Late for a Farm-dez-Vous

Dreams 11.15.12
I had an appointment at 7pm with a guy who owns a farm in the middle of nowhere. I think the official purpose of the appointment was for me to interview him but the secret purpose was really that I would seduce him and he would fuck me all over his dirty farm. I was very excited about the idea.

However, I had also made plans before the appointment to go shopping at an ikea type store, just browsing furniture. At the store, a few of us walked into an area where the demo space was setup like a big, maybe 15×15 one room apartment. There were wooden shelves and wardrobe built right into the walls. It was a darker wood with an obvious grain pattern. On the “cubby” shelves near the bed there were white plastic containers that were divided into 3 compartments places for books. When I saw them, I pointed them out to my friend, who is moving into the city soon irl. He looked at them and started to imagine his new place out loud. He took a couple of steps back as he did this and being a tall guy, he had basically put his ass into another female coworker’s face. She was sitting on the bed talking on the phone.

I started to laugh out loud, cackling. My boss who was on a ladder, checking out the higher shelves, asked what I was laughing at. I told him but he looked like he didn’t really understand why I found it so funny. The friend who was moving soon said to him, she just enjoys humorous situations fully and freely. That wasn’t exactly what he said but it was something to that effect.

Then I was in a clothing store with my mother, browsing but I wasn’t directly beside her. I was flipping through the hangers of clothes, checking out all the stuff on sale. A lot of the clothes had a retro feel feel to it with color blocked designs or geographic patterns.

Then I realized the time was getting close to my appointment with the farmer. I began to get anxious. I knew there was a group of school kids visiting the farm on a field trip that would be leaving soon. In my head I was making up stories and reasons why I shouldn’t go there on time. For example, the field trip is running late, if I showed up early it would be disruptive. Or, if I left now my mother would be all alone, let’s just wait until she is done with this store.

Eventually 8pm came around and I was just making my way to the farm then. I remember walking up towards the barn at dusk, up the dirt path from the main road, just nervous and anxious as hell because I was so late. I wondered if the farmer has lost all interest in me.


Lost a Purse

Dreams 06.27.12

Here’s a brief description of the last dream of last night which I am surprised to even recall this much. I had gone through changing, washing face, making coffee, lunch and then I suddenly thought, “oh shit, what did I dream about?” Then in about 3 seconds, just as I was about to give up it came to me. That’s a rare occurrence.

I walked into a busy mall. The layout was a long snakey pathway, not too narrow but not wide at all. There were a lot of turns and sometimes there would be benches on either side. I think I was attending an event that was basically on the other end of the mall so I would have to go through the snakey path full of people.

As soon as I walked in, at the first sign for a washroom, I set down my coral crossbody letather satchel on the bench across the washroom’s hallway. I have no idea why I didn’t take the bag with me. In fact, I may even have asked myself that question in the dream but I did it anyways.

When I came out I continued walking, getting distracted in the stores browsing. Then I walked into a purse store and suddenly realized I was no longer carrying my purse. I voiced this out loud and all the attendants in the store started shoving random brightly colored purses in my face. I keep repeating things to them like, “No I am not looking for a new purse. I want my purse!” And “That’s not even coral!” Or “It’s just a little satchel. Have you seen it?”

Finally their pestering and un-helpfulness in helping me find my purse forced me out of the store. I was close to the event where I needed to be but I was pretty sure I lost the purse during the first 20-30% of the mall pathway yet I couldn’t pinpoint where. I thought for a second that it must’ve been after I came out of the washroom. I told myself I KNEW I shouldn’t have left it unattended. Then quickly I remembered that when I came out of the washroom, I was actually presently surprised to find my purse waiting for me even though there were other people using the bench. That means I didn’t lose it then. So when? And where?

I racked my brain, attempting to retrace my steps, which stores I walked into, what did I do in them, etc. It didn’t help. My memory was so fuzzy I couldn’t tell what happened. I figured the only way would be to walk all the way back and just hit every store, every inch of the mall systematically. It was the only way. Then someone I knew, who was also attending this “event” which I still do not know what it was, this person said to me, “It’s just a purse. What was in there anyway?”

I wasn’t super offended but I responded incredulously, “It has my ids, credit cards, money!” It’s the usual. Important stuff. Stuff I want back. Isn’t that enough? If I systematically go back for it, it’s very likely that it’s there. But what if it’s gone? What if while I left it unattended, somebody had stolen it. There would be no way to tell who had done it. There were so many people in the mall. Aside from shutting the place down and searching every person, there was no systematic way to guarantee the retrieval of the purse IF it had been stolen. I didn’t have that power, or right.

The dream ended, I was still figuring out what to do.

Changerooms and New Rooms

Dreams 05.25.12

Husband drops me off to shop w bestie and former frienemy JK and I share a fitting room and bestie has her own. We each change into our pickings. I had 4 different items of varying styles and color, JK had one, a plain and rather conservative black skirt. I had a beige button down shirt, a ruffly black skirt and dress and possibly a romper.

We both tried on something then went out to the main area and saw bestie looking in front of a mirror. She was looking at a high wasited pencil skirt in a fine black and white leopard print. She looked very good in it.

JK seemed content with her item as well while I tried on every piece, liking how it looked but never fitting my “style”. In the end, I can’t be sure if I left the store wth anything. When we went outside, I remember it to be bright out, that husband was supposed to pick us up but I did not want him to.

Then I was at my mom’s house. In the dream it was not a brand new home but she had just done renovations which made it completely different, layout and decor. I was walking around giving myself a tour, admiring the “new’ house, recognizing what used to be what. In my head I was considering and wondering what it’d be like to move back into this house. I could, make myself at home, no?

Then through conversations wth my mom she told me there were other areas missed during my tour, whole rooms were missed apparently. I went into the basement again and looked down the hallway behind the bar, which I thought ended but there was actually a door which led to a large empty bedroom. And then in another part of the basement, if one continued on, there was a whole sitting area. I was impressed. My thoughts on moving back home became more enthused but I did not want husband to know.

Another Party

I woke up this morning and had excellent recall of the whole dream. I replayed it all in my head but as soon as I got out of the covers, the whole middle chunk went missing. Before I fell asleep last night, I had told myself that I wanted to know “Why can’t I walk away?” and “What am I afraid of?” I wanted this answered but not sure if this dream really did that. I have put some meaning to some of this in my head…but not sure if I am reading too much into it either.

Dreams 04.27.12

I was carefully setting up for a party in my mom’s house. My job was to move the xbox and related peripherals from the tv and hook it all up to the projector. It wasn’t’ actually her current basement, it had all wood panelling, a white leather couch facing the opposite way of where the wall for the projected image would be. Anyway, I moved each piece of equipment over to the right side of the projection wall and hooked it up.  I started with the console, then the receiver, then the kinect. Then for some reason, there was also a Dance Dance style controller pad, but it was made of a terry cloth towel material and the pattern on it looked more like a Twister mat.

While I was setting up, I think my mom kept coming downstairs to get other things ready so she interrupted me a few times. When everything was plugged in, I turned on the project to see how it would look.  The projected image was actually much bigger than the screen, which only took up about a third of the wall.  I looked at the image and thought to myself, that’s actually not that great.  How am I gonna get this screen down now? In the end, I’m not sure what happened, can’t remember if I “fixed” it or not.

Then the middle chunk of the dream is where I forgot everything. I believe it had something to do with filming and production but can’t be sure.

The last part of the dream, I took off from whatever I was doing in the middle chunk, to go shopping. I went to the mall, which had a really tall ceiling, big windows so light was pouring in from top. The store I was approaching had a huge line-up. Everyone was waiting outside for it to open. It was just a clothing store so I wondered what the hubbub was about. There were already racks of clothes displayed outside. I noticed bighead, roommate and big E waiting around at the front of the line so I joined them. They were talking and we were kind of mulling about the racks on display. I saw a cute little dress that I showed bighead, maybe I’d get it for his baby girl. He shook his head and said it’s okay, even cheaper in China or something to that effect. I kept on looking at the racks while the boys talked. They weren’t excluding me in particular but I remember having a feeling that I was “out of touch” with my friends as they talked. Then I picked up a beige pair of rouched cargo capris with belt on a rack. It was $8 and I thought what a bargain that was, I should buy it. However I ended up putting it back on the rack.

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