Grandpas are particular about their wicker lounge chairs.

Super fuzzy recall. I was in a weird building that was like a resort/hotel in a communist country. It wasn’t particularly “fancy” but the lounge area had a bunch of wicker chairs, blue-green outdoor carpet patterned with art deco fountains in a lighter shape. The walls were a plain concrete, 12 inches thick. The lounge room opened up to an open air area that may have led to a pool or water feature. There was a group, maybe a tour group, huddled near the inside entrance to the lounge. I stood on the outskirts of it.

I remember having to find a wicker chair for an old man standing beside me all frail and wrinkled. There were empty chairs all around me but I had to go all the way down the hall into another room to get a similar wicker chair for him to sit in.

There was also some 8 bit video game involved in the dream, not entirely sure how. I just know that after putting the old man in the chair, I looked up at the wall to see a projection screen. On the screen I saw the game with its black background and moving neon purple colors blocky shapes just moving around the screen. I’m pretty sure I saw the game elsewhere in the dream but I cannot remember what else happened before or after what I’ve recorded.

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Cruise Launch Under a Purple Sky

Dreams 09.21.12
Eating in a corner congee restaurant. It had dark tile walls and bottom halves of the walls, booth were lined with brushed chrome. The place was cramped and busy. I finished my bowl of congee quickly and got up out of my booth, out to the street. I saw that it was dusk at a busy port city. The sky was becoming a deep purple.

Then I was walking with a small group of people, carrying luggage (I was carrying a few duffle bags, arms extended out beside me), heading towards the dock, towards a cruise ship. Somewhere in the group was also my mother, I was carrying her luggage but I didn’t see her. I was talking to a person beside me who turned out to be JR. He wasn’t actually coming on the cruise ship but he was helping someone else carry luggage. As the group walked down the steep steps from the dock to the ship, he was basically inviting me to his private boat. I asked how big his boat was and he said he was like this small cruise ship, but without the second partitioned structure. In the dream I understood that to mean that the space was about the size of a detached home of 2500 square feet. Then I thought to myself that it would be nice and accepted the invitation for another time.

Down on the upper decks of the cruise ship, a lot of passengers were just standing around, the ocean wind just whipping around them. I approached 2 people who were supposed to be my brother in law and sister. They looked cold. My sister had her sleeves pulled down and hands retraced into her sweater. I took out 3 hand knit berets and gave one to each of them. Then I put the last one on my own head making sure to cover my ears. My brother in law took my example and pull the beret over his ears. My sister had it on her head but not quite covering the ears. I yelled out to her to pull it lower because it would keep her warmer. She still couldn’t hear or understand because of the wind. My brother is law yelled louder and adjusted her beret. Then she understood.

Then I was in the sub/lower deck of the ship which was very much like a basement. It had a lot of my old friends and it looked like my highschool ex’s parents’ house. People were in a game of blindfold tag. I was kind of playing too but was trying to hide in the dark stairs hallway to stay out of game. Everyone else was running around in circles and squealing in childlike joy.

A Dance Rehearsal and a Hesitation to Re-roll

Dreams 06.20.12

I walked into an elementary school gym. A bunch of chairs were set up facing the stage and a handful of adults were sitting, quietly talking to each other. Then something started onstage. There was music. Then a group of young girls of ages 6-12 all dressed in lilac leotards dotted with brush strokes of magenta and purple began prancing around on stage in some sort of formation.

I continued my slow walk behind the audience, eyes still fixed on the stage. Then the girls formed a line at the back of the stage and one by one they hopped off stage right and reentered near the front, skipping and jumping in mid-air then edit stage left. I looked down at my own clothing and realize I am in the same leotards and I should be part of that line-up on stage! If I don’t make it onto the stage now I will miss my cue and ruin everything.

I hurried to the backstage area from stage left, listening carefully to the music for my cue, walking up the stairs. When my cue came in the music time, I had just stepped onto the last step to the level of the stage. I dove towards the stage and hopped on time to the music but opposite to the direction all the other girls had gone, praying that the contrasting direction seemed intentional, part of the choreography. I lumbered through the rest of the dance clumsily, following the motion of the other girls.

When the dress rehearsal was done I went down to the audience to my mom. She said with a smile that I did good. I told her I did my best but I was disappointed with my self, just a bit. I told her that it felt like I was supposed to know what I was doing and I just forgot. It’s like the a shadow of the memory of my motions were in still in my body. She said it looked like I was struggling a little but that I did good anyway.

Then somehow time skipped a bit and the coach/teacher was speaking loudly, strictly to the girls and I. She was dictating our very full schedule for classes and rehearsals for the next few weeks. The schedule was also written on the chalkboard. Then the bell rang and all the girls left the stage/classroom. I didn’t actually see the teacher or the other girls at this point. It was like a movie scene where you just hear the voice and sound effects indication the action while my eyes were the camera, floating through the stage space, doing a slow pan right across the chalkboard.

Then I sat there on the floor frantically trying to input the schedule into my blackberry and made all sorts of mistakes. I kept having to cancel and redo. Another girl was just jotting it down on a notepad. In a few quick strokes of her pen, she was done and walked away very satisfied with herselfwhile I sat there still fumbling.

Then I could hear some tech support person in my ear kind of making fun of me for my blackberry but also making helpful suggestions on what I should do. Then we proceeded to do some troubleshooting for my desktop. He sounded very professional. However I could hear either his coworkers or buddies in the background making jokes, obviously commenting on something on tv. Occasionally my tech support guy made a comment to them but the tone was so much more casual than his “professional” voice I couldn’t be 100% sure that it was him. I wished I was talking to the buddy version of him rather than the professional version. Finally he told me we were done and I should reboot and start whatever program I wanted to use.

Turns out I was trying to play Diablo 3 and when he saw, he was pleasantly surprised. Then I thought about starting a brand new character but let out a heavy sigh. I didn’t want to have to re-roll and setup all my character attributes and appearance again. Actually irl, you don’t even need to do that in Diablo 3, I was just remembering every other RPG I’ve played.