Sugar daddy drops me off

Dream 04.14.12

I was at a shoe sale with a guy I was seeing and a female relative. She isn’t someone real but her presence was a mix between my sister and my bestie – someone who wants me to be cautious, will watch over me but won’t be too judgemental. I think the guy was being a sugar daddy and paying for all the shoes I chose.

After the sale, we were in his chauffeured car, which was going to take him to work and us to training. We were athletes of some sort and he was a higher-up in that athletic organization. My relative was in the left rear passenger seat. The guy was in the middle and I was on the right.

I was beside him leaning on him and we were “talking” with our eyes somehow. We were getting closer and in my comfort I was slouching on the seat, sliding further and further down. I looked up at his face and he looked down, our eyes never leaving each other. The sunlight was strong outside, it silhouetted his face and cast shadows on it so it wasn’t clear. He wasn’t recognizable as anyone I know in real life. From what I could make out, he had dark curly hair, at least wavy. Anyway, the aura of this person felt like Kevin Pollak. How? He was intelligent, charming but not outstandingly good looking, gentle and emotional, confident and powerful. He was someone who could easily use these resources to manipulate but did not.

Anyway, us locking eyes in that position was a beautiful and intense moment. I reached my right hand from his chest up to his cheek. I pulled/he lowered himself down to kiss me. I get shivers just remembering this part of the dream again. After the kiss, he whispered while smiling, “What’s up with this coupledom?”

I wasn’t “put off” by the statement, more like I was processing how to respond. I climbed up from my slouched position, sat on the edge of his knees, facing him. I looked him in the eyes and hesitantly said, “I can…slow down, pull back…see each other less…” He smiled like I said something silly. His hands were around my waist feeling the small of my back, reassuring me (it felt so good!). He said right into me, to my silly soul, “No no sexy.” We stared into each other’s eyes like this for a while, letting the tension build, just wanting to jump each other right there. Then suddenly the car stopped, we had arrived at our destination. I quickly got off his lap and he either zipped up or checked his fly.

He opened the door with one hand and I kind of rolled out the door intentionally, some stuff fell out with me. The car pulled forward so I could see what rolled out. I picked up a pair of my new shoes, his shoes and my relative picked up hers. When I looked up, he and the car were gone – a busy man.

I hurried inside the building because I was already late for practice/class. It was some kind of mixed setting of sit-down theory and physical martial arts class. I walked in to a gym, the floor had blue mats, the rafters were tall and steep but they were also covered in blue mats. The “seats” were more like standing seats.

I climbed up one step and tried to get by one person to find my seat and this bitch would not let me pass. In the end I made it pass her and found my place. Then as the instructor spoke, in my mind I was seeing the practice rounds. It was like an obstacle course set upon a round running track. One portion of it involved a 2 person basketball game. As long as you scored some technical points with a few baskets you can move on to the next obstacle. That’s all I remember.