A Maze of a House

Another sketchy recall day. Definitely think it’s the snoozing…should really just pick a time to wake up and fucking commit.

Dreams 03.27.13
I was in a house with a lot of square rooms. I remember looking down at the structure from a top down view like a diorama and that’s how I distinctly knew the place was made up of little square rooms with narrow hallways.

All the walls were white with light colored hardwood floors. All the other rooms had occupants as well. We seemed to be milling about like rats in a maze, visiting each others’ rooms.

In the context of my first person view, I was merely hanging back in one space at a party. I think somebody asked me what my opinion of the house was and I do not remember what I said. The question was asked either because I was already living there or because they wanted to know if I wanted to live there.


A Night of Many Parties

The order of things is a bit screwy. I’m surprised I retained this information at all. Usually when I wake up at 5am and rush out for an hour drive, I remember nothing.

Dreams 11.27.12
I was at a party at a big house. I wander around and make my way out the back to the lawn. I go around the house down an interlocked path which was surrounded by landscaped flowers and bushes. I saw some old highschool friends who are now in living and working HK. I actually saw them when I visited my sister in September. One couple was expecting their first child then. It was born a month ago and the other couple are getting married next year. In the dream, both couples have their kids with them now. The kids were running around, the adults were laughing, having a barbeque. They were all happy and enjoying family and friends time.

Then I was back inside the house. It was dark, like a movie darkroom. There were a couple of red lights as the only light source. Somebody tossed a water balloon or something into the crowd that splashed everyone at the party. I run to the washroom intending to grab some toilet paper to dry myself. When I get there, it is a really institutional looking washroom stall with white concrete brick walls. I see the toilet paper holder and part of it looked broken.

Then my emo coworker walks up with parts to a super heavy duty cell phone arm/mount. From the look on his face, I knew I was supposed to put it together and attach it to the broken toilet paper holder. I put together the claw part and tested it with an iPhone, which was clamped very securely.

My coworker looked at me expectantly with 2 unused parts. I explained that’s part of the arm and put them together, screwed a few screws in and then the piece was whole. It reminded me of the old days when I had to help build camera supports during filming.

I walked out of an unlit mansion’s kitchen, out towards a wide set of open french doors. My coworker, the pretty girl, exclaims that it’s a maze out there. We continue to walk out and it turns out the wooden lattice structures weren’t actually a maze, it was part of the design of a courtyard.

Later in the dream, our car has broken down somewhere, so my sister, my mom and I go into a house asking to use the phone. I don’t know who we actually talked to but I noticed an attractive man in the background listening in. He was muscular, tall, thick chested, clean cut…just drools worthy. In the dream, I described him in my head to myself as a fireman-type. Later we waited for our ride at this house and sat on a couch. The “fireman” comes to sit beside me and chats me up. He was making his move with subtle sexual hints. I was very flattered and receptive. My mother notices this to and tries to intervene. She tries to derail the conversation and also mentions off hand that I have a ring on my hand, that I have a husband. I waved her comments off dismissively.

This dream I think happened after the drive and I had a one hour nap. I was probably actually asleep for 15 minutes. Most of that hour was spent trying to go back to sleep.

I was at another party, this time in a small apartment. All the guests were sitting on benches, or standing against the walls. A lady walks in and someone knocks a shelf beside her right at that moment, dumping out a whole paper bag of change which slow motion sprays her in the face. I remember just thinking how painful that must feel.

A Birthday Party Zombie Maze

Dreams 06.30.12

There were no memories of the night time dream. This one happened and It was from falling asleep at a failed WILD attempt.

I was inside a big gymnasium/hall. It was L-shaped. On one side of the L was a stage setup. On the other side of the L there were 5-6 long bench tables. It was covered with festive tablecloths, food, cutlery, drinks, etc. The place was setup for a birthday party of someone I knew and I helped to organize it.

In the middle big area between the stage and tables, something else was being setup but I didn’t really know what it was. Guests were starting to arrive and I saw many familar faces from highschool, elementary school. People I have never been close with but have known since I was 13. Thanks to Facebook I now have pretty concrete images of their adult forms.

Skip past some time and the party is in full swing. I was getting up from one of the tables, shuffling along to get to the end. I saw SW (“rich” daddy’s girl from elementary school), CM (a girl who hung with SW and used to always be purposely outspoken), VW (also part of their old clique but turned out way cooler as a person, smart and beautiful). I must’ve seen others but it is strange that I only remember them now. They were the 3 who were “popular” in our class during junior high. But it’s not like that status lingered on into highschool, they became like everyone else. Not unpopular but just normal.

Anyways, I wanted to make my way towards the stage area but the “thing” they were setting up before is now up. It’s a gigantic maze that took up the entire space. You either had to go through the maze to get to the stage and dancefloor or there was a tiny little gap between the maze and the inner corner of the L. I squeezed through the gap.

Then I stood there watching 4 people dance and sing on stage. 2 of them were VN and AY (I ran into at the bus stop a few years back). I wanted to go up to joij in on the fun but was afraid. Finally I said fuck it and climbed up. The people on stage barely ackowledged me except VN. I joined in on their song and dance clumsily, twirling and lip-syncing. A few times during the twirls I almost fell off stage right.

I started to feel embarrassed so I jumped off the stage. The song and dance continued on without me. I walked towards the entrance of the maze from this side of the room and entered. There were other people in the maze playing a game of zombies chasing/attacking humans. I passed by a few people pretending to be zombies, nobody I knew, so they ignored me because I didn’t seem like I wanted to participate.

Then I walked into MK, an old friend of my highschool ex. He wasn’t really playing either but we exchanged smiles in recognition. Then he pretended to be a zombie and attacked me. I laughed at first. Then his pretend zombie act continued and he pinned me to the ground. It was still all in good fun but as I was on the ground pretending to be ravaged by a zombie, playing along, I started to feel like I was being molested. Yet I continued to play along anyway.

Dreams 03.23.12

Dream 1:

A bunch of my friends from highschool were going to somewhere as a group, maybe a party. M (my ex), big E, J (my once arch nemesis) and my bestie were there for sure. The rest I’m not sure of.

We came upon a maze with 5 super narrow paths. Each of us went through one path.
When it didn’t seem to lead anywhere I jumped and climbed up to sit on a wall to look over the maze. My suspicions were confirmed, the maze had no exit. Somehow we made our way out and kept heading towards our destination.

One weird thing, it’s like everywhere we went was a set in a studio.

We came to an area with 2 circular stairways going up to landing with doors that led to other rooms. Some guy was up there hurling glass vases, globes at us. It was shattering everywhere and the ground was already covered with broken glass.

Then each of us ran past the arean dodging the glass objects bombing down around us. We all made it past but I don’t know if we made it to our destination.

Dream 2:
There may have been more to this dream but I just remember this scene. I am volunteering at an old folk’s home and I was cooking something in a pot on a hot pot stove and soup pot. I was fishing out bok choy out of of the boiling pot of water with long wooden chopsticks into a big bowl with noodles.

Dream 3:
This one happened in the morning when I had woken up about 8 in the morning then drifted back to sleep. I was making out on a balcony with df. It was bright, the sky was just white. It was very windy and my hair was down, whipping around our faces as we kissed. I was wearing a light linen dress that went down to my knees. Then he lifted me up onto the ledge and lowered me onto him. I remember being scared of falling off the balcony but he held on tightly as we continued with the makeout fuck.

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