Dreams 04.28.17 I don’t really remember the part before this but what preceded led me down a wide resdential street at night, bathed in orange street lamp light. I believe I was walking with a couple other people, more faceless "friends". We had just come out from under a bridge or concrete tunnel to arrive in this neighborhood. I heard some banging noises and looked back, that’s how I saw that we walked out the bridge/tunnel arch.

Near the exit arch was an old run-down looking house, where the noises were coming from. I looked at my friends and without speaking we all concluded that there was a break-in in progress. Yet, somehow we had concluded it was not dangerous to is, that it was not for the purpose of stealing but rather an act of vandalism. That was also when I noticed that further down the street we’re other people just hanging out in the night on the street, loitering around a few flares which had been dropped on the ground, it’s light flickering with small green flames.

Later, maybe with more dream action missing, I found that I had broken​ into someone’s house or lab. I had gone upstairs and found a storage room. I knocked over little things like papers, small gidgets, pens, etc. – nothing too damaging or messy. I climbed up on boxes to look above shelves, as if I was looking for something specific to vandalize but in the dream I did not know that I was looking for something. I had bumped into what looked like a white radio or phone on a tall shelf. When I got down something up there started to make sounds which sounded like static and music.

I climbed back up multiple times to figure out the exact source but it wasn’t the radio, yet I knew it must be connected, maybe an alternate handset or speaker could be located. Whatever I kept climbing up onto to check the shelf again got more ticket with each try. Finally I overturned some papers next to the radio and found a phone handset which was making the noise. I clicked a button on it and the radio/phone. Then the noise stopped.

After getting my feet back on solid ground I looked around. The place was messy enough but I didn’t have what I came for. Then I heard he noise of someone entering the front door from downstairs. I panicked. I had 3 options: hide, escape or face the music. I frantically searched for a light switch and around the room for something to duck behind. I found a light switch but there was absolutely no way to hide here. Then I quickly tried to figure out my escape route if I left this room. The only way out that I knew of was to the right and down the stairs which would force me to come face to face with whoever entered, assuming it was the owner of the property.

I realized there was nothing left to do than to face the owner and confess. I had not done anything too damaging. I could come back from this if I got caught. Next, the door to the room I was in opened. I lowered my head and began to confess and apologize to the owner.

That’s all I remember…


Bike Parts at the Flea Market

Dreams 12.12.12
I don’t remember all of it. I know I was with two friends who were a couple. There may have been another person, possibly husband. The couple brought us to a market / flea market. We seemed to be in a foreign country.

I remember going up to the girlfriend and remarking that this place was amazing. There were so many things to see. I was loving the experience. Then after some walking and bumping into the crowds, I realize with the fourth person that we lost the couple. We then tried to search for them and cover all the grounds in the market.

Finally we came upon a narrow back alley. It was “blocked’ by a long square tube of a rack, filled with miscellaneous bicycle parts. Looking closer, I realized this was an actual shop. The parts were laid out on the rack in a way that people could walk through the tunnel of parts and find little bits and pieces in every nook and cranny of the store.

We decided to go through the tunnel to see if our friends were there. Lo and behold, they were! They were excitedly grabbing and examining various parts in the shop, yelling out, asking the owner for prices. When I was close to one of them, I exclaimed, “I KNEW we would fine you here!” They barely noticed us and continued with their rummaging.

There’s another part of the dream I’m not quite remembering. I am just getting the feeling of it. It may have involved a laptop and then someone saying “I told you so” to me.

Dreams 03.24.12

Dream 1:

It was NYE and “we” (not sure who) were party hopping between house parties and bars. I went to pick up exM at his parents house because he went to see them. I go to the washroom and then hear his parents arguing. His dad walks out and I can hear his mom crying. I hear his brother and him talking to his mom in the kitchen. She was sobbing a bit but was ok.

We left and then I just remember it was the end of the night. Our “group” was roaming about the city either trying to find our cars or grabbing a cab to carpool uptown. I remember from out of nowhere BigD (from df’s work) showed up out of nowhere at the end of his night with friends looking to catch a ride as well and maybe hoped for more.

Dream 2:
I was rummaging through a few storage containers of stuff roomie scammed from work, home, his dad. They consisted of various perfume and cologne packs, unmarked VHS tapes, shitty electronics, toys, etc. I hear people talking in another room, they are waiting for me. When I move the boxes back to their original positions, I see a bunch of Lego pieces on the floor, broken buildings and people (some where in half). It was like some kids had been playing there and a “bomb” went off to destroy the building and people.

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