Go Time

Dreams 05.16.17

It was a post apocalyptoc world, either zombies or something gruesome. People now lived in internment camps like Hunger Games zones. For some reason out of our control, I was living in a camp which seemed to be mostly women and I was separated from my bf. Luckily I had my puppies with me.

There was much tension in the camp, amongst other people and between my sister and me. She said some not so nice things about bf even thougj she doesn’t know him at all, not one bit. Other people got into it with me too at some townhall type meeting.

We were all sitting on rafters, looking down at the middle area wr had designated as the speakong platform. They were mad that I had dogs with me, that I was prioritizing their lives over people’s lives by giving them food and shelter space over people.

I wrapped the dog leashes tighter around my balled up fists as I sat through their tirade. Then it was my turn to speak. I stood up and spoke passionately, from the heart. I told them the dogs were an asset to the camp. I told them how they could help us hunt in the outer areas and warn us of dangers that approached. All the while, I imagined them vividly in my mind’s eye, being these amazing tough dogs doing these things even though they had never done it in their lives.

People seemed moved by my retort and I changed the subject to people instead. My speech became motivational. I opined that if we stuck together and encouraged each other, we’ll all make it throigh this because this is our family now.

When I was done there were loud murmurs amongst the group. There was a lot of drama and emotion in people’s faces but it was clear to us all – now it’s go time.


Post-Apocalyptic Yard Sale

Dreams 06.04.12

We (me and an unknown group) were hunkered down in some type of underground dwelling, bunker or something. I think we were snowed in or it was crazy cold out that you would freeze instantly on contact if you went outside. I don’t remember much of the action that occurred in this portion of the dream, just that I had the feeling that food and water was scarce and we were all in it togethere, like it or not. It was definitely some type of post-apocalyptic or post-disaster scenario.

One particular image from this part of the dream is an aerial view from way up in the atmosphere. I was flying down towards the snowy area that our bunker was in. Then the “camera” view levels out to see land and sky, which was a clear blue, the sun shining brightly from just outside my field of view. The “camera” lowers and sinks below the ground and the snowy landscape just fades away to transparency, so that I could see our group below.

Later on, as possibly an extension of the post-apocalyptic scenario, I was with husband driving a trunk full of junk to a warehouse. When we got there I was told to lay everything out on the floor in a marked off area rectangle on the concrete floor. It seems like they paid for junk in terms of how much square footage it took up.

Another couple in front of us had started to lay down their odds and ends so I was gestured to start setting out our garbage piece by piece right behind theirs. Then this woman started counting their stash item by item. She was moving quickly over each piece, counting rapidly to herself.

When she arrived at the border of their junk and our junk, she stopped counting and just hovered. I hopped in response and drew an invisible demarcation line on the concrete that separate theirs and ours. The woman repeated my gesture and continued on with her count.