these things work. Tonight I plan on going to the gym, tire myself out and hitting the sack early.

Dreams 03.26.13
I was communicating to someone, a man, via thought. But I wasn’t even communicating words or images. I was “beaming” him a symphony that I had written in my head. There were many intricate voices doing various trills and crisscrossing harmonies. It was very tiring to convey all this to him. Near the end of this musical one sided conversation, instead of conveying the whole symphony, I sent him the image of parts of the score that represented what I had in my head. Then I gave up on the sending out right, collapsed on a couch on front of him and said, “Sorry that last bit is just parts of it but you get the idea…”

Then either this same man or another said to me how they would rater be working in a dam. Then I had the image in my head of a fly-in of a damn beside a lake/river in the middle of a desert. The fly-in continued into the turbines, right into the gears and moving parts, coming out inside the dam building at the station where a man might work. The sounds of all the moving parts of the dam, this engine, was crazy loud and overwhelming yet in its own way a symphony of sound and movement. Its total effect was deafening and terrifying. I think the man was standing there working at his station with a clipboard. Then he put it down, about to stick his hands on these whole to do something with one part of the engine but I knew he would get hurt. So I “screamed” telepathically to him but he didn’t hear me. Then he stuck his hands in and I “flew out”, the whole dam and desert faded away and I didn’t see the inevitable disaster.

That last part seems a little bit made up to me…becausei don’t remember it exactly as images in my head but when I wrote them they flowed right out. So I’m assuming that’s what happened. Then there seemed to be more to the dream but I can’t recall even the bits now.


Say No to the Coach Bus and Video Game Fun

I can’t quite remember the part before this dream so I won’t attempt it. I just know it ended up with me and my crew (I don’t mean that in the “street” way) boarding a coach bus that was going to take us “back”. I got on the bus first near the front and I think my husband took the seat beside me so I was by the window. A long line of people were slowly making their way to fill up the back of the bus. A few of our crew members got on but the lineup to the back stopped, backed up. I exchanged looks with one particular crew member who waited in the aisle. He was tall and looked like Pearce Brosnan. We communicated non-verbally to let’s get the hell off this bus and take a car instead.

We walk up to a car in the parking lot with our duffle bags. I see a white car just pulling out. I could see the background, we were in a tropical location with palm trees everywhere and it was drizzling. It was df in the car. I waved, he saw but did not wave back and as he drove away I saw an unknown girl in the passenger seat.

Then finally I pulled up to our house in a car, don’t know what happened to the Pearce look-a-like. Inside, in the living room, the layout was different. Instead of the L-shaped couch and ottoman and tv, it was a much smaller room with a light grey couch about 5 feet from the tv. At first I sat on the couch with a couple of friends. Then the 2 sitting on the ground put in another game. I was excited to play so I got up and joined them on the ground. I expected the game to be like something I’ve played before and I would kick ass at it. I even had the visuals of what it would be like all ready in my head because I was so psyched to play. It would’ve been a Metroid for Wii-like game. Instead it was a top down isometric view game where I was a “supply robot” making my way through a factory with sliding doors and I was required to go through a bunch of repetitive tasks. One particular example I could remember was spearing weird trident-like objects off the wall and placing it on another wall.

I remember being disappointed because the game wasn’t like what I expected at all but it was still fun in its own way. And the art style was more interesting and different. I thought to myself that this must be the kind of robot that Bender from Futurama had to be, thus the reason he drinks.

Sunset Meeting at Dogdoo Park

Dreams 06.11.12
I took the dog to visit someone. The meeting place was at the end of a large grassy field. He was standing by a lone white mesh fence, the kind sometimes used for baseball diamonds. He was an older gentleman, white haired, wearing a a light grey or white golf-rain-sweater thing. He basically looked like a model in an old age luxury retirement home brochure. He was a researcher and supposedly doing research about dogs.

It was almost sunset. The sun was low on the horizon. It backlit the researcher’s grey hair and make the green grass yellow and translucent. As I approached, my dog started to pull towards the stranger in excitement. From far away I thought he seemed a warm person but up close, he was actually kind of cool.

We started to walk back towards the field as he asked me a few questions. The first was what is the heritage of my dogs. I realized then that I was not at all prepared. I showed up without knowing what was expected of me and was now fumbling for a complete answer. At first I said her parents were a bulldog and a victorian bulldog. To which he said, so she’s purebred. Then I stuttered and blurted out that maybe she had something else. Anyways, he didn’t seem too interested in my responses after that. He asked me a couple more questions.

Before I even answered the third, one of his colleagues called from behind and ran up beside him. Then they just went off and kept talking. No goodbye, no thank you. I felt like I came out all the way to meet him for no reason. The questions he asked didn’t even seem important. I felt ignored, belittled and put aside.

Then the dog somehow got off the leash and ran even further into the field where there was now a soccer game going on. I ran after her. She stopped in front of a pile of bags and clothes sitting on the grass sniffing them. Then from about 20 feet away, I see that she squats and starts taking a massive shit right beside the bags. I was embarrassed because the teens who were playing soccer noticed this. Some of them stopped the game to come look at my dog abd watched her take multiple shits around. I looked around quickly, how was I going to pick this up. Then I remembered that her leash had a little poop bag holder and the leash was back the other way for some reason, so I went to get it.

When I was back at the pile of clothes, and shit with 2 poop bags. A group of 5-6 teens had gathered and the piles of poo that awaited me were miniature mountains. The teens said, “Whoa, you better find a way to pick that up!” There were 4 piles, each at least a third of the size of my dog. I stood dumbfounded wondering how this little animal iterally shat more than her own weight. I started contemplating how I could get this mushy mess into the poop bags, contain it and not get shit on myself.

There was another significant portion of the dream. I am sure important events occurred in it but I cannot remember any of it.

Drinks, Dim Sum and Moving

Dreams 06.10.12

I drive to a dark parking lot of a bar and take an inflatble palm tree or something like it out of the car. I set it on the wooden back entrance steps and go in. I see a big group of coworkers mushed into a large booth and politely asked to join them. I pulled up a chair and sat at the end. I had a mild feeling of social anxiety, trying to be involved with the conversation. Then the waitress came and we all ordered drinks. When it was my turn I asked for a rum and coke. I think the drinks came pretty quickly and when the waitress came around to take orders again, I think I ordered a beer. Then I went back out and put inflatable back into the car. The feeling was like I brought something to a party that was nothing like I expected so I had to hide it before anyone suspected I brought this goofy thing.

Next part I remember, I just woke up at the house. Roommate and Irish are getting ready to go out. They tell us that they are going to dim sum and asked if husband and I wanted to go as well. We give them a vague answer like maybe we will join. Then the doorbell rings, it’s df. He has the code to get in but he rang the bell so people inside knew he had come. He had something to get from roommate’s room. He said hi to roommate, walked upstairs, right by me to roommate’s room without any acknowledgment of me and then basically runs out the door. I felt a bit hurt and ignored, indignant. Roommate and Irish went with him. Then I started to get ready quickly, spitefully so we could make it to dim sum.

Another part of dream…I find out that the condo my mom used to own and rent out is now under my dad’s ownership. I contemplate whether I could rent the place from my dad in order to move out from husband on my own. Then I am walking through the condo and realize it’s probably too big just for me. There were at least three rooms and I could barely afford it so it would be better to find a roommate. I remember thinking that the condo was very nice.

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