The Aftermath of a Flood

Dreams 01.04.13
A new year and new dreams. I wonder if the the running theme will be different this year as things continue to change in my life.

Last night I dreamt of death and I did not want to remember the dream. I felt bad. It was the death of roommate’s sister. Just writing this gives me the creeps. She is a sweet and wonderful person. Come to think of it there was also another death in the dream. I think it was Irish. Both deaths occured and it came to me as news along the grapevine. There had been some sort of natural disaster, a big storm, perhaps some flooding. I remember riding around on a speed bike along park paths after the flood had receded. There were still large pools of water everywhere.

I tried to avoid the pools and had to go into the grassy areas but without thick treads on my bike tires, I kept getting stuck. I remember being mildly annoyed but I would walk the bike along whenever this happened.

Then I remember walking around a busy food court inside a mall. I was supposed to be searching for something I wanted to eat but the death of two wonderful people weighed in my mind. I wasn’t sure if it was real or imagined. I just roamed the busy mall thinking about them.

Then I was in an apartment building, my apartment building. I had been stuck there for a few days. I went into the living room where my two roommates were lounging about watching tv. One was my husband’s niece who I’ve come to think of as a friend and another girl I cannot pinpoint as a person from real life. I announced to them, but more to myself, that I was going to the gym. I needed to get out and get motivated. I asked if either of them wanted to join me. They kind of grunted/grumbled in response then went right back to looking at the tv. I resolved to go out on my own. I didn’t really think there would be any uptake on my invitation anyway.


The Never-Ending Mall Shuffle

First sleep back in home country, not quite my “home” bed but the sleep is definitely better here. Despite only sleeping from 1:30 to 6:30 and basically waking up every hour on the hour, I am still feeling fairly rested. And unless I dreamed those wake ups, I’m pretty sure each time I went back into the “same” dream.

Dreams 09.17.12
I was in a pedestrian mall. It had very high ceilings. All the walls were a glass tile that had a fake wood grain pattern beneath it. The floors were a beige marble tile. Shiny.
I was walking with my mother, sister and brother-in-law. Eventually we stopped and went into a restaurant.

We sat across from each other and ordered food. I cannot remember what we talked about in the dream. I just know that at one point I saw this man and woman sitting not far from us, looking in our direction. The man was the man that my mom had a brief emotional affair with years ago, when I was about 8. The woman was his wife. I really don’t know if that’s what they looked like but there they were, just a brief glimpse.

Then I think I was walking in the mall again trying to follow directions to the women’s washroom. I turned a few corners and still wasn’t able to find it.

Then I woke up. On a few of the subsequent wake ups, I can’t remember if I dreamed or not but each time that I did, I remembered the mall and walking, searching in it. On the last wake up, I considered if I should try to go lucid and do a WILD attempt since I was pretty certain I’d go back into this mall. Then I got lazy and decided I should probably just get some rest and sleep because that would come much quicker.

In the final mall walk and search, I came to the realization that I was just walking around in a loop. There were steps and corners occasionally in the path of the mall. No matter which way I turned it seemed to lead to the same place. Imagine those Escher never-ending stairs decked out with beige marble floor tile, put some walls up with glass tile, etc. For a brief moment, I actually saw outside of the stairs/mall perspective and had an isometric view from outside this structure.

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