Late for a Farm-dez-Vous

Dreams 11.15.12
I had an appointment at 7pm with a guy who owns a farm in the middle of nowhere. I think the official purpose of the appointment was for me to interview him but the secret purpose was really that I would seduce him and he would fuck me all over his dirty farm. I was very excited about the idea.

However, I had also made plans before the appointment to go shopping at an ikea type store, just browsing furniture. At the store, a few of us walked into an area where the demo space was setup like a big, maybe 15×15 one room apartment. There were wooden shelves and wardrobe built right into the walls. It was a darker wood with an obvious grain pattern. On the “cubby” shelves near the bed there were white plastic containers that were divided into 3 compartments places for books. When I saw them, I pointed them out to my friend, who is moving into the city soon irl. He looked at them and started to imagine his new place out loud. He took a couple of steps back as he did this and being a tall guy, he had basically put his ass into another female coworker’s face. She was sitting on the bed talking on the phone.

I started to laugh out loud, cackling. My boss who was on a ladder, checking out the higher shelves, asked what I was laughing at. I told him but he looked like he didn’t really understand why I found it so funny. The friend who was moving soon said to him, she just enjoys humorous situations fully and freely. That wasn’t exactly what he said but it was something to that effect.

Then I was in a clothing store with my mother, browsing but I wasn’t directly beside her. I was flipping through the hangers of clothes, checking out all the stuff on sale. A lot of the clothes had a retro feel feel to it with color blocked designs or geographic patterns.

Then I realized the time was getting close to my appointment with the farmer. I began to get anxious. I knew there was a group of school kids visiting the farm on a field trip that would be leaving soon. In my head I was making up stories and reasons why I shouldn’t go there on time. For example, the field trip is running late, if I showed up early it would be disruptive. Or, if I left now my mother would be all alone, let’s just wait until she is done with this store.

Eventually 8pm came around and I was just making my way to the farm then. I remember walking up towards the barn at dusk, up the dirt path from the main road, just nervous and anxious as hell because I was so late. I wondered if the farmer has lost all interest in me.


Amidst A Broken Landscape

I am driving in a little hatchback, ripping my way through a forested path. I am almost late for a event, I think it may be a wedding I was rushing to. Also I may or may not have had a significant role at the event. I arrived somewhere but do not remember what it looked like or what happened inside.

When the event was over. A group of about 6 people including myself came out of the building. The forest surroundings had been completely obliterated. Instead we saw…how can I describe this?

Imagine if the small patch of land you stood on floated atop an area where the edges of many techtonic plates collided. Your patch of land luckily placed so it was not in the fault lines, nor in the path of destruction when the ground opened up and lava filled in the gaps. All around our little patch, the land was charred and cracked, interspersed with jagged rocks, blackened mountain ranges. Smoke rose from between the cracks.

In the distance we could see what may be lava rivers. Further still in the horizon, we saw the city we all felt the need to get to. We all looked at each other then back out at the land, contemplating which of our vehicles could possibly traverse this terrain, if we were lucky enough to find an unobstructed path to the city. I looked at my little hatchback and knew I was doomed and wish I had a truck or a 4×4. Then I thought walking is still an option. It would be hard but there’s a half decent chance of survival. At least I wouldn’t drive onto a patch of sinking earth and be swallowed up in a pool of magma.

Baby on the Road

Dream 05.30.12
I am developing a bad habit of waking up late and snoozing too often this week. It results in lateness, panic and memories lost. Alas with the window open, sunlight and a clear blue sky visible through it, framed by the young leaves off the tops of our shrubs in the backyard makes for too calming a sight from my pillow to not keep me in bed.

So I completely forgot the first dream. I was doing something important and that’s all I know.

The feeling of needing to be somewhere important carried on into the after-snooze dream. I was dressed for work and it was early morning. I needed to be somewhere (not work) soon but I was running a bit behind. My mom was on her way over because she offered to give me a ride.

Inside her car, we were chatting about all manner of things, small talk to pass the time. She was driving noticeably slow and a tad mindlessly. I was getting annoyed but did not want to be polite. At one point I saw a bus pull over ahead at a stop while we were at a red light. I was hoping we could stop so I could just jump on the bus and be on my way. When the light turned green the bus was pulling out away from the bus stop so I knew we would never catch it.

Then I could see all the cars ahead merging into the right lane. We were the second or third car before the merge happens. I told my mom to try merging but she was slow and we ended up stopping before the cause of the merge. When she saw what happened we both got out of the car.

A police car with sirens flashing was on the right side. To the left of us we see a few people standing, some kneeling, hunched over. There is the accident. A child or baby had been hurt and abandoned, literally on the side of a road. My mom wanted to go towards the group but I hesitated. I knew there was nothing I could do for them. Meanwhile, our car was just sitting there in traffic in everyone’s way. Plus I still needed to get to my important place. I felt bad for wanting to leave because I wished to help and at least stop for some compassion.

My mom could see the impatience in my eyes but not the conflict that was going on in my head. She said, “Okay let’s go. I’ll take you to the church.” I flipped out a little. During our conversation I had mentioned that I should go to church to either pick up something or get baptised. I’m already baptised in real life and I really don’t go to church so none of this makes sense. I flipped out a little at her because I didn’t need to go to church NOW and my mom was totally not listening to what I needed to do for me right now.

I think I clarified our destination to her rudely and returned to the car.

Dreams 03.31.12 (Night)

Before I fell asleep, husband was talking about zombies so much. So guess what I dreamt about?

Again I don’t have much detail from the first half of dream but I will recount as much as possible.

I was visiting a friend’s house with another friend (a guy – who I cannot remember). It was a gathering of about 10-12 people for a casual dinner party. Sometime during the walk-about dinner one of the guests turned into a zombie and had bit and infected several other guests. Thus the running for our lives portion begins.

Me and the guest I arrived with ended up hiding in the upstairs washroom. Through the door we could hear the zombies attack and infect the remaining guests. There were sounds of screaming, fighting and gurgling bloody flesh. We could hear the house become quiet and through the window, we heard the group zombies go outside in search of more human flesh.

We slowly emerged from the bathroom peering around each corner cautiously. Then one stray zombie came out of nowhere and attacked us both. I picked up a random bloody axe on the floor and hacked away at its torso. I remember my chops except the first were all clean and I had almost completely chopped it in half as it stood.

I felt a hand grab me to tell me to run and so I did. When I looked back to acknowledge my companion, I saw that he was being eaten alive and I would not be able to save him. I turned in shame and terror and just kept on running.

Then I was arriving late to the airport. It was 20 minutes before the scheduled flight time when I arrives at the gates. When I tried to pass, my passport, tickets and papers were presented from my hand to the flight attendant but they weren’t quite it order. This tal, snooty black bitch looked at them, scoffed at me and made me put them in order. Then when I handed them to her again, she let me pass but gave me two receipts then indicated with a simple turn of the head that I would need to use the info on the receipts on a machine over in the corner to properly finish the check-in process.

I kept looking at the time, I had 15 minutes left, and I didn’t even know exactly where the boarding gate was. I didn’t argue and tried to ninja it through the questions and responses on the machine. I don’t remember what kind of questions they were. Nothing made sense. Anyways, another 10 minutes had gone by before I realized that if I had looked at the back of the receipts, I would’ve been done in 2 minutes. Frustrated that I only have 5 minutes left, I sped through and finished.

Then it turns out I had to drive an electric car-pod thing (think Minority Report) between terminals to get to my actual departure gate so I just kept thinking “delay delay delay!” Then I had to find parking. And as I ran up escalators and towards my gate, I seemed to always be against the current of people. There was nothing holding me back or slowing me, just an observation.

I remember the airport, like most in real life, had many large windows so everywhere you looked, the floor was touched with sunlight from a cloudy grey sky. As I ran, I had images of large icebergs and winter storms crashing against the coast (somehow I thought I was in Vancouver), causing a blinding storm with zero visibility, winds hurling the snow at horizontal angles, nothing but a misty wall of white approaching the tarmac and terminal building.

I don’t know if I ever caught my plane.

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