The Purse Quest

Dream 05.22.12

I am at a mall with my mother and maybe my sister. We enter a deparment store from the mall entrance and look to the left where there were racks and shelves of leather purses. My mom was looking for her orange purse inside the store. What doesn’t make sense is she wasn’t looking to buy a brand new purse. She was looking for HER purse, with her stuff in it. I think my sistser and I, including the store employees knew that sounded a bit crazy. The employees actually thought she was a little senile and when they saw us approach the purse section, turned off the lights there.

I just wanted to help my mom and was going to assist her search even though I knew it would be fruitless. So when I saw the lights go off, I got a little beligerent and started questioning the employees telling them we need to go look. They told me we are more than welcome to look at the shelves but there was nothing they could do about the lights. So we headed over to the section anyways.

Then I remember that a family friend, a big tall dude was supposed to get driven to the airport. He had been living in our front bedroom for a while and it was finally his time to go. I remember running up to him like a little girl and giving him a big bear hug. When I hugged him actually, it was Malcolm Ingram. I don’t know him at all IRL but when I hugged him, that’s who it was. I didn’t want Malcolm to leave. He has been such good company and comforting to have around, to have a friend. He was so much bigger than me that he was walking to the basement and I was still holding on to him. I remember seeing small toys sprawled out on the ground from the corner of my eyes and the basement had wood panelling. Someone else was in the basement, when they saw me holding Malcolm they just kind of laughed at me.

I also remember driving around in a parking garage from the basement level up to the ground level seeing sunlight coming through. The lanes were narrow and I was driving a wide car. A few times I had to make 2, sometimes 3 point turns but eventually I made it up and out of the garage.


Wolves, Caves and Bright White Fog

Dream 05.16.12

I just arrived at a newly renovated old victorian style home with several other people, my crew. A little girl of 7 or 8 greeted us at the entrance, just in front of the stairs. She was plainly dressed in pale colored clothing. She took us on a tour of the house and we followed her everywhere.

We were in a place that was definitely underground, probably the basement except it was cave-like and there was snow, rock formations and ice. It was dark and dank. We were on one side of a rock formation that had two “outer” sides that rejoined on the other end from us. It had very thin narrow edges with a big snowy gap in the middle. The girl nimbly walked across one edge to the other side. She turned and just looked back at us, waiting. The male leader of our crew started on one ledge. He was tall with big feet and shoes. I started through the snowy middle and from my vantage point beneath him, I saw him very carefully shuffle along because he feet were much bigger than the ledge under them. He toes were overhanging the edge and I could see the soles of the shoes. I want to note that I didn’t recognize the male leader but I kept thinking of him like the douchey hosts of those ghost hunter shows.

Then suddenly I felt something crunch beneath my feet as I waded through the snowy middle, chest deep. Ice! Luckily the snow acted as a float to keep me from falling straight through the cracked ice. The male leader, although he was having a hard time not falling himself, reached out with both of his long arms towards me, I grabbed them and with the leverage of his heels against the ledge and his back against the rocks behind him, I was yanked right out of the snow onto the ledge beside him. I could see the girl smile even though I never glanced at her. Once on the ledge, it was easy for me and my small feet. So I walked across holding the leader’s hand to keep him balanced.

Wheb the whole crew reached the other side the girl waited for us in front of another set of stairs. These looked like they led back upstairs where a dim light could be seen. All surrounding the stairs, it was dark. We all approached the girl and when I was about a foot away, I see glowing eyes and a furried canine face jump at me. I hurled the wolf to the ground. The male leader of our crew pushed a camcorder in my hand telling me to document it as he wrestled the animal on the floor. When I had the camera ready, monitor panel flipped out, all framed up, the attacking wolf was gone.

We were startled, checked each other with quick glances to make sure everyone was okay. Then I looked over to check the little girl. Behind her sitting on the third step of the stairs was another wolf. It had bright white fur on its chest and face with black and grey fur everywhere else. This one just sat their looking at us calmly but still gaging our every move.

Then we were back upstairs at the entrance. The girl started to explain to us about everything that happened, how it was part of an old children’s book. She quoted something from it, I can’t quite remember. It was something about a pale girl, darkness and anxiety. It wasn’t really like that but that’s the feeling her quote provoked anyway.

Afterwards, I exited the house and was in a wide school hallway with lockers on both sides. I felt like I was riding on a bicycle, gliding forwards. Then everything around me became bright white as if I was gliding through fog. I could see indistinct sentences and equations floating faintly in mid-air. As I glided past them they floated upwards and faded to nothing. I was seeking something as I moved forward, trying to come out of the fog. If I only I found my way out I would have what I needed.

I could not tell if I was getting closer or not but there was a hopeful feeling to just keep on through the white fog. Then the alarm woke me up. For a little while when I closed my eyes again I could still see the white fog vision but it gradually faded away and I woke up to reality.

Pictures with my Girlfriend

Dream 04.13.12

I was at a university campus, talking to my girlfriend. She has dark hair, a teal plaid shirt, skirt, leggings and sneakers. I was asking her to wait beside a brick wall while I run inside the school building to talk to my husband quickly. She seemed anxious or nervous.

I ran inside and found my husband in his work orange safety uniform, strutting down the hall. I tapped him on the shoulder and he turned around. He instantly started to brag loudly about something he did at work. His work buddy SH showed up and said hi. He was being friendly but they were both too loud for me at the time. I asked my husband, “How much longer?” And he grinned and said “Maybean hour…or something.”

I turnedto go outside, in my head working out if that wa’s enough time to spend with the girlfriend. Approaching the door, I increased my pace to a jog. Through the glass door, I could see her in the distance waiting. Then it looked like she was walking away. I thought she wasn’t waiting anymore so I started to run in hopes of catching up to her. When I was outside the building and had a better vantage point, it turned out she was actually walking closer to the building to meet me. I was relieved and happy.

She stopped in front of the steps leading up to building where a big group was posing for a photo. I approached her in an arc (from stairs looking down, and did a 270 dolly around her) so I was looking slightly back towards the steps. Behind her, I saw her, sitting on a stool, playing guitar and singing into a mic.

I walked up to her (thr standing her) and she joked that we should jump in front of the camera for a picture. My sister and Will were there suddenly and they were about to take the picture for us when my friend MP from uni said they should jump in too and she would take the pic. My sister hands her the camera. MP set the camera, lense front in, on the back ledge of a SUV so she could adjust the strap. I saw this and was panicking on the inside so I snatched it up right away to prevent it from getting scratched. Then she took it from my hands, saw the bottom and exclaimed, “Ooh swallow lense!” Apparently a fancy new lense mount – I had a vision of the demo video showing how it worked after she said that. Then we both made the Transformer robot sound and giggled to each other.

The SUV’s (which was blue by the way) hatch opens. The back area was brand spanking new. The moulded plastic was pristine and still had that new plastic non-oily but slick sheen to it. I was very impressed and imagined the second use of the back “pod” area, which was that it could be detached to use as a floating platform for transporting things/luggage across water.

Big News but No Chocolate

Dreams 04.09.12

Memories from the last dream of the night are really chopped up. I only have bits and pieces and I’m pretty sure there’s a big chunk missing at the end. I “know” more of what happened than remember them happening, if that makes any sense.

I was hanging out at home and found out there was a live Jay and Silent Bob Get Old announced for Toronto. I’m a fan of them IRL but never to the point where I’d be excited because it’s coming to Toronto.

I remember that I went to the kitchen and grabbed to mug-bowls to make 2 gigantic hot chocolates for me and roommate. I put the powder in and went back upstairs while waiting for water/milk to boil.

Then I was read a Kevin Smith or Secret Stash branded tabloid style comic newspaper. I just remember being in roommate’s room with it, laughing my ass off. Husband had walked in too and I showed them both what I had just read. Seemed like neither of them even got the joke. Husband I think just walked away. Roommate looked at me with a smile and said, “Well as long as you’re enjoying yourself.”

Then I wondered where my hot chocolate was and went back downstairs to look for the mugs. I forgot where I put them and had to look around a little. Finally when I got them, mixed with milk/water and had hot coco in the mugs, ready to bring upstairs, it felt like well past midnight and everyone would be asleep already. The scene changed soon after that but thinking back I really wish I had taken a sip at least.

I was at a mini press conference being held on the top floor of some building where there is also a cafe. I had just walked out of the press conference wondering why I was there. I remember being happy to be there in that environment, looking out at the view to the city below, not because of the press conference. Strangely the floor was empty except me.

Then I was suddenly at home and see my Blackberry message light blinking red. It’s a message from Bilbo to tell me that there will be a live event, the one I already knew about. I was about to message back to gloat.

I’m not sure if I did in the end because I can’t remember anything else after that.

Backroom Puzzles

Dreams 04.08.12

There are 2 elements from this dream that occured before the rest that I am logging here. I managed to only remember those 2 elements this morning. Then suddenly I remembered the rest and for about 5 minutes I had it all in my head. A quick walk from the closet to the washroom and the first 2 bits just vanished. Frustrating how memory works.

I was in a room, white tiled with black leather couches along one side. The walls I am pretty sure were teal. Funny how all the walls in my dreams are painted a variation of this color. There were upside down chairs and plants against the other side, which was a big window that looked out into an area full of shrubs. It reminded me of a room that looked out to a similar view in my own elementary school. It seems to be the back storage room of a restaurant or something.

My mom and sister were sitting on one couch. An old elementary school friend, who I don’t even talk to but keep seeing his Facebook status updates, A-Ho is sitting on a stool in front of a game machine on the window side.

My sister was just lounging back ignoring everyone. My mom was rummaging through her big purse looking for something. I asked her what she was looking for, if I could help. She tossed me her purse, which I dropped to the floor. I little trinket box fell out and I opened it. There were a variety of mismatched stud earrings in the box. My mom said to me that she is looking for the “mooncake” ones. I dug through the box with my fingers but no luck. I remembered liking the other earrings I saw.

Then I heard A-Ho make thinking noises as he hovered over the game machine, he seemed very intrigued by the game. I walked over to examine it . The game was encased in a small version of a hockey table, with the chrome slide-in coin insert, white shiny plastic body and a clear scratched-up dome. The game itself consisted of coloured die stacked in a pyramid pattern. Red, blue and black marbles sat in particular “dips” around the pyramid. All this was within a circular area that was clearly moveable. I was still confused. I looked at A-Ho with a puzzled expression and he showed me that by tracing a circle with your finger above the dome, you could move the marbles and direct it to which “dip” it should go. Depending on where the marble lands, the shape, height and size of the pyramid changes. I think the object of the game was to reduce the pyramid to nothing.

He gestured to me to try it so I did. I slowly traced a half circle above the dome. The black or blue marble seemed to be following the path of my finger as if by magnetic force. I mistakenly tried to “fling” it towards a “dip” but that wasn’t how the physics of the game worked. It ended up landing in the wrong place and I could see the pyramid of dice fold up and into itself yet somehow becoming taller and bigger. The color of them were also changing. It had a bit of a kaleidoscope effect and it was very trippy. Although the ideal result was not acquired it was beautiful to watch the stack of dice grow.  obviously I made a wrong move so I walked away before I made it worse.

Then in the background, we heard someone yelling for Dave. We all laughed, the joke being that Dave must’ve fallen asleep in his office. Not entirely sure who Dave is but pretty sure it refers to df’s coworker, who for some reason has appeared in my dreams in one way or another twice now.

Dreams 04.02.12

I was following a small group of men to the back area of an industrial area – the persistent hum of heaters, dirty dumpsters, black pools of filthy oily water all around us – you get the idea. We were looking for something, not sure what. I was wearing a short black skirt, a white sports bra and sneakers, strange attire for the company of strange goony men and back alleys.

I split off from the group with 2 other men. We found 2 large metal doors, slightly ajar. We looked at each other and decided to go in. I said optimistically, “Maybe this is it!”

We swung the doors open wider, it was dark inside because of the contrast in bright sunlight outside. We had to adjust our eyes. Once we were in, we saw that it was just a small, oddly shaped space, like an empty garbage room because it wasn’t big enough or shaped in a way that would be useful for anything else. The walls were white but smears of something, probably garbage were all over the walls.

Obviously it wasn’t what we were looking for so we walked to the other side of the room to the open doors there that lead further into the building. I was leading the way and thought, might as well keep walking to see if we can find what we came for.

I think there may have been more before or after what I remember in the dream but I have no certainty about this at all.

Dreams 03.03.2012

I was feeling kind of sick yesterday so I slept A LOT. In the afternoon I wanted to nap but my brain was still thinking a lot. So I thought it would be good to attempt some wake iniated lucid dreaming but it really didn’t do much. Night time sleep got a full 5 hours or so uninterrupted, then our dog woke me up to go outside. Couldn’t remember any dreams there. Then another 3 hours sleep and got this one:

It was after work, my boss K and my dear friend decided to go find a bubble tea place to chill out. We walked around a little before finding a cab. The city looked or was supposed to be HK for some reason.

Anyway the cab dropped us off in front of a small Bubble tea shop located on the corner of a street. It’s a small place with seafoam green tiled walls. We take the back booth and we each order our drinks. Shortly after our order was taken, one of us remembered that we were supposed to meet a big group of people.

We instantly left and started walking, looking for wherever we were supposed to meet. As we were starting to get lost we see the group up ahead just exiting a sewer tunnel converted into a walkway. We caught up with them as they led us to the place of activity.

The activity as it turns out was a group yoga class for 20 in a room that fits about 12 people. So it was cramped. For some reason I was wearing yoga clothes, tank and short shorts underneath my work clothes. When I stripped down and started doing yoga poses, my dear friend couldn’t stand to look at me.

After the class everyone was hanging out rehydrating in a break room and I was sitting in the corner leaned back on a bench. My friend was right beside me and he kept avoiding looking at me in so little clothes.

Then I forget the rest.

Now it’s bedtime. Good luck to another night full of dreams.

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